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Multipet Duckworth Plush Dog Toy 13
Great for fetch and playLarger toy, but great for all sized petsSqueaker and plush filledPets should be supervised while playing with toys and all damaged toys should be discardedAssorted colors. You will receive one item.
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22 Reddit comments about Multipet Duckworth Plush Dog Toy 13"- Assorted Colors:

u/scarypriest · 19 pointsr/Dogtraining

I love that he has the face and head of a dog way bigger than he is. Good boy!
My pup knows yellow duck and it makes me so excited when I tell him to get it and he does. I should work on some others.

BTW: Yellow ducks have survived three of my aussies. One for each of them. The only toy none of them have ever destroyed. I replace them because they just get gross after a couple years. They aren't tough toys. I don't have any idea why they last. But none of my pups have ever town theirs up. Each of them coveted theirs.

u/KetchupIsForWinners · 11 pointsr/Dogtraining

My terrier mix puppy rips every single plush to shreds within minutes or hours of getting it except this stuffed duck which has lasted two and a half weeks so far and is still fully intact. I don't know if it's the texture of it or what. Clearly by the reviews, some dogs are still destroying it, but I've been super impressed with what it has survived so far and it's her go to toy and gets roughed up a lot. I've also heard good things about the softer toys from the Bark Box Destroyers Club.

u/physicallyuncomfort · 10 pointsr/puppy101

Multipet Duckworth (Assorted Colors)

It’s the most ridiculous phenomenon. I saw a thread of everyone talking about how great it was. Had to try it myself.

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u/swarleyknope · 9 pointsr/puppy101

Beware of imposter ducks !

u/secondhandvalentine · 8 pointsr/aww

See this duck here? this duck has amazingly survived my dog since she was a puppy through her teething. He's her favorite toy and even though the constant squeaking makes me tear my hair out I'm glad she has at least one toy that she can chew and dig her teeth into and not have it fall apart. It's not even soft anymore and we've washed it dozens of times.

u/daisyup · 5 pointsr/BuyItForLife

They don't have squeakers but I've had good success with rope toys. Not all dogs like rope toys, and some dogs shred them, if your dog shreds them then they shouldn't be allowed to play with them. For dogs that just chew the rope and try to untie the knots, I've had them last 5 or 6 months. An XL 3-knot like this could work (I usually get the large for a 40 - 60lb dog).

If you really like squeaky toys, you might try duckworth (the yellow one). There's nothing special about the materials or construction of this toy (meaning he'd delicate) of but for reasons I do not understand dogs that have destroyed all squeaky toys at my house have played with duckworth without damaging him. If you do try this, cut off that black thing on his head. He didn't have that when I bought him, but if he did I think it would be his undoing.

Overall though, I don't think dog toys are BIFL items. They're generally pretty inexpensive and given that your dog's jaws are strong, their teeth are fragile and you expect them to use their strong jaws and fragile teeth to chew on the toy, it's just not a recipe for a long lasting toy (or the toy lasts but the dog's teeth don't, which isn't a win overall).

u/pogsnotdrogs · 4 pointsr/Frenchbulldogs

Hi! We adopted a four/five-year-old frenchie a few months ago and have had great success getting her yeast infections, fur, and overall health under control. She was in literally the same situation before she was rescued.


Our vet prescribed us ketoconazole wipes, which you can get on amazon (for less than the vet price! and it's the same thing!). These have done wonders for her face, paws, and bottom end. If he has yeast on his feet, he probably has it in his tail crease as well. At first, we were going through a pack of these every 3 weeks. Yikes. You can find them here:


She came to us on a grain free diet but the vet put her on a grain-included diet for her heart murmur. We give her Honest Kitchen food and it's been working incredibly well. If you want to remain grain-free, they have an option for that. I linked her favorite flavor. Her tear stains have been clearing up, coat is all shiny, and yeast is more manageable since switching from kibble to this. Also, they have a great intro offer on prime.


