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Moto G Plus (4th Gen.) Unlocked - Black - 16GB Storage + 2GB RAM
The most advanced camera in its class - 16 MP rear camera with two rapid focus technologies - laser focus and phase detect autofocus.5 MP wide angle selfie camera is perfect for group shots.The all-day battery also comes with TurboPower(TM) charging which provides up to 6 hours of use in just 15 minutes.Moto G is unlocked and carrier friendly - it works on all major carrier networks.An octa-core processor and 5.5" full HD (1080p) display ensures videos and games run smoothly and look great.The fingerprint reader instantly unlocks your phone.Features 2 GB of RAM and an SD card slot that supports up to 128 GB of additional storage.
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12 Reddit comments about Moto G Plus (4th Gen.) Unlocked - Black - 16GB Storage + 2GB RAM:

u/GiveMeNews · 3 pointsr/PickAnAndroidForMe

Your best option for the best camera under $200 is the Moto G4 Plus.

If you can swing it, and are serious about battery life, then get the Moto G5 Plus for $229. Better low light camera performance, longer battery life, and faster processor.

u/TheAladeenies · 3 pointsr/hardwareswap

I'd recommend you take a look at the Moto G 4 and the Moto G 4 Plus.

They are great phones for the price.

u/jatan1986 · 2 pointsr/NoContract

Amazon finally giving $50 instant discount on no-ads version during checkout

$150 16gb G4 ($180 for 32gb):

$200 16gb G4 Plus ($250 for 64gb & 4gb RAM):

u/miss-ann-thr0pe · 2 pointsr/AndroidQuestions

Get an unlocked Moto G4 Plus for like $200! It has an FP sensor, and near stock software. Here's a link to one on Amazon

u/noob1170 · 2 pointsr/Smartphones

im not terribly experienced with touchwiz so the samsung I cant really judge, but my moto g from 2014 is still going strong in my sister's use. My only point is that typically, the more you spend on smartphones, the longer they will last and will save you more money in the long run so i would spend a little more for the g4, maybe the g4 plus if you're into fingerprint sensors. motorola is also know for pretty quick updates, but not so much anymore since they were bought by lenovo. The g4 is also on sale right now

u/rtechie1 · 2 pointsr/PickAnAndroidForMe

> Blu Life One X2

Blu is currently going through a major scandal where their phones are infected with spyware and other problems.

And yes, they never update phones and have terrible service.

> ZTE ZMax Pro

Also no OS updates, kind of slow too. I would go for the Moto G4 Plus

u/vandennar · 1 pointr/budget

For my money, if you have or can get a phone that supports it, Verizon's prepaid PagePlus $55 plan isn't bad - 10G of data at LTE speeds and unlimited calling and texting. Doesn't roam in Puerto Rico or US Virgin Islands like postpaid will, but if you're in the continental US, you shouldn't have much trouble.

Otherwise, MetroPCS is a T-Mobile MVNO, so coverage is ehhhh but an unlimited plan is $50 and cheap phones might be easier to come by ( Moto G4 Plus would be my recommendation: )

StraightTalk is not a bad option either, they've got $44/$54 per month plans for 8/12GB data and unlimited calling+texting, and run on AT&T's backbone mostly.

Lastly, if you want to get real weird, TMobile used to/still maybe does, offer an unlimited texting, 5GB data, and 100 minutes/mo, for $30. You have to go to WalMart and then call in, and it can be a pain to get working, but once it's up most people report success (subject to the limitations of TMobile's coverage, of course).

u/y_r_u_mad_bro · 1 pointr/verizon

I really like the Motorola line of phones. I have used the Moto E, Moto G3, and now have the Moto G4 Plus on verizon. My favorite features are the battery life and clean android os. I usually get 2+ days of battery life (light user) and the OS doesn't have any of the crappy built in carrier apps, but I can still add the ones I want.

I just got the Moto G4 Plus and it's amazing. It's less than half the price of a new Galaxy/iPhone and doesn't compromise on much depending on how you use your phone. It's only 16GB but it has an SD card slot to add up to 128GB of storage.

They also have a really cheap ($150) Moto G4 that amazon subsidizes with adds on the lock screen.

So far the G4 Plus has worked really well and is comparable to my SO's Galaxy s6. It even supports the advanced calling features on verizon's postpaid network. It also has a turbo charger that gets me from 10% to 45% in less than 15 minutes.

I usually watch and ebay for deals on used phones as well. I got my SO a Galaxy S6 64BG (new open box) for $250 on ebay.

Edit: I also save money by not carrying insurance. The phones are cheap enough that I could buy a second one for less than what the insurance policy would cost.

u/HORIZONx720 · 1 pointr/PickAnAndroidForMe

Moto G plus or Moto g The new 4th gen G phones are really solid for the price. They are 5.5 inch but they are very comfortable in the hand.

u/ignition386 · 1 pointr/cellphones

Moto G4

Moto G4 Plus

The G and the X are different Moto device lines. The G line is mid-rangers, the X line is high-end.

The Moto X Pure and the Moto G4 both include microSD card slots. The older Moto X phones do not.