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Nite Ize Flash Flight Disc-O
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2 Reddit comments about Nite Ize Flash Flight Disc-O:

u/[deleted] · 9 pointsr/bonnaroo

DISC CHUG! Bring me some booze and I'll do a chug in under a minute.

I plan on bringing my favorite frisbee and one of these light up frisbees. My plan is to bring out the light up frisbee and a bunch of glow sticks, yell "stoned people on this team, people rolling face on this team" and play some pickup hultimate.

u/demhippies · 3 pointsr/okeechobeemusicfest

You want a retractable flag pole or something that's not too long/retractable and lightweight. You want the totem to be something recognizable during daylight (bright color, specific shape, etc). You also want it to have some LEDs on it so your friends can find you at night. Make sure you have a switch so you don't waste batteries.

For example, one year at Bonnaroo we used a child's plastic hockey stick that's about 2 ft long and less than a pound in weight. To it, we attached a pink flamingo covered in tinsel. Then, we wrapped it in an ELwire for nighttime. It was very light and I could just hold it above my head if meeting up with friends.

I also have some friends that just used a light-up frisbee.

EDIT: over at r/DIY if you search for Totem, there are some really fancy ones with instructions if you want to go all out!