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Moleskine Classic Notebook, Hard Cover, Pocket (3.5
CLASSIC MOLESKINE NOTEBOOK: Moleskine classic notebooks are perfect notebooks for writing journals, a daily diary, or note taking in college classes or meetings. Moleskine notebooks are beloved by travelers & bullet journalists for their slim design.DURABLE COVER & ELASTIC CLOSURE: Hold writing projects & notes in your Moleskine notebook with an elastic closure band & inner storage folders. Leather-like classic Moleskine cover & thick, ivory paper pages are perfect for writing with fountain pens.GIFT QUALITY NOTEBOOKS: Moleskine planners, journals and notebooks come in hardcover or softcover and colors like black, red, blue, green and brown. The binding and cover have a durable finish, designed for daily journaling, writing and sketching.DELUXE QUALITY PAGES: Moleskine's thick, ivory paper pages in a hardcover Moleskine notebook, softcover Moleskine notebook, cahier or volant journal, or Moleskine planner are perfectly textured for writing with a ballpoint pen, fountain pen, or pencil.MOLESKINE QUALITY: We're dedicated to culture, travel, memory, imagination, & personal identity—both physical & digital. We bring this commitment to our notebooks, bags, apps & smart pens & notebooks.
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14 Reddit comments about Moleskine Classic Notebook, Hard Cover, Pocket (3.5" x 5.5") Ruled/Lined, Black, 192 Pages:

u/eptetrino · 2 pointsr/ADHD

If you want a small paper planner, I would go simple with something like a Moleskine pocket notebook.

They also make a "daily planner" type thing with one day per page, but that's kind of overkill IMO.

u/TheBlotterOfInks24 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Happy Cake Day!

You and /u/Dragonflyjen have the same cakeday btw!

Oh and This please!

u/MagicianMG · 2 pointsr/EDC

This is what I usually have on me.

  1. iPhone 6s with Spigen Tough Armor Case - Case Link
  2. Gerber Edict - Link
  3. Sennheiser Momentum Earbuds - Link
  4. Olight S30R Baton III - Link
  5. Pilot Metropolitan - Link
  6. Expo Wet Erase Marker
  7. Moleskine Pocket Notebook - Link
  8. Radix One Slim Wallet - Link
  9. MagicFiber Microfiber Cloth - Link
  10. Cheap Portable Charger until I upgrade to an Anker Battery
u/georgefrick · 2 pointsr/personalfinance
Spent money? Write it down.
It is probably silly things like coffee and Doritos.
Also; pay yourself first man. Don't let that money leak away; be broke for two weeks. Put gas in the car; buy groceries; and pay all the bills.
And yes; I'm suggesting a physical notebook over

u/bdmmm · 2 pointsr/writing

Thanks for the comment. Most netbooks are unusable in the sun. Pixel qi has a screen PQ101WS01M with a 0.52 W draw. So correct me if I am wrong, but 0.52 draw 7 days 24 hrs = 88 watt/hrs. A generic dell battery would do the trick.
As for price, rock bottom pricing wasn't really the goal. Think of Moleskin notebooks.

u/cargobroombroom · 2 pointsr/lifehacks

I've thought about this same idea, but I end up using my phone mostly (some of which has been deleted due to upgrades). From the sound of what I think you're looking for, check out a pocket moleskin journal. It should fit in a back jeans pocket, depending on your size, and it's designed to last. The cover and binding won't wear as easily. It has a ribbon bookmark and an elastic band to keep it closed. They come in ruled, squared, and plain. An idea I had while looking was to date the first page at the start and completion. When you move to the next, you can file it away and have some semblance of order when you're looking for some old idea or drawing.

EDIT: The dating thing is not as clever as I thought. It's a customer image.

u/August_30th · 1 pointr/Journaling

I started this Moleskine two and a half years ago. I write almost every day and sometimes have pretty long entries, yet I'm only 75% of the way done.

u/revolution486 · 1 pointr/Journaling

I have a few journals I dont know the name of which I bought a while that work fine. But my more recent one for example, the notebook I just added to the products page, The ZLYC notebook is fine with fountain pens. It was also the first Journal that i've decided to really keep track of and decided to do daily.

My moleskine is good with fountain pens too.

Here is a large notebook

Here is the pocket sized version

u/djweezy · 1 pointr/Catan

> Moleskin

Moleskines are a small leather bound notebook many people carry with them. Here is one example.

u/_Discordian · 1 pointr/poetry_critics

I honestly haven't bothered to submit anything before, but I went ahead and dug something out of my notebook, the first least unformed and incomprehensible thing I could find:

If I don't get back on something, it's because I don't get email notifications from here, and sometimes go a week or more between visits. But feel free to PM me any time.

Writing can be a real struggle, especially when it comes to finding ways to express emotions. And poetry is it's own special struggle. It isn't as pure as composing music, and it's harder than simply writing prose.

Your honestly is incredible, and appreciated. I myself have been informed that I have ADHD, but I usually consider it "not being able to handle the really, really boring stuff." That's half an excuse and half an accurate description. They can tell me I have whatever they want as long as they prescribe me amphetamines.

I keep a small notebook, specifically one of these, but obviously much cheaper options in that form factor are available. And I prefer a Pilot G-2 or Uni-Ball Signo, black medium tip (.7 mm) on both. The pen is more important than the paper. Without the right pen the writing looks wrong to me, no matter what it is. I prefer writing everything by hand for the first few drafts, regardless of length. Basically everywhere I go, I have a pen and a notebook nearby. I end up doing most of my writing in the car.

As far as Reddit goes, I'm a relative newcomer, but you'll find all sorts of weird rules on different subreddits, and widely varying levels of how strictly they're actually enforced. This is a smaller sub, which tends to mean one extreme or another: very strict rule application or the rules are highly theoretical. I think they're more on the strict side here, but I have not empirically verified this.

Some subreddits are utterly fascist and have bots that remove your posts if you misplace a punctuation mark in the title or fail to capitalize "spoilers", but thankfully that isn't the case here.

u/diabolicbutterfly · 1 pointr/ems

Some of the things I've gotten that have made my life a little easier.

  • 12v 2-way splitter for the truck
  • Small Moleskine notebook (I write down addresses, run numbers, pertinent info because we do not have an MDT in our trucks)
  • Slim Wallet (I don't carry a purse to work and I will transfer my debit card, ID, and keep all my licenses in the wallet I linked, great for keeping in a pocket while at work. As a bonus, the company who makes the one I linked is from the city I live in.)
  • Window Punch These are pretty nice, not many places non-fire around here provide them on the trucks and they come in very handy if you need access and have beaten fire to the scene. I prefer these over the pen style.
  • Key Holder Good if she has a lot of different keys, some places still use keys to access their narcs, different parts of the building, etc.
  • Bluetooth Transmitter/Charger I have a new iPhone that does not have an aux port, these work great on our ambulances and have two fast charge ports to charge whatever you need. I use the splitter above to plug this and my GPS/Dashcam in.
  • Snack Subscription These are pretty cool a bit pricey in the long run though. Get pretty good/healthy snacks monthly with various price plans. Cuts back on the urge to grab that candy at the gas station if you have something better in your bag already.
  • Rite in the Rain Notebook Just ordered these and they haven't come in yet, they are awesome for onscene quick notes. Since we've moved to EPCR software I find that on really sick patients that we need to move and work on I still manage to keep physical notes which get shredded after the run is finished and it's transcribed to the computer. We use a normal flip book but these help organize things a little bit more, plus they're waterproof. Supposedly works best with their pens or just a normal pencil. Was a neat product I thought I'd try out and go from there. Also don't have to get the EMS version, plenty of other versions/styles to choose from.

    I'm sure there are more and I'll come back and add them as I can think of them, these are some of the non-medical quality of life items I add to my every day to make things more bearable.
u/umibozu · 1 pointr/geek

Depending on his style, Star wars themed cufflinks... I have a few and are great conversation starters. Bought in etsy.

Also, mechanical pencils. Spend some money on a good quality one from Rötring (like this) or a Kuru Toga (look those up, they're awesome and SUPER geeky) or both.

Top it off with a fancy notepad (squared or ruled paper, we're not artsy types) like this and he'll remember you fondly every day.

Do not buy electronics or gadgets. He'll likely have what he wants and likes.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/intj

It's worth it to invest in some good tools.