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New Religious Movements: A Documentary Reader
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u/cantch00seaname ยท 1 pointr/cults

I didn't forget about you and sorry it has taken me so long. All of my books turned out to be at my parents house... which I still havne't gotten over there to look. There was one in particular that I was trying to remember the name of.

I did however find two real base level introduction to new religious movements in America. It is like some others I read while studying religion awhile back.

  • New Religious Movements: A Documentary Reader
  • Cults and New Religions: A Brief History

    The second one seems to be more up your alley. I will also get you a list another list once I get to my parents house and look through all the old school books.

    Also, there are books that deal with some of the cult scares of the late 80s and early 90s. I can't remember the one I read and really enjoyed. But I do remember hearing this one was good- so I can't say from personal experience. However, despite it's title it is supposed to take a look at how satanist view themselves and debunk a few of the rumors on them.

  • Satan Wants You: The Cult of Devil Worship in America

    Given the nature of what you are interested it may not be bad to go back to the beginnings of mystery cults(if only to give some perspective of how mystery cults began and how the psychology has changed):

  • Greek Mysteries: The Archaeology of Ancient Greek Secret Cults

    I know it's not the list you were looking for, or the list I wanted to give, but maybe it will help. Again, I'll eventually get to look through my books and give you a more in-depth list.