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Cabinet Locks & Straps
Munchkin Xtraguard Dual Action Multi Use Latches, 2 Count
Secures cabinets, drawers, appliances, toilet seats, and moreRequires dual button operation to release, release and rotate when not in useFlexible strap allows latching around cornersEasy to install with provided adhesive won't damage furniture and is easy to removeFeatures a double layer of security providing tamper resilience and double locking protection
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16 Reddit comments about Munchkin Xtraguard Dual Action Multi Use Latches, 2 Count:

u/ekib · 17 pointsr/cars

Another idea... there are a bunch of childproof locks you could probably use that would be a lot easier than moving a 50 pound chair everyday. Something like this or similar:

Edit: this one is self locking so you’d never forget to lock it in the first place:

u/aleii1 · 9 pointsr/Parenting

Kids get into a crazy amount of stuff. When my son was about to turn two, he stood up on his tip toes, opened the silverware drawer, and pulled out a large knife, then fell backwards (while holding the knife) with the force he used to pull it out.

Babyproofing is amazing for peace of mind (and also so you don't have to be on them saying 'no' every 2 seconds). There are a few key things which have helped me feel confident to leave my son alone for a small period of time while I go get a drink of water, or go to the bathroom.

Here are some of my best babyproofing finds:

Baby fence - put this around your entertainment center/computer area.

Door Monkey - no installation, takes literally 1 second to put onto the door frame, and keeps the kids out of non-babyproofed areas, like the bathroom, or spare room, etc.

Latch - can be used on drawers or appliances that you can't or don't want to drill into, such as the storage drawer at the bottom of the stove which my son loves pulling open, even if its hot!

u/crossfitchick16 · 8 pointsr/beyondthebump
u/TheVillageOxymoron · 6 pointsr/fatlogic

hahaha maybe you just need some childlocks! I bought these off of Amazon to keep my toddler out of our cleaning chemicals, and they work well!

u/ArcusArtifex · 4 pointsr/cats

I got you, bruh! Here you go!

Edit: Also, le asshole cat gives his judgment

u/emilystarr · 2 pointsr/IFParents

We used these at our previous house:

When we moved out, I was able to just use a hair dryer to warm it up and it came off without any problems.

The munchkin things: I had a much harder time getting off.

u/fbthowaway · 2 pointsr/DIY

if it ever becomes a concern, probably 100 childproofing products to choose from

btw, really awesome work on your remodel

u/magnetic-fields · 2 pointsr/beyondthebump

First, you should talk to your extended family to see what they use in their home. They may be able to bring the larger, more expensive items (e.g. baby gates) with them depending on how they're traveling. But I've also made a list below.

Full disclosure: Most of this comes from research and talking to my parent friends since I only have a two week old. Some of these might be unnecessary depending on your home - they're just suggestions.

  • Cabinet latches - You'll want them for drawers, cabinet doors, the refrigerator, and even your toilet seat cover. There are many different kinds, so shop around.

  • Cord wraps - If you have venetian blinds (or something similar), you'll want to be able to tie up the excess cord since it's a choking hazard.

  • Outlet covers - they make different kinds: covers that plug directly into outlets, plastic boxes that completely cover outlets that already have cords plugged into them, and cases that go around surge protectors.

  • Stove knob covers if the knobs on your range/oven can be reached by a toddler. These are especially important if you have a gas range and don't want your house to blow up.

  • Door knob covers - In case the toddler or four year old wants to wander into rooms it shouldn't.

  • Baby Gates - if you have stairs, you'll need a gate at the top and bottom

  • Solid plastic door stoppers - instead of the metal door stoppers with plastic toppers, which can be pried off and choked on. I'm not sure how necessary these are, but they're worth reviewing.
u/panther1294 · 1 pointr/sleeptrain

I use these on my oven door and my dishwasher door

Munchkin Xtraguard Dual Action Multi Use Latches, 2 Count

u/sweetsails59 · 1 pointr/DIY

I'm a little late to the party, but we had a lot of luck with these and our jumbo kitty that likes to get under the sink. Some reviews say they're a pain to remove (we haven't tried yet) so use caution if you're renting.

u/charcuterie_bored · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

I would just get rid of the nightlight. Is it really necessary? When my son was born I bought this chargeable light and it has been a great investment. It's dimmable and since you charge it with a USB I can move it around to wherever I want without worrying about cords or outlets. It's also saved my ass any time the power has gone out.

Edit: and get latches like this for the diaper pail.

u/PinkiePiesDelight · 1 pointr/breakingmom

Flip lock for top of the door:

Prime-Line Products U 9888 Flip Action Steel Door Lock, White Finish

Sticky lock thing:

Munchkin Xtraguard Dual Action Multi Use Latches, 2 Count

u/Jessie_James · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

Sorry, I did not realize you did not want to drill.

Maybe these might work? It looks like it.

I use those on all sorts of doors, including our sliding glass doors with an even larger gap/frame than your windows. Stick it it the glass. You can easily scrape it off later. They are excellent.