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motorola G7 Power - Unlocked - 64 GB - Marine Blue (No Warranty) - International Model (GSM Only) (PAEC0003SV)
Max Vision display. Immerse yourself with ultra wide views on the 6. 2" Hd+ display featuring a 19: 9 Aspect ratio.Responsive performance. Work and play without delay thanks to an octal-core processor and up to 4 GB of memory and 64 GB of storage. Bluetooth 4.2 LE, aptX64GB + 4GB RAM - micro SD card support (up to 512 GB) - Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 processor with 1. 8GHz Octa-Core CPU - USB-C port (for charging, data transfer), USB 2. 0, 3. 5mm headphone jackFast-focusing camera. Never miss a moment with a 12 MP PDAF camera and the 8 MP selfie cam.Fingerprint reader. Never mind remembering your passcode. Just touch the fingerprint reader to wake up and unlock your phone instantly.Moto Experiences. Our exclusive software makes your phone easier to use, such as waking it up with a simple gesture.60-Hour battery. Power through 2. 5 days with a 5000 mAh battery.3G UMTS 850/900/1700/1900/2100 - 4G LTE Cat7 (bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 12, 17, 28, 66) Volte - Dual SIM (Nano-sim, Dual stand-by) > (ensure to check compatibility with your carrier before purchase)Unlocked cellphones are compatible with most of the GSM carriers ( like T-Mobile or AT&T ) But please be aware that are not compatible with CDMA carriers ( like Sprint or Verizon Wireless for example )If you are looking for the US Version which is compatible with ALL carriers type this on the search bar: B07NPRQYP1
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11 Reddit comments about motorola G7 Power - Unlocked - 64 GB - Marine Blue (No Warranty) - International Model (GSM Only) (PAEC0003SV):

u/webdevlets · 6 pointsr/Android

I just need general-purpose smartphone that will work with a Chinese SIM card when I move to China. Is this Moto G7 that is already unlocked a good choice?

$214 or $196.99, depending on the color


I would prefer above-average battery life. I don't really care about a stellar camera. Being waterproof would be a cool bonus. But really, as long as it isn't terrible, and it works cheaply in China, then basically any Android smartphone will do.

u/QwertyBuffalo · 3 pointsr/Android

The specific bands you need will depend on your carrier, but the G7 is almost certainly going to be fine with bands 40 and 41.

The regular G7 however, does not have very good battery life. I would recommend the Moto G7 Power instead, which is a phone on the same line but with a much bigger battery. It costs very similar on Amazon at $208, or even cheaper on non-prime options. Alternatively, the Moto X4 is one of the cheapest phones that is rated for proper IP68 water resistance at only $120 (for the prime exclusive version, $135 otherwise), although its battery life isn't as good as the G7 Power.

u/timcookytech · 2 pointsr/Smartphones

this phone looks right for you, its the phone with the best battery life btw

u/questionaboutm30s · 2 pointsr/TheSilphRoad

It has a 1520x720p screen resolution, but you wouldn't notice it unless you start looking for it, somehow the screen is better than you would think.

When it comes to battery it's a monster and that's it's niche.

Make sure you get the 64GB storage and 4GB RAM version, not the 32/3 version. Basically this one:

I have one right now.

u/britishdami · 2 pointsr/tmobile

can conform that XT1955-2 works very well with tmobile network. Fast download speeds but no wifi calling

u/darcwolf · 1 pointr/mintmobile

Thanks for the reply, I honestly don't know much about bands, what exactly would I be looking for in phones when looking for bands? Right now the 2 phones that affordable to me and have volte (from what I can tell) are the nokia 7.1 and this one I'm actually leaning towards the motorola just because I love having a good battery on my phone.

u/O1O1O1O · 1 pointr/ProjectFi

That's too bad considering it is essentially the same phone with more battery (which I love). There's an international version with 64GB of storage and 4GB of memory and a good price. If it was Fi compatible I'd get it... I'm assuming the lack of CDMA which means no Sprint is what kills it for Fi:

u/Zokatz · 1 pointr/cellphones

Samsung A10, Samsung A20, Samsung A30, Motorola G6 Play, Motorola G7 Play, Motorola G7 Power, Apple iPhone 6S, and Apple iPhone 7. All are under $200 unlocked on Amazon with the exception of the iPhone 7 which is about $220 or $230 depending on the color.

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Samsung A30 ($199) - Samsung Galaxy A30 SM-A305G/DS Dual SIM 3GB RAM 32GB GSM Unlocked No Warranty - Black

Motorola G6 Play ($170) - Motorola Moto G6 Play Factory Unlocked Phone - 5.7" Screen - 32GB - Deep Indigo (U.S. Warranty)

Motorola G7 Play ($180) - Moto G7 Play - Unlocked - 32 GB - Deep Indigo (US Warranty) - Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Boost, Cricket, & Metro

Motorola G7 Power ($199) - Motorola Moto G7 Power (64GB, 4GB RAM) Dual SIM 6.2" 4G LTE (GSM Only) Factory Unlocked Smartphone International Model XT1955-2 (Marine Blue)

Apple iPhone 6S (Renewed) ($180) - Apple iPhone 6s, 32GB, Space Gray UnlockedGSM 4G LTE Dual-Core Phone (Renewed)

Apple iPhone 7 (Renewed) ($220) - Apple iPhone 7, Fully Unlocked, 32GB - Black (Renewed)

u/assman37 · 1 pointr/freedommobile

>Moto g7 power

Interestingly it has a poor rating on (which is why I refuse to buy the Samsung) but its got a great rating on Well battery life does seem to be extremely good and its not too expensive. Where are you buying this from? Have you got a link? I see this: