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Mr. Clean 243033 Bliss Premium Latex-Free Gloves, Medium, 1 Pair
Cloud-soft liningLatex-free, size MediumEmbossed palmPhthalate free12-inch long cuff
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3 Reddit comments about Mr. Clean 243033 Bliss Premium Latex-Free Gloves, Medium, 1 Pair:

u/Squirrelwinchester · 15 pointsr/SkincareAddiction

I recently got some for myself. However, I am allergic to latex so I had to buy latex free ones. The ones I found are Mr.Clean bliss latex free gloves. They are also lined with fleece in the glove so your hands dont get sweaty and gross. Best $5 ever spent.
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u/sethra007 · 3 pointsr/hoarding

Welcome to the sub. I'm so sorry you're having a tough time.

It might help your anxiety a little to know that there are a couple of simple, low-cost solutions available for your problem. I hope my reply can give you a little relief.

> This led to piles of garbage and food in my there are tons of these small flying bugs making it a very tough thing to tackle....

I know this one, 'cause I had this problem a couple of summers ago--you have fruit flies! They're a bother, to be sure, but they're pretty easy to get rid of:

  1. Go to the grocery. Buy a container of apple cider vinegar. You'll probably find it in the same aisle as the salad dressings. Buy the cheap, non-organic stuff; you're not cooking with it, after all.
  2. If you don't have any, buy a small container of cheap dishwashing liquid.
  3. Pour about half a cup of the apple cider vinegar into a wide-mouthed glass and add a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Do this with multiple glasses if needed.
  4. OPTIONAL: Seal the mouth of each glass with a little plastic wrap, and then poke a couple of holes in it with a fork. Once the flies get in, they can't get out!
  5. Set the glasses in any room where you saw fruit flies.
  6. Wait.
  7. When the glasses are filled with flies (and it won't take long, the little fuckers love this stuff), pour out the fly-filled cider into your sink (I like to run cold water when I do). Refill, and do it again. Repeat as needed.
  8. Video aid
  9. The above method also works with gnats.
  10. Don't use this method if you keep your windows open, because fruit flies are drawn to the smell of the cider vinegar and will come into your house.

    Now, to make this method TRULY effective, you need to get rid of all the of the rotted food--that's what's drawing the flies (Free food! say the flies). Get rid of the rotted food (and food-contaminated trash) and you get rid of the fruit flies. Try to get rid of as much of the rotted food as you can before doing the cider vinegar trick!

    Rotted food/garbage + fruit flies = GROSS, and it's tough to handle. But the best way to deal with that is to set out your fruit fly traps and then arm yourself with:

  11. Rubber gloves. Those bright yellow ones some people wear in washing dishes are ideal. Latex-free are also available (example if you're allergic. Available at local groceries and drugstores.
  12. Dust masks. Or, if you're really concerned about odor and have the money to spend, consider a respirator. Available at local hardware stores and places like Home Depot.
  13. Wear old clothes you don't give a shit about. Ideally something like old, heavy jeans, a long-sleeved shirt, and heavy socks.
  14. Sturdy shoes. Heavy sneakers are ideal for this sort of thing. They can be tossed in the wash afterwards.

    Once attired with the above, you are invulnerable to fruit flies, gnats, mosquitoes, spiders, and quite a few other vermin. You can then grab a garbage bag, and sail into things.

    Good luck with everything. I don't have any anxiety advice, but maybe having a plan to tackle your mess can ease your mind a little.