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Motive Products, European Power Brake Bleeder, 0100, Hand Pump Pressure Tank with Adapter
IMPORT CARS - Made to fit all cars with 45mm threaded hydraulic fluid reservoir caps. Also fits some GM clutchesHEAVY-DUTY - Corrosion-proof materials and design ensures power bleeder to be maintenance free for years of servicePORTABLE - Built-in hand pump allows use anywhere from the home, shop, or track. The easy to pressurize system allows for one-person operationFLUSH AND BLEED - The 2 quart pressure tank holds enough fluid for a complete system flush. Precision pressure gauge ensures safe and effective operationKIT INCLUDES - Everything needed for a hydraulic brake fluid job - pressure tank, hand pump, gauge, 1100 adapter, gasket and hose
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6 Reddit comments about Motive Products, European Power Brake Bleeder, 0100, Hand Pump Pressure Tank with Adapter:

u/GotMyOrangeCrush · 4 pointsr/MechanicAdvice


Sometimes you need to buy a vehicle-specific adapter. I had to do that for my Nissan.

u/AccipiterCooperii · 3 pointsr/FocusST

Motive Bleeder w/ Adapter

This is the one I got, and it is perfect.

EDIT: And it really makes the job simple. While others don't, I found it easier to just remove the cowl for extra room, otherwise it kept kinking the line.

u/earthwormjimwow · 3 pointsr/E30

Hardest part is bleeding the brakes. If you have a friend to pump the pedal or a pressure bleeder then it is not hard.

Also make sure to have actual flare wrenches. A standard claw wrench will strip the brake line flare nuts.

OEM lines are fine, that is what I would buy, and they're truly DOT certified. They lasted 30+ years.

u/theziptieguy · 2 pointsr/MechanicAdvice

Two man would be optimal and the cheapest method. I use the vacuum or pressure methods for flushing purposes. I assume you don’t have an air compressor so I own and use these tools for a one man no compressor purpose.


MV8000 Automotive Tune-up and Brake Bleeding Kit

Refill tank (used with two man or vacuum method)

Mityvac MVA6832 Clamp-On Auto-Refill Kit

Pressure (with the correct adapter for the vehicle)

Motive Products, European Power Brake Bleeder, 0100, Hand Pump Pressure Tank with Adapter

u/higgimonster · 2 pointsr/Cartalk

Ok, if you had a broken line you would have noticed before now. i would think. Lets assume something went wrong.

I have bled a few 944s and the guy who works next to me has bled thousands of 944s. They are not special. They are not magic. It is a basic brake system.

Is there still fluid in the reservoir? Does your brake pedal go to the floor or is there resistance?

Basically we have to assume you got air in the system. If I had your car in my bay I would fill the resevior and use (this thing)[] to pressurize the system. (that thing is the exact fit for your car.)

Then I would open a bleeder at any caliper and watch the old stuff flow out until it was clear.

But you don't have that tool. So let gravity do it for you. Open the bleeder and let gravity pull the new fluid through the system. Maybe remove the bleeder completely to eliminate any possible clogging there.

It should start to come out soon.

Check your brake pad sizes. if they are drastically uneven your caliper could be seized.

Another trick I use regularly is the apply vacuum to the reservoir. If you can find a way to hook up your vac pump to the reservoir you can do this. I use an old bumpstop but a large super bouncy ball would work well. Just drill a whole through the center and hook it up to your pump with some hose.

Now fill the reservoir with fluid. Leave a little space on top for air so we don't suck up the fluid (not a huge problem). Now apply vacuum, put your hand on the reservoir and try to feel bubbles. The idea here is to 'boil' the fluid by putting it in a vacuum like science class in 8th grade. It wont pull air all the way out of a caliper but it will bleed your master cylinder. I don't bench bleed masters anymore since I discovered this trick.

Right now you are in what I call "The Shit". When you are at your wits end and nothing is working and you've at least contemplated throwing a tool. When in "The Shit" I just keep trying shit. You will be surprised what you can do. Remember there is no magic. Fluid goes in and fluid comes out.

Good luck!

u/beefcakez · 2 pointsr/E30

Did you replace the rubber brake lines that connect to the calipers? They could be swelling under pressure.

Did you do anything with the calipers? Check out the pistons? Replace the seals? A repair kit is super cheap.

As for bleeding to make sure there's no air, I do recommend using a power bleeder, just because it's easier. I fabbed up my own power brake bleeder so I could do it myself, but you can buy one pretty inexpensively. Definitely made brake fluid changes and bleeding easy. No more shouting to a friend to stomp the pedal, etc. Here's the Motive one on amazon: :

If you want a shorter pedal distance, you may need to swap in a larger bore master cylinder like the M3 or E32 master cylinder with a 25mm bore (versus the 21mm & 19mm bore that came from the factory).