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We found 27 Reddit comments about Natural Vitality Calm #1 Selling Magnesium Citrate Supplement, Anti-Stress Magnesium Supplement Drink Mix Powder - Original Flavor, Vegan, Gluten Free and Non-GMO (Package May Vary), 16oz 113 Servings. Here are the top ones, ranked by their Reddit score.

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Natural Vitality Calm #1 Selling Magnesium Citrate Supplement, Anti-Stress Magnesium Supplement Drink Mix Powder - Original Flavor, Vegan, Gluten Free and Non-GMO (Package May Vary), 16oz 113 Servings
CALM MAGNESIUM POWDER: Number 1 selling healthy dietary supplement in an unflavored powder form that helps support healthy magnesium levels and supports a calming and uniquely relaxing experienceSTRESS RELIEF: Nature鈥檚 Our Natural Vitality Calm gives your body the fundamental nutrients your body may be lacking to help with stress so you can maintain optimal healthANTI-STRESS DRINK: A vegan and gluten free anti-stress drink mix that is formulated with magnesium sourced from the Pacific Ocean to promote a healthy calmEASY TO PREPARE: Start with half teaspoon (1g) daily and gradually increase to two teaspoons (4g) per day as needed. Place the magnesium powder supplement in a glass or mug, add water, let it fizz, then stir until dissolved and you鈥檙e one cup away from a calm experience. Can be taken with or without foodMULTI-AWARD: 2018 Better Nutrition Best of Supplements Award, 2017 VR Vity Award, 2016 Clean Eating Clean Choice Award, 2015 DL Supplement Award, 2015 TFL Essentials Award to name a fewNote: Product is Magnesium Carbonate in the bottle. Once mixed with water, it turns to Magnesium Citrate.
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27 Reddit comments about Natural Vitality Calm #1 Selling Magnesium Citrate Supplement, Anti-Stress Magnesium Supplement Drink Mix Powder - Original Flavor, Vegan, Gluten Free and Non-GMO (Package May Vary), 16oz 113 Servings:

u/domesticatedfire 路 15 pointsr/IWantToLearn

Might be a good idea to talk to a therapist about this. Is it dehabilitating for you? It's affecting you, obviously, but does it rule your life?

I think I have something similar, I won't look into mirrors or out of windows usually when it's nighttime, and during the winter especially I'll only shower when it's daytime out. Mine's more specifically because of weird lucid dreaming experiences (fyi don't look at mirrors in dreams lol). But for the most part, I've "accepted" any "monsters" that might live around me; something wants to scare me? Cool, but it has no power over my mind or soul, so what's the worst that can happen. Still won't go into unlit basements though 馃槄

If you feel like your house is hostile, or like something is hunting you, a helpful thing is also to "claim" your space by yelling at the 'monster' to "get OUT, this is MY SPACE, and YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE". Also do things that make you feel more in-control and confident, for me self defense, dancing, and singing (especially with good breathing) helped a lot.

Another thing too, if you feel like your space is hostile, is checking your plumbing and wiring in your house. Excess EMFs can cause havoc on a human's perception and lead to paranoia and that creepy "feeling watched" sensation among other things; are you living close to a high-power electric line? Are you living close to a river? How old is the building you're living in?

Also, if you can, start taking a magnesium supplement (like natural calm). It helps sooth anxiety and paranoia a BUNCH.

Feel better OP! I have some other tips too if you need them.

u/Greylikes 路 6 pointsr/BabyBumps

I SWEAR SWEAR SWEAR magnesium is amazing. You can get a version called "Calm" from Amazon, that is a powder and you add it to water for a tasty treat before bed:

If you are more of a pill taker, you can get it in pill form.

Not only does magnesium help soften your stool, it also helps with restless leg syndrome (that many pregnant women get) and it also helps calm you in general. I take this before I go to bed every night and have never had any issues.

