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Mystical Manga Tarot
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u/karajennifer · 9 pointsr/tarot

Most of the ones I really like are independent decks.

Tarot of the Golden Thread is more modern but the effect of the cards is simply captivating.

Raziel Tarot by Robert M Place and in his distinctive style. It's not completed yet though :,(

Revelations Tarot is a reversible deck with the reversed meanings incorporated into the illustrations.

Prisma Visions Tarot is very Van Gogh/Impressionist in style, and I love how each suit connects to be its own long mural.

I also have a tendency to lean towards decks that are more narrative in the illustrations so the Manga Tarot and Mystical Manga Tarot (to be released in Sept 2017) appeal to me as well... even if I may be showing my youth and inexperience by mentioning them.

Edit: corrected the links

u/Sawa27 · 9 pointsr/witchcraft

I found them, thanks to another redditor below. mystic manga tarot

u/racheltran15 · 3 pointsr/tarot

Whenever I saw the Mystical Manga deck at the bookstore, I would just glance at it briefly, but never felt drawn to it. Recently though, I was feeling nostalgic about youth, and someone somewhere in this sub really encouraged people to give this deck a chance. I looked up the actual cards online and BAM, I felt this instant connection to it!!! Honestly, it's such a beautiful beauuutiful deck and the answers I asked it during the interview were super accurate and interesting.

I think the outside box did not give the cards justice, but hey don't judge a book by its cover. I can't wait to use it more and it's very easy to read because it has a lot of RWC elements...but still is its own magical masterpiece without being a replica! Please give this deck a look :) Especially if you were/are into anime/manga!


My favorite cards that I could look at for hours:

u/AureliaDrakshall · 3 pointsr/witchcraft

Ohhh! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm totally over the moon with this style. I've learned on a traditional Rider-Waite tarot deck but I've never found one that had a nicer art style I liked without changing the actual deck structure. Most of them keep the traditional medieval style art which is not really my style.

Thank you again!

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