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Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Plain & Simple
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u/Megatwan · 5 pointsr/sharepoint

I'm more of a pluralsight kinda guy if you go the personally absorbed video consumption route.

I thought the plain & simple books were the best user manuals for SP

Unfortunately they didn’t make an O365/2016 version. Instead there is this.

Would thumb both, identify the relevant pieces your users will frequently perform; muse from/borrow to create your training.

ShareGate has pretty great blog content/posts on many/all things SP

icansharepoint and /u/UpstateNYer has some pretty great blog content, explanations and infographics for platform usage (Despite some silly technology bending and over appeasing luddite user sympathizing approaches/views on folders [read: he's wrong and I'm right :P] [sic])

Laura Rogers (and friends…lol) have done great user exploring videos/over views over the years:
Old (there are several free video tutorials here as well if you go to the channel home page )
…believe she puts on clinics as a pay service as well

…tough to find a good primer on the platform as a high-level/overall for a few reasons:
-Setup/content config/ varies between orgs
-There is a lot of money to be made selling books
-There is a lot more money to be made offering training camps/classes
-The platform is massive and it’s hard to package it down for different audiences and orgs respective of usage


...what are you looking for specifically? O365 Site Provisioning, tenant admin, solution crafting, ootb look and feel/software usage, etc?