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Mirka MVHB35 Grip Faced Multi-Hole Vacuum Block, 2-3/4
Multi-hole grip face block is designed for sanding by hand in combination with Mirka’s revolutionary net-sanding productsFirm pad designed for block sanding and leveling surface contoursErgonomic design helps provide comfortable grip while reducing hand strain
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1 Reddit comment about Mirka MVHB35 Grip Faced Multi-Hole Vacuum Block, 2-3/4" x 5":

u/NoTime4LuvDrJones · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Painter here. I never use plaster to repair plaster walls. I always heard plaster doesn’t bond to plaster. I use Durabond, which is amazingly hard stuff, but probably too hard for a newbie.
This is what I do for a job like yours: remove anymore unsalvageable spots of plaster. If it’s about to fall off and really loose, then it comes down. If it’s somewhat loose but can be saved use the washers already recommended that can lock plaster back into the lath.
Anything that is down to lath I use metal lath that can be found at Home Depot. I cut it down to the size of the hole of the exposed lath and use drywall screws to drill metal lath into the wood lath.
I mud with Durabond then. You can also, as long as you don’t make it too sloppy. As in don’t mud too much where it goes above existing ceiling. Just layers of Durabond bedding. Can use fans to speed up drying. Even hair dryer. Want to dry the thick areas before recoating or it’ll take forever to dry. After doing many layers and getting close to ceiling level can then switch to Easy Sand. It’s much easier to use and as the name implies, it’s easier to sand.
Probably getting 90 with each. 90 means it’ll be 90 min to dry. Don’t want 20 min which would dry in your mud pan.
I use the mirka sanding block and hose that can be attached to a shop vac for dustless sanding. And their 180 grit sanding screen roll. Works great.