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Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person 3 Season Tent (Citron Green)
Two door / Two vestibule layoutTwo person layoutThree season, fre standing tentTent fly ventilation windowsBathtub floor construction
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12 Reddit comments about Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person 3 Season Tent (Citron Green):

u/JohnnyKonig · 2 pointsr/bicycletouring

I just used this one on a 900 mile ride in warm-cool weather.


  • Having a two person tent is great, it let me keep my gear inside without being cramped.(
  • The tent goes up very easily and quickly.
  • Great price
  • Held up well the whole trip
  • Has two doors. I liked using one of them to put wet clothes and such outside of tent overnight as both doors have good coverage from rain.
  • Packs up well with the included compression bag.


  • A little rain got inside a couple of times. I attribute this to not having sprayed the tent as I should have.
  • While the tent held up in strong winds by being tied down, it would make a better sail in the wind.
  • The floor is a bit thin, I would not recommend for very cold or very wet rides. It worked fine for me in heavy rain, but still there is better.
u/nootay · 2 pointsr/camping

The Mountainsmith Morrison 2 person and Mountainsmith Genesee 4 person are both lightweight and economical. Most of the top rated back packing tents are over $250, but these are rated well.

u/Relleomylime · 2 pointsr/camping

My husband is 6'7" and loves to primitive camp. He got the Mountainsmith 2 man 3 season tent on Amazon and loves it. The two of us are able to share it though he really got it for himself for when he does solo trips. It weighs about 4 lbs 11 oz.

Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person 3 Season Tent (Citron Green)

We have yet to find a sleeping bag he's 100% satisfied with so feel free to share if you find one!

u/haigins · 2 pointsr/CampingandHiking

All valid points, my wife likes MEC and those were the ones she brought to me. Doing a little more investigation any thoughts on these?

u/UseUrMind · 2 pointsr/backpacking

This one is the one im considering, being in a similar situation to yourself. The reviews are great, and its ~$50 cheaper than its competitors...

u/eyesontheskydotcom · 2 pointsr/camping

I would say go to an REI and poke around their clearance item bins. I found an REI Taj 3 tent for $40 last weekend. Granted, I'm sure I got REALLY lucky with that, but there were other options I'd been seriously looking at before I scored that deal:

Ledge Sports Tarantula 2 - Before finding the Taj 3, I was leaning towards getting this to use for a season or two before upgrading to something better. Looks to have a full rainfly and decent options, but I don't know how well built it really is.

Slumberjack 3P Trail tent - This was $80 a few months ago; for me it shows up as $109 now (Amazon does goofy stuff with pricing). But it's fiberglass poles, so for the price, I preferred....

Mountainsmith Morrison 2P - Aluminum poles, full fly, looks to have nice options like pockets (and IIRC, a gear loft) and zippered mesh windows, so this might have been my "upgrade" tent as some point, unless I decided to go "good" and get the....

Kelty Grand Mesa 3P tent - which is only 30% more dollars for 50% more space than the 2P version, has aluminum poles, and the good Kelty name brand.

Just my thoughts as someone who got a fair amount of advice elsewhere and look for a LOT of different options. Aluminum poles will definitely last you longer (fiberglass breaks), and the better materials will last longer as well. Oh, and I'd also recommend the book Camping's Top Secrets by Cliff Jacobson - I learned TONS of great things in there.

Sleeping bags depends on what temps you plan to camp in - there's some decent deals in the Outlet section of REI, but they aren't exactly cold-weather bags. But there's some 3-season ones that are $50 - $60 that should be good.

Hope that helps - I'm no expert, so if others chime in with poor experiences on anything I've listed, feel free to defer to their expertise. But that should help point you in some useful directions to consider.

u/johnhoneycutt_ · 1 pointr/CampingGear

I researched and studied this exact issue last year. It boiled down to either the Kelty Salida, the Alps Mountaineering, or this one:

The Mountainsmith Morrison is the one I went with, and I have not a single regret.

u/Tokiface · 1 pointr/bicycletouring

I really like my MountainSmith Morrison 2-person. It's super spacious but I've taken it on many bike camping trips and it's less than $150. I've had it in all sorts of weather and it has only leaked once, which was sorta my fault.

This is the one I have:

u/RonnieTheEffinBear · 1 pointr/motocamping

Haha, We might be overpacking a touch...

  • Rain Jackets & waterbottles in the tank bag
  • 2 sleeping pads (1 on top of each saddle bag)
  • tent on top of the dry bag
  • in the dry bag - 2 sleeping bags, some clothes, camping stove & pot, freeze dried meals, toiletries and a towel. Couple paperbacks to pass the time.
  • tool roll nestled under the luggage rack
  • saddlebags are mostly empty at the moment, couple odds & ends.

    It wouldn't seem like much in a car, but it adds up on the bike! About 35 pounds of gear on the rack.

    Tent is a nice little mountainsmith 2 person.
u/StormRider991 · 1 pointr/CampingandHiking

Yeah, I ended up doing more research on the tents because to be quite honest I just picked a random one. How does this one look? This was on a list of budget lightweight backpacking tent options and it seems decent enough.

On the matter of sleeping bags, does this one seem alright? This is another one I found on a list of budget options for sleeping bags.

I'll definitely buy that sleeping pad, that seems like a lot of value for not much more price.

Thanks for your help!

u/Chernoobyl · 1 pointr/CampingGear

I use one of these for car camping, light enough and plenty of room - great quality for the cost too.

u/thoughtofficer · 1 pointr/CampingandHiking

The mountainsmith has a tent that is very fast to put up and take down. I timed myself for their 4 person variation and I got it up in 3 minutes and 20 seconds. Their 2 person variation goes up much faster, I'm sure.
It's a nice tent too. Bathtub bottom, titanium rods, and plenty of mesh for the summer nights.