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mod/smart Full Pin Removal Tool Kit - (M-TOOLKIT)
Simple and EffectiveSlim design to fit in tight spaces and easily remove pins from 24pin and 8pin connectors**Apply light pressure. Heavy pressure is NOT necessary and will result in the tool breaking**
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6 Reddit comments about mod/smart Full Pin Removal Tool Kit - (M-TOOLKIT):

u/CuedUp · 6 pointsr/battlestations

They're homemade. Copy/paste from elsewhere:

100ft Paracord | 3 | $8 @ Army Surplus store (linked to Amazon)
Molex Extraction Kit | 1 | $15.95 @ Amazon
18-Gauge Wire, 100ft. | 1 | $11.36 @ Amazon
Molex Crimping Tool | 1 | $24.99 @ FrozenCPU
ConnectRight 24-Pin Female ATX Power Connector - Black | 1 | $1.50 @ FrozenCpu
ConnectRight ATX / PCI / EPS Connector Pins - Female - 4 Pack | 20 | $0.20 @ FrozenCpu
ConnectRight 8-pin 12V EPS Power Connector - Black | 3 | $1.00 @ FrozenCpu
ConnectRight 8-pin Female PCI-Express Power Connector - Black | 5 | $1.00 @ FrozenCpu
ConnectRight 6-pin Female PCI-Express Power Connector "Version 2" - Black | 1 | $1.00 @ FrozenCpu
ConnectRight DIY SATA EZ Crimp Connector - Black - 90° (Pass Thru Cap) | 8 | $1.25 @ FrozenCpu
ConnectRight DIY SATA EZ Crimp Connector - Black - 90° (End Cap) | 2 | $1.25 @ FrozenCpu

I unfortunately don't have any build pictures of the cables' construction. First off, it obviously really helps if you have a modular PSU. Mine was, with the exception of the mobo cables. My next build will be fully modular, because I'm not totally happy with how the 24-pin looks at the base. I used this guide and this guide for tips and help buying my supplies.

u/Markbro89 · 2 pointsr/pcmods ships from Rochester, NY. They are great. is also in the states (apparently in a merger at the moment but a new store will be open tomorrow) I learned the most from there and purchased a good Pin removal tool from them and quality sleeving. frozencpu also carries most of Lutro's products. also carries the tools.

I know your in Canada but I hope this may still help you.

u/Skidkidd · 1 pointr/CableManagement

Actually I didnt really buy any kind of kit, just found some paracord I liked and bought it. also I purchase this mod kit being that I could not find a place that sells the tool individually and because Im a amazon prime member =D But the included pin removal tool was worth the price. Made my life a hell of a lot easier. Thanks for the tips though

u/SATANS_SPIKEY_DICK · 1 pointr/buildapc

Well, I don't think there are really that many specialized tools the average user would need. I guess if you want to do some minor modifications or sleeve your psu, you would really benefit from some specialty tools. Generally speaking, I think nearly everyone would benefit from: