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Mutt Mitt Dispense a Mitt Box- 200 Count - 2ply Bag
Mutt Mitt Dispense a Mitt Box 200 CountThick 2 - ply ConstructionLarge Enough to Accommodate Waste From All Dogs of All Sizes*Each Individiual Mutt Mitt is 13" x 9"*Largest dog waste capacityy
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6 Reddit comments about Mutt Mitt Dispense a Mitt Box- 200 Count - 2ply Bag:

u/penny_dreadful_mess · 3 pointsr/dogs

I don't use them every day but I try and make sure I have a mutt mitt with me. They are the best bags hands down. They have a little pouch at the bottom which assists with pick up. They are also super easy to flip and I've never had an issue with poop up the side of the bag, which happens regular with my everyday bags. I use them for any "unusual" poops (soft, large, in a f*cking bush). If your dog has digestive issues they are a life saver. If your dog regularly has solid, normal sized poops, they might cost more than you want (though I'm thinking of switching exclusively to them from the amazon basics as they are that great)

u/woof_woof_mf · 2 pointsr/youseeingthisshit

These poop bags changed my life lol Mutt Mitt. There’s two layers of thick bag. The thick black double bag part makes such a huuuge difference. These are thicker than my garbage bags at home. Isn’t as warm and squishy either. My dog love pooping in stick piles and cactus areas ugh. I’ve tried a bunch of different types of bags bc we are outside a lot and these work amazing. Haven’t had a hole yet and I even grab sticks away first (like if the poop hits higher in the stick and I don’t want to get it on my arm I just break away the poop-ka-Bob smaller and add to the pick up). Cactus, stick, pine needles, thrones, those damn burr sticky balls ugh. We are in the mountains and desert a lot. We back pack and I pack out the poop.

Hope this helps!

We are all in this shitty 💩 life together!

u/mitch_barrie · 2 pointsr/Reno

>They will post notices on doors saying if you do not pick up your dog poop it is a $100 fine. Buuuut they never refill the dog poop bags.

Not an issue: buy your own bags. You ought to have your own bags if you are a dog owner anyway. I've been buying these for years, they are better than what you find in dispensers. There are always four in my back pocket. Always.

u/Tenarius · 1 pointr/BestOfAmazonPets

Try Mutt Mitts
Yes they're expensive, but they're thick, huge, biodegradable, and never, ever break. Ever. Worth the price to not get dog poop on your hands.

u/CaptainCoral · 1 pointr/dogs

You should try the Mutt Mitt bags. They are all that I use now! Some of the parks in our city offer them at the dog stands, and I got addicted to using them, so now I buy them. I fold them up really tight and shove them into a clip-poopbag-holder instead of using a roll, I can get about 4 in there at a time.

Seriously, after using a double-bagged bag (Mutt Mitt), I feel so gross scooping with a flimsy thin poop bag now!