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Njoy Pure G Spot Metal Wand 7.5 Inch Polished Steel
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31 Reddit comments about Njoy Pure G Spot Metal Wand 7.5 Inch Polished Steel:

u/bout2kmstbhfam · 25 pointsr/traaNSFW

Clean yourself up, get a bottle of nice lube, this thing, then slowly start with the wider end and don't stop until it starts feeling good (or you feel sharp pain, which means you overdid it and should stop for the next 3-ish days). It's also a good idea to get yourself very aroused using your penis first and then focusing only on your butt.

If you're hitting the prostate right then it should feel like you're going to pee. If you start moving the toy more intensly then that "feeling" will instead become real pee coming out so you have to clench your butt muscles while going faster and harder. This has the added benefit of making it feel better, so you should honestly keep flexing and unflexing the muscles all the time even if you don't need to keep them flexed at all times.

You can try listening to a metronome audio like this on youtube to keep rythm for the strokes.

u/CharlesThundercock · 12 pointsr/steroids

You know that you've done something really fucked up and depraved when you get a freak like Mrs T to look at you with a combination of shock and disgust and say,


.......while furiously mashing her clit.

I guess the combination of the big end of this big shiny 2.5 pound piece of fuck followed by my cock balls deep was a bit much for her poor abused little asshole to process.

I love quiet romantic Sundays.

(PS, my dick still hurts from that little stunt)

u/yourein84me · 9 pointsr/sex

I think the aneros toys need a lot of patience and for you to have a meditative masturbatory session. They're designed to stroke your prostate every time your anus clenches. For me, I bought the Prograsm, and even that is a bit too gentle for me if I just want some immediate action.

I bought the NJoy Pure Wand a while back and it is much more direct, controllable, and intense.

u/Juansson · 8 pointsr/Parahumans

> a rapidly moving metal rod is going to give you a friction burn

Polished steel dildos are a thing. Friction is more a question of the surface finish (which Weld can control) and of lubrication (which Sveta can control), than of the material itself.

One problem I see compared to a traditional silicone dildo (or actual flesh rod) is the stiffness. They'd probably have to move very very carefully.

u/PornerMelon · 5 pointsr/CumFromAnal

Looks like an NJoy Pure wand. Pretty expensive.

u/liz_103 · 4 pointsr/Pegging

I've tried, but he insists that it doesn't really feel like anything. I was thinking of getting this since maybe my fingers are just too tiny.

u/Ronjoe_CB · 3 pointsr/chastity

It's the NJoy Pure Wand, which has actually made it to mainstream media sites a few times. The company is pretty damned popular for its plugs, too.

u/jopu91 · 3 pointsr/SexToys

Answering as best I can...

  1. this model is made for bulb only insertion but the wand can be used with both ends with different sizes and tapered.

  2. well it depends. Some people really like the feeling of being stretched, some like the length, and some like both. For beginners, getting used to penetration is probably the hold up and it's probably best to start out smaller than bigger. The prostate is only a few inches in, so length isn't so important for prostate massaging but you probably need to explore to find what you like best.

  3. any time is the right time! Starting in the shower might be best since people tend to be able to relax in a warm shower. I like occasionally using plugs during masturbation, but will sometimes insert while having sex. It feels nice and the thrusting of hips gives off a pleasurable feel. The shower also helps with cleanliness until you get used to how clean is clean enough. Personally, plugs seem to me more of the leave in and feel stretched for penetration or to feel filled experience while dildos or aneros-like toys for prostate stimulation.

  4. hmm this is totally up to you to determine what is comfortable and what is not and when you want something bigger. The rules are based on your desire for more and your budget

  5. length is important but not the most important aspect of plugs. I would actually suggest also looking at some dildos as they have this length and if your partner is ever interested, they could be used for pegging. Still the taper and flare of plugs are nice to get used to penetration and the stretched feeling and makes later use of other toys easier. Length can actually be a problem is you are wearing plugs for a while, especially if they end in a sharper point. As you go about moving and shifting, especially any bonding at the waist, you might feel and uncomfortable poke from that point on the insides. I have a cheap metal plug (something like this )that gives me this problem.

    5a) the starter kit looks nice but as another poster mentioned 1-1.25 is kind of small. While I started around 1.5, the gf still doesn't like the insertion of the 1in plug until it's in there. Then it's amazing. Be your own judge of your anatomy. One thing I noticed is that you are looking at steel and silicone toys. Awesome! Don't buy that crappy jelly or plastic toys.

    Definitely read reviews. Metal is awesome for temperature play and for the heft. in a plug this really means you feel like you have to clench at the base-a great feeling and probably helps with practice using those muscles. Silicone is the go to-but silicone can vary greatly in the feel. Even within brands, the silicone can be silky smooth, or feel like firm but bendable plastic, with greatly different feels. I really enjoy tantus and vixen as brands, especially the vixskin line-sooo smooth. Tantus probably has the widest array of silicone plugs, and the Ryder and the abomb are really nice at showing the differences in texture. Remember that silicone line is great unless you are using silicone toys that will be destroyed by silicone lube. Sliquid is a favorite and this one IMO is the best, but I believe contains some silicone. The entire line is freaking good and I usually use the h2o when using silicone toys.

    I actually encourage you to check out a toy shop in your area to feel them in your hands so you get a feeling for what they feel like. While I encourage buying from small businesses, make sure you know the approximate price. I will usually not pay more than 20% more than online prices, and most small businesses fall within this. The people at these businesses are usually very helpful and friendly, but if you don't see a lot of the major brands, and a lot of silicone, then maybe venture elsewhere. When I first started with anal play, and strap on play, my local shop was super helpful. They really listened to what I wanted and gave me an array of options and suggestions. While I love online prices, these spots are great for really getting what you want, and usually support community events.
u/lolnub666 · 3 pointsr/CumFromAnal

I'm gonna go in the opposite direction actually, instead of brute force I'm going to try a precision strike

u/underwear_underthere · 2 pointsr/sexover30

I don't have the njoy Eleven, but I do have this one

And I LOVE it! Makes for super intense combination orgasms with a vibrator on my clit :)

u/badblood88 · 2 pointsr/gay

NJOY metal G/P spot wand

The price is a bit steep, but it's worth the investment.

u/kingmagsbowsdown2no1 · 2 pointsr/Endo

My guy is also large but he’s into toys. I’ve noticed I cramp less depending the toy (smaller) we use that night. He has a glass version of the link below that I LOVE.

u/pegged50 · 2 pointsr/SexToys

Not sure what country your are in, whether Amazon is an option. But I got mine from Amazon for $75 here

u/TrashPickles · 2 pointsr/CumFromAnal

I'd stick with something relatively small to start out but work your way up.

A brand I've had good success with is Tantus:

  1. The sizes can be deceptive (e.g. one of the toys in "medium size" has a 10in circumference and is 10in long) pay careful attention to the size chart on each toy.
  2. You get what you pay for (I'd expect a base price of $100 usd for most toys)
  3. Custom products can take a while to ship (4-8 weeks for something custom. A few days for anything premade. The premade items don't last long in the store though)
  4. The shapes they come in might not be your style.

  • I've also heard great stuff about Aneros from other people. I have one, its great to keep in while topping, but for "pure" anal play I'd prefer what I previously listed.
u/Memnoch_is_me · 2 pointsr/sex

I would recommend picking up an Njoy Pur Wand. It is a curved solid piece of steel, and it works wonders for making women produce tons of fluid. I love using