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Nerf N-Strike Blazin Bow
High quality toys for children all agesMade using safe materialsTested for quality and durabilityBlazin' Bow blaster has real bow actionFires up to 40 feet3 giant foam arrowsBig 20-inch wingspanArrow storage
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u/sunnydaisy ยท 2 pointsr/humansvszombies

My school has unstunnable zombies in a variety of missions but they are always played by a mod and likewise always kept in check to not break the game.

I think the most memorable was a quirky escort where we had a super zombie, who couldn't be stunned, only 'calmed' (wouldn't chase players, would continue walking) by hitting him with socks. We had to bring him to the "scientist's lab" on the other end of campus. He was a long-time mod and made sure that even though he made an effort, and tagged a number of people, he never went beast mode.

We've also done supers that could only be stunned by previous rewards like the ultra ridiculous Blazin Bow

I should add as a note that one of the core reasons we have great mission attendance is that we have a dead soldier rule- getting killed in the mission counts for zombie reward but doesn't kill you in day-to-day. We've never had supers in day to day.