Magnesium is completely natural supplement and your body needs it for a variety of reasons, so it is a huge win-win!

u/zigmus64 路 5 pointsr/fasting

I don't know if this is necessarily a best practice but it seems to be working for me. Whenever I'm fasting (and sometimes when I'm not since I'm eating keto during my feed days) I make sure I take a [magnesium supplement] ( at night time and lick some light salt once or twice throughout the day. Light salt is about half and half sodium chloride with potassium chloride. I pour about a quarter to a third of a teaspoon into my hand and lick it up and pound about a pint or more of water. You will get a couple hundred milligrams of sodium and potassium each. Seems to get me from point A to point B successfully without any trouble, but my fasts are usually no longer than 48 hours and I don't do a ton of manual labor.

u/Versificator 路 5 pointsr/kratom

Magnesium at night. I use calm. Shit's magical.

If you need to dose, take it at least 2 hours before bed. Also, switch to bents or something that has zero stimulation. My goto for bed is Brown Borneo and it has no effect on my dreams at all.

u/phatcracker 路 5 pointsr/Kratomm

I have heard adding coconut oil to tea will increase longevity, though I haven't tried it. Link to this method's tutorial. The only potentiator that works for me is magnesium citrate. It definitely increases the slow effects of Reds for me.

u/LivingPaleo 路 4 pointsr/keto

It doesn't have to be so technical. Just put some lite salt (50/50 sodium/potassium) in bottled water and drink it throughout the day. Then take a dose of magnesium at bedtime:

u/forestina 路 3 pointsr/xxketo

A lot of people swear by this stuff- I take it every day along with my potassium. Works like a charm. 馃槝

u/princesspoohs 路 3 pointsr/BeautyGuruChatter

Natural Vitality Natural Calm Magnesium Anti Stress, Original, 16 oz

Seriously, it is an absolute lifesaver for constipation, and works as a gentle muscle relaxant and sleep aid as well. It鈥檚 amazing. I got it because it was recommended to me for pain from TMJ disorder, but I use it more frequently for constipation than anything else! I take medication that causes chronic constipation, so this is a lifesaver. Mix two teaspoons in a bit of warm water, then add as much cold water or other drink as you want (it has just a mild acidic effervescent taste, kinda like club soda but much more mild- you can also get flavored versions but I prefer unflavored). Do this before bed and you should wake up ready to go!

(Rarely it will take two doses to get things moving, if things are really backed up- sometimes I鈥檒l double the dose at once if I know it鈥檚 kinda severe but if it鈥檚 your first time just start with two teaspoons and see how you feel. If it鈥檚 been more than 8-10 hours you may want to take another dose, either right then or that next evening).

You can also find it at GNC and some drug stores, but I鈥檝e found it cheapest at Wegmans. It鈥檚 in their vitamin section.

u/HotBananaa 路 3 pointsr/keto

Well, you can take things to help with the electrolytes, as you should.

You wanna double your Sodium intake. You can use Lite Salt as that has sodium AND potassium in it, and a pretty good amount of potassium as well. Better than most supplements anyway. And then you will wanna buy a magnesium citrate. I also use chicken boullion cubes for sodiumm, i put it in a coffee cup and put hot water in it, then drink it. Tastes like soup kinda.

Its not about "going hard", its not a crash diet. You just figure out your macros and stick to it. Let your body handle the rest.

And no stuff like Powerade has electrolytes in it but nearly enough.

u/Niff314 路 2 pointsr/keto

I started having a cup of this every night - in addition to sleeping like a baby, all my constipation issues were magically resolved:

u/Turdle_Muffins 路 2 pointsr/cripplingalcoholism

I honestly don't know a lot about them, as I've not really ever taken much of them. Magnesium is just one I picked up from my dad. This is the brand I personally favored vs buying cheap drug store tablets. The thing with magnesium, though, is you have to be deficient with it to begin with. That completely depends on your normal diet. Here is a more in depth article on it.

That being said. If you're not getting enough in your diet, than taking the right amount is almost like eating a bit of valium. The times that I used it the most were when I couldn't afford to drink every night, and it definitely helped getting to sleep, not to mention just generally feeling better.

I need to pick some up now that this has been brought up.

u/rickyriv9 路 2 pointsr/JoeRogan

Try taking magnesium before bed. It helps me relax into sleep, and I always feel refreshed when I wake up. No drowsy effects.

u/WindWalkerWhoosh 路 2 pointsr/keto

This stuff works really well. A little pricey up front but absorbs beautifully. 100-200 doses for $23.

