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Neo-Flex LCD Arm
LCD Size: ≤ 22"; Capacity: < 18 lbs / 8.2 kg; Lift: 8" / 20 cm; Tilt: 180°; Pan: 360°; Rotation: 360° P/LVESA: MIS-D, 100/75, C (hole pattern: 100 x 100 mm or 75 x 75 mm)Warranty: Three (3) years
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u/DJFluffers115 · 7 pointsr/DotA2

Get an AC adapter for your car, this one is rated at 300 watts and will easily support your computer and monitor.

Once you have that installed, go ahead and order these parts and assemble them. Pop the computer under your car seat sideways OR put it in the footrest area of your passenger side and MAKE SURE the graphics card is secured. The car bumping around could cause problems.

Next, grab this monitor and this monitor stand. You can probably mess with your passenger seat or center console to get the stand to fit.

Grab a keyboard and mouse from target for $10 and get Windows 10 from /r/microsoftsoftwareswap.

Then, buy a Zubie for $100 and pay the $10 a month service fee for internet.

Spend another $100 or so to refine things, get supplies to keep everything secure, get a dank gyro set to show you're on the move, and a VGA cable for the monitor.

Altogether, this setup costs $900 and can play Dota on the go.

And yes, I know this works, I've built one. My uncle who passed away recently was an architect and as such, spent a lot of time on work sites. He was also an avid Dota player, so I made him a system to practice and pass the time in his van. He played ability draft a lot, so it worked out well. The only problems he had were download speed (we ran an ethernet cable into his garage so he could plug into his Fiber and download updates as often as he needed to) and room for keyboard/mouse (he bought a lunch tray from the dollar store to solve that).

u/idefiler6 · 3 pointsr/gadgets
u/Asmor · 3 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Well, the ones I got have the following problems:

  • The arms aren't easily adjustable. You need to tighten up the joints when you get the monitor positioned. So no moving the monitor around to suit your current needs (e.g. turning it to face a coworker, rotating to landscape, etc)
  • On top of that, the joints are all at odd angles to each other. It's really, really difficult to get your to be at the exact spatial position you want, facing the exact direction you want. It's possible, but it's a tedious process of trial and error, and you frequently have to adjust several different joints because they're not at 90 degree angles to each other. For example, I have one monitor facing me head on, and I have the other monitor to the left side angled towards me. It was very frustrating getting the second monitor aligned with the first.
  • And finally, the arms aren't as secure as I'd like. I've had issues in the past where my cats would rub up against a monitor and knock its alignment off a bit, which I then had to fix. Wasn't as difficult as the original alignment, since it's usually only the weakest joint that gets changed, but it's still obnoxious.

    I'd done a small amount of research on monitor arms, and decided I wanted Ergotron's arms. I saw these ones were cheaper, but still produced by them, and so I figured they'd be just as good. I was wrong. :/ I wish I'd just dropped another $100 and gotten one of their good dual monitor arms, instead of getting two of these neoflexes.
u/mehughes124 · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

Here is my awesome living area.

Couches and coffee tables make the best PC area. I love it. My monitor is connected to the table with this awesome LCD mount. It lets me instantly swivel between portrait and landscape (aka reddit mode and gaming mode). My (apparently obligatory) second monitor is obviously my TV. Strangely enough, this seems to impress girls. No lie. They think it's some sort of crazy voodoo magic to have a PC desktop extend onto a TV screen. When I put up a pirated movie on that thing, they think I'm some kind of computer genius. (Then of course they start in with the "ya know, my laptop has been running kind of slow lately..." bit. Guh.)

The other thing in this room that makes the ladies swoon, however, is just out of frame to the right. It's my awesome cat. This is her default position in the evening, as she knows that if she gets in the way of my mouse, I will be forced to pet her. Very devious, but irresistibly cute.

Oh, sorry for the image quality, but my camera's on the fritz, so they're from the pathetic excuse for a camera that HTC put in the G1.

u/saeraphas · 2 pointsr/sysadmin

For a year or so after college, between work at an MSP and coming home to an empty apartment and a very enthusiastic WoW habit, I was spending 17 hours a day in front of a computer. I started experiencing wrist pain that was so bad I couldn't drive my car anymore. I switched to a more ergonomic keyboard/mouse setup and my wrist pain disappeared within a few of weeks.

I've long since left the MSP and WoW, but I've kept the keyboard and mouse, and recommended the same pair to many coworkers.

Microsoft Natural 4000 Ergonomic Keyboard

Logitech G400 Mouse

I also make liberal use of Allsop Metal Art Monitor Risers and clamp-on monitor arms - in my opinion, monitor position is just as important as proper keyboard and mouse ergonomics because it affects back, shoulders, neck, and eye strain too.


