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MUJI Aluminum Body Fountain Pen - Fine Nib - with 2 Refill Ink Cartridge
MUJI Aluminum Body Fountain Pen - Fine Nib - with 2 Refill Ink Cartridge1 set
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17 Reddit comments about MUJI Aluminum Body Fountain Pen - Fine Nib - with 2 Refill Ink Cartridge:

u/JulianC4815 · 3 pointsr/fountainpens

You might also like the Muji fountain pen It’s as thin as you can get with a cartridge pen and has an aluminum body. It’s as long as a Pilot Metropolitan though.

u/BreezeeCheezzee · 3 pointsr/fountainpens

That's a great fit. I may go with that one. Know of any pens that are a little less shiny than that AL-Star?

Edit: Nevermind, I found the perfect pen.

u/Deegrin · 3 pointsr/fountainpens
u/djeucalyptus · 3 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

Muji Aluminum fountain pen. One of my favorite budget fountain pens out there. Very light weight (which turns some people off of them) but I love it.


u/ironhelixx · 2 pointsr/fountainpens

You can get a Parker Urban with a bottle of Quink Black ink, a converter, a polishing cloth, and 4 cartridges (2 Black / 2 Blue) on for $37 USD. It is a pretty solid pen, from my own experience.

The Nemosine Singularity is not a bad option for $14 USD. (It comes in LOTs of colors too.)

The Muji Fountain Pen is also a solid starter pen for $16 USD. It is of a sturdy aluminum make, and writes quite well.

The rest are the Standard starter pens, like the Pilot Metropolitan, Lamy Safari, et cetera.

u/hypnotwist · 2 pointsr/fountainpens

Try this Muji I found on Amazon, the Canadian version. I feel the exchange rate struggle.

u/crabsintrees · 2 pointsr/EDC
u/Melusedek · 2 pointsr/proED

Muji Aluminum body

It's beautiful and slick and sexy and so satisfying to use (plus any other s words I can't think of).

u/Applzor · 2 pointsr/fountainpens

I got myself a Lamy Al-star a few years ago and it has been absolutely amazing and I think I'm at the stage where I would like to shell out a little bit for something fancier.

I had a look around online for some different styles that I might like and settled on something a bit minimalist and preferably matte black.

Some that have caught my eye are the
Lamy Unic,
Visconti Homo Sapien and the
Custom Bamboo, but obviously these are quite expensive.

At this stage I was going to go with the
MUJI Aluminium or the Lamy CP1 since they are in a realistic price range for me (less than $200AUD).

I would love some advice or recommendations for others since I'm still very new to the scene and still learning about the different brands.

u/channing173 · 1 pointr/pens

Yeah, that's a Muji Fountian Pen

Here are the refills

And a converter if you want bottled ink

I have one in a fine point and it writes wonderfully, good find!

u/grokforpay · 1 pointr/Scams

Amazon sells many. If you're looking for a starter pen, I really like the Muji fountain pen ( You can buy ink cartridges, or if you want to really get into it, buy a "ink converter" into which you can load your own ink.

u/westoneng · 1 pointr/pens

I have the same pen. It is a Mugi fountain pen. Takes standard international cartrages. You also can buy this international ink Converter and use your own fountain pen ink!

u/pyramidValley · 1 pointr/fountainpens

oh man bummer. I was going to buy it sometime this month. Does that mean the seller messed up on the amazon page? (honestly that 3rd pic is a pretty fine line, but cant really tell)

u/raptastrophe · 1 pointr/fountainpens

Oh, I wasn't aware of its discontinuation, although -- if the only thing that's stopping you is the availability -- it seems some pens are still around on Amazon.

u/ricctp6 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I’m sorry for your loss, and I hope that remembering him in this way will help you feel like you are passing on a piece of him.

Most of what I ‘build’ is stories and art. The best books for those are these notebooks. They are dotted for the perfect drawing help, but also clean enough so that I can write in them. I also would love a fountain pen to help make the journals look beautiful and formatted. I have a whole art supplies list, which is stock full of things perfect for anyone who wants to start journaling.

I hope that you can find something to alleviate the pain you are going through. You are doing something nice for others, but take care of yourself, and maybe look through everyone’s WL to see if you can find something that might help you make art or write or do whatever it is you need to do to get some feelings off your chest and into the creative world.

u/zemnl · 1 pointr/fountainpens

The silver one is a Muji link

edit: added link