Our Phoebe is big for a frenchie (30-35 lbs) and loves walks. She and I do 3-4 miles a day. She also loves to go for hikes and once a week will do a short run. People will tell you that these are "lethargic apartment dogs" but it completely depends on the particular dog. As yours gets healthier, his energy level will increase a lot.


Also, Phoebe loves clothes. She did not have clothes before us. She will pick out a shirt to wear if I give her options. Her favorites are the Hanna Anderson dog pajamas (here: I think it's because the fabric is super soft. She also wears sweaters when it's cold, and will pick out which one she wants to wear. She has learned how to help get herself dressed.


Frenchies should wear harnesses, not collars, because of their lack of defined neck and general lack of skill at breathing. If you're looking to spend money, the canada pooch ones are double adjustable and comfortable. Before she got that one as a special present, she had this one that my parents' beagle used to wear. She loved it, but the elastic was getting old! link here:


Phoebe loves her toys and is a big chewer. Strong mouth. The toys that have held up best to her are these strange platypus ducks and her trash panda, which she picked out at home depot


I have lots of opinions and recommendations so feel free to ask me questions! I love to talk about Phoebe. You can also follow her on instagram at @phoebephilothefrenchie.

u/Spootniek · 3 pointsr/HelpMeFind

It looks like Duckworth?

u/nite_ · 3 pointsr/PrimeDay

If you have an Alexa enabled device with voice ordering enabled you can get $1.75 off a squeaky toy.

Deal info:


Product page:

u/TruckBC · 2 pointsr/Greyhounds

My 2 cents, skip the raised dishes, and definitely skip the create.

Realistically you need at a minimum, a bed, food and water dishes, food, I strongly recommend sweet potato chews. It'll help with the stress induced diarrhea, a few toys and a Duckworth (see link below) I have yet to meet a dog that doesn't love them.

Multipet Duckworth

Edit: obviously collar and leash, but those should be supplied by the rescue

u/crispytot · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This big hedgie is one of my dogs favorites. They have smaller sizes too!!!

Not only is this.... duck/google/schmoo one of my doggos favorites, it has tons of reviews from people saying for some reason their dog really loves it.

u/rijoys · 2 pointsr/animalsdoingstuff

My husband bought one for our lab puppy on amazon! Came here to say we had that duck for a little while, but my boston mix is VERY determined and adept at defluffing

Multipet Large Dog Toy 15" Yellow

u/andeva · 2 pointsr/puppy101

I got my shiba inu this duck and he has yet to put a hole in it. It is played with nearly every day and has lasted. Also got him some Kong Cozies that have lasted as well. Check the sizing on all toys to make sure you don't get any too small for a lab to swallow though.

u/memreows · 2 pointsr/dogs

I don't know why it works, but this big yellow duck toy has outlived any of his compatriots:

I think it's something to do with the texture of the fur?

Also I have no idea why this works, but I watch my dog when she's chewing on toys and I can tell the difference between a chew that will rip the toy and one that won't. When I see her starting with a ripping motion I tell her "be gentle" and she listens. I have no idea why or how to train it, but at this point she understands she is supposed to be gentle with soft toys and only very rarely rips them. could try that?

u/boccerun · 2 pointsr/dogs

Came here to say west paw. My dog is a CHEWER.

We’ve been getting him the super chewer bark box for the last couple of months. Half of the toys don’t last 5 minutes (we like the treats). They sent us a benebone as a replacement and he liked it a lot. It’s about halfway gone after about two weeks. Nylabones get shredded. Soft toys are basically non-starters (though the duck toy is doing pretty well a few days in... feet are gone but no fluff out yet!)

The West Paw toys we got him MONTHS ago are still fully intact and he loves them.

u/Rigamarolly · 1 pointr/HelpMeFind

Is Duckworth a character of some kind?

This is the dog toy I have.

u/trippknightly · 1 pointr/gifs
u/shigeru1357 · 1 pointr/aww
u/IN449 · 1 pointr/WiggleButts

These are Penny's favorite toys, and they are super cheap. Feel free to link your pup's favorite too! Christmas is coming!