In the past, I've had clients and management balk at the price tags on ergonomic hardware. They'll argue something like "I can go to Wal-Mart and buy a new mouse for fifteen dollars. Why should I spend four times that much on a video gaming mouse?" because they don't understand the value that ergonomic hardware actually provides in a workplace.

  1. Users who are comfortable in their workspaces can be more productive. It's tough to measure this one, because it's lots of little pieces that add up. From personal experience, though, I don't need to take as many breaks now as I did before I moved my monitors to a comfortable elevation, because my eyes and neck don't get fatigued as easily.

  2. Users who have a workspace that fits them are more likely to be happy in their jobs and are more likely to stay in their jobs longer. Even in my current sysadmin role, I still do a lot of deskside support, and I get to observe people in their workspaces doing all kinds of uncomfortable things, because they don't know that it can be any different. For example, I have a user whose workload is primarily oriented towards data entry and scheduling. She should have been issued a desktop or thin client, but since she occasionally needs to record meeting minutes in a conference room, the previous tech staff had issued her a 14" laptop. So every day she'd hunch over her desk and squint to see the screen. I installed a 24" monitor, a slightly more ergonomic keyboard and an ergonomic mouse while she was out at lunch. When I came in the next day, I had a handwritten thankyou card under my office door and a plate of homemade cookies in my mailbox, and so did the CFO and CEO. She was awestruck that we'd go out of our way to spend a little money on making her more comfortable. Total pricetag for the company? $200.

  3. New hardware is cheap. New staff are expensive. If I were to completely refit an existing staff's work area with a new monitor on an adjustable arm, ergonomic keyboard and mouse, and adjustable lumbar chair, it would cost the company less than $800, including my time. If we have to replace a staff, they have to go through a two-week paid training before they start doing any work, and it's some weeks after that before they are productive at the same level of the staff they replaced. The cost to the company during that time is thousands of dollars.

  4. Worker's compensation claims are expensive, even if the company doesn't have to pay. Because lawyers.
u/xgnarf · 2 pointsr/buildapcsales

Go to amazon(or wherever you like to shop), search for monitor arm pick one, the $30 ones are ok(the monitor will be able to be swung towards/away from you but it's a PITA to change the height or tilt of the monitor), but not nearly as nice as the ones with adjustable arms. If you can afford the $115 Ergotron LX it's the one I have (for my primary, I have the $30 generic one on my second screen) The adjust ability is very nice for the rare times I want to move my screen. If $115 is too expensive, you might consider the $75 neo-flex It's not really designed for such a large screen but the weight should be within it's limits.

To remove the bottom stand, there is normally a couple screws that connect the stand to the monitor, IIRC(it's been a year) these monitors hide them inside the case so you need to remove the whole back panel from the monitor, just be careful and don't force things as that's how you break things.

Then I find it easiest to lay your stand-less monitor on your desk and attach the VESA mount to your monitor before attaching it to your desk, unless you have a second person it's quite hard to hold the monitor and screw the mount at the same time. Mounting it is pretty simple, 4 holes in the back of the monitor match up with the 4 holes in the arm's mount. just don't tighten down everything untill you have the screws in all the holes, I've wasted many minutes having to release tension on my mount because I tightened the screws too much. Also make sure you're not attaching your monitor upside down. then clamp to the backside of your desk.

here's a video, I dont recommend installing the arm first than the monitor on the arm unless you have a second person who can hold everything, well it'd be a really good idea to get a second person to help anyways.

And the final bits is to just adjust your monitor to whatever height and angle you want, if it's the $30 cheap arm make sure you tighten the adjustment screws really tight or they'll probably start to slip and your monitor will just tilt too far down.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/gaming

&gt; Sitting close to the screen, hunching down on a keyboard,

I'm currently replaying Majora's mask with this while stretched out on my couch.

This is something people on consoles seem to have trouble with... customization is part of what PC gaming is about, both in and out of the game. You can connect your PC to your TV if you want, or just get a bigger monitor and put it on an arm.

u/UnclePetey · 1 pointr/shittybattlestations
u/aramahi2000 · 1 pointr/buildapc

It's Neo-Flex LCD arm with Ergotron Notebook Arm Mount Tray. Very very sturdy arm, I didn't try it but I'm %100 sure it can hold my 27" Asus monitor you see int he photos.
I have another identical setup at work, notebook on the arm and ASUS 27" on the desk.

u/rjx · 1 pointr/battlestations

Cool setup how is the Ergotron arm? I was thinking of this arm which is cheaper and has a nicer design but yours seems sturdier.

u/square2 · 1 pointr/gamingpc

You could also mount multiple monitors on a single stand, like this, or get a mount that uses a clamp, like this. Those are just the first examples I found, there's a ton of other options on amazon, or newegg, or wherever.