Oh, and I recommend the orange flavor, but it's the only one I've tried.

u/whenwillthewaitend 路 2 pointsr/BabyBumps

Oh gosh I was having horrible constipation like what you're describing from about week 13 till week 19. Around week 18 I started having really bad leg cramps at night where I'd wake up 10 times a night or so with a cramp in my leg or my foot. I asked some other ladies what helped them and the overwhelming majority said to try a magnesium supplement so I got some of the Calm Magnesium powder to try since my prenatal only has 13% of my RDA of magnesium. I wasn't really expecting much but it seriously helped the leg cramps. Added bonus: it did wonders for the constipation. I've been on it about 2 weeks now and the past day or two I've actually started feeling like I'm pooping too much. Like every single time I have to go pee I have a small loose stool. So I'm really freaking close to being into diarrhea territory.

So maybe try some magnesium? Or if your prenatal already has 100% of your RDA maybe not or at least clear it with your OB first. But the magnesium did way more to get me pooping than all the Colace I'd been taking before that.

u/Gh1221 路 2 pointsr/xxfitness

YES so many good tips for digestion!

the probiotic that i take and love is garden of life women's raw probiotic ( and although it can taste funny, i think it's a great probiotic and it also makes me drink more water!

lots of fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles (bubbies is a fermented brand, make sure you check ingredients and make sure they're redriferated or else the live cultures are killed during pasteurization), gut shots (, kefir (forager project makes a cashew milk based one), and yogurt (if you don't do dairy i like sodelicious plain coconut milk yogurt or kite hill plain unsweetened almond milk)

almost every night i take natural calm magnesium ( the taste can be a bit off putting so i just add 1-2 tsp of it to some organic cinnamon apple tea and it really helps with my digestion and puts me to bed! also it's good to supplement magnesium bc most americans are deficient in it! esp women, it's super important to get even more magnesium during your period too

somethings to help your gut as well could be collagen, gelatin, and bone broth. they're kind of expensive but totally worth it!! and epic foods makes a really good bone broth! hope this helps

u/YellowOrbitz 路 1 pointr/ADHD

Are you looking to use it for sleep? This is what I use before I go to bed each night:

It's not the most enjoyable thing to drink, but if you down it quickly it's not too bad. I think there are also flavored ones but I don't know much about that.

If you look in stores, mostly what you'll see is magnesium oxide, which seems to be the least effective type. I was taking magnesium oxide for awhile and didn't notice any difference with sleep or mood while taking it. I've definitely noticed a difference switching to magnesium citrate, and recommend that.

u/Mickey330 路 1 pointr/keto

Sorry, I misspoke: After going to the cupboard, turns out I don鈥檛 use lite salt, I use a no salt potassium called 鈥淥riginal No Salt鈥 ( I added the link cause it鈥檚 easier than taking a picture of it and posting that here. Oh, and I can find it in my local grocery stores.

I got this cause I don鈥檛 need the extra salt - that鈥檚 what the bouillon cubes are for...

And since I鈥檓 typing this, here鈥檚 a link to show you the magnesium supplement I use, unflavored Natural Calm: Again, the link is for the picture - I can buy it in my local grocery stores (tho this one IS cheaper from Amazon).

The combo of bouillon and the No Salt is a salty drink, but I personally don鈥檛 think it tastes too salty. But, I love the taste of salt, so there鈥檚 that. 馃槉

u/quietcleancool 路 1 pointr/leaves

This is really good advice. Epsom salt baths are sooo healing. I use 3 or 4 cups in a bath and let it soak in for 90+ minutes (3 or 4 episodes of The Office haha). There's also a supplement I sometimes take called Calm that is really good for you. Beware magnesium can give you the runs pretty fast though. Magnesium isn't present in most foods and it's essential to healthy human function so it's important to include it in your routines.

u/hintonmj 路 1 pointr/nutrition

I've been a regular drinker for years (~4 standard drinks per night). It's obviously not the healthiest choice, but I take a number of supplements to (hopefully) mitigate the effects.

You've discovered what is probably the number one health detriment of drinking, sleep disruption. Lack of good sleep is going to destroy your health way faster than the direct physical effects of ingesting alcohol.

I struggled with bad sleep for a number of years. I believe in was a combination of more heavy drinking in the past and the stresses of graduate school.

Here's my recommendations for greatly improving sleep. Starting with the most helpful.

Glycine (3 grams before bed) - I found this recomendation on exactly for the problem of waking at night and this had probably the most obvious benifitial effect of any suppliment I've ever taken. It's an amino acid that I buy in bulk and mix in water with True Lemon to make a tasty drink before bed, but you could even eat it straight. Amino Acids tend to taste like sugar so you can save a lot of money by avoiding capsules.

L-Theanine (somewhere around 100 - 300 mg before bed sublingually and dose again if I wake up in the middle of the night) - I also buy this amino acid in bulk and keep an extra dose next to me throughout the night in case I do wake up too much. It helps you relax, lots of people like it. It's also good with caffeine during the day to improve focus and reduce jitters. The taste is a little acquired, but it's not too bad/strong. I kind of enjoy it.

Magnesium (citrate/glycinate oral or topical lotion) - This also helps with relaxation and is better with helping you fall asleep in the first place. I apply lotion because my digestive system does not handle oral well. Start small with oral and build up until you have loose stools then back off or go slower. I find that I sleep way more efficiently (as measured by FitBit) when I take the time to apply the lotion generously to my arms and legs before bed.

Slow release melatonin (5mg) - People have widely varying opinions about melatonin. I'm less sure how much it helps me, but I do take it and don't have any deleterious effects.

Let me know if you have any questions. I would order the glycine today. That stuff is amazing!

u/ConceptualLogic 路 1 pointr/keto

I literally drink salt water when inducting to avoid keto flu. This obviously only helps with sodium intake so, I will supplement with potassium pills and a magnesium powder (CALM - Another (more tasty way) is to drink chicken or beef broth 1-2 times a day. This helps with all three of those electrolytes that are affected by ketosis. Cheers and all the best to you and your goals.

u/HighlyEdgeMecated 路 1 pointr/internetparents

Have you tried CALM? I used to take it every evening to help settle down for a more restful sleep. I'm not using it as consistently these days but I do take a spoonful (in water) whenever I'm feeling particularly keyed up.

u/mesophonie 路 1 pointr/Anxiety

Magnesium supplements work for me.

I really want to try this drink, but it is a bit high for my budget at the moment.

u/StonedNAlonegurl95 路 1 pointr/PMDD

P.S. in the link below - this stuff is great if you can get some before you go. They also sell it in individual packages on amazon, or you could find it at a grocery store/health food place. Magnesium in this form on the go for me has been a lifesaver during PMDD week. I just pour it in a water bottle. 2 teaspoons. They have it in different flavaz too.

u/maiden_fan 路 1 pointr/sleep

This is a weird one - have you been check for adrenal fatigue ? Look into that.

  • Also look into a Mg supplement like this one:

    This one had a really good impact on my life in terms of being in a calm alert state after I wake up. Most supplements you hope are good for you like Vitamin D, B12 etc since their effects tend to be long term and harder to measure. But this one is different - you will feel the short term impact on your mood, stress levels, focused energy levels almost immediately, something you can't say for a lot of other mineral or vitamin supplements.

  • Take a plant protein based shake before you go to bed. Protein is essential for metabolism, and if you are running low for some reason during sleep, you will wake up without energy.

    Again, these are experiments. You will have to try many things that you think can make sense to you and see if it works.
u/aksj 路 1 pointr/Nootropics

I like magnesium citrate specifically for anxiety and sleep. I actually take this brand for insomnia: it doesn't make me sleepy necessarily but I get racing anxiety thoughts and I find that it helps me calm those down, and that in turn makes it easier to fall asleep. More like it quiets my brain so I can try to sleep, instead of straight knocking me way I can describe it is like the feeling you get when coffee finally wears off. Except even if I didn't drink any coffee lol. There are cheaper versions of it too as well as flavored if that interests you!

I have read that gylcinate is easier on the stomach but I never had problems with citrate so can't personally comment on it.

u/JoeMarron 路 1 pointr/gainit

This will work better than any fiber supplement

Just don't overdo it unless you want those rock-solid sausages to become a flowing river.