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Molecular Exercise Physiology: An Introduction
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u/MittRomneysCampaign ยท 8 pointsr/steroids

Correct conclusion to draw from this: steroids will make huge difference for you if you are a competitive athlete already, because the small margins of difference between one athlete and another are far less than 10% or 20%.

Incorrect conclusion that a lot of stupid people on the internet will draw: "See, gear lets you practically bench 300lb in a year from nothing" or "I could do [feat of elite athlete/bodybuilder] if I just took steroids." (Some people will bench 300lb in a year, but all evidence shows this is extremely unlikely for the average person.) There are enough cycle reports publicly available, enough polymorphisms up to genetic variation (1, 2, 3, first two are from this text), and enough individual variation in responses to drugs that the idea that a person can take, say, 500mg testosterone enanthate for three months and explode with a year's worth of gains is simply untrue. Realistically, the average user will realize the growth acceleration of steroids after a year or two of bulking on high dosages, but not after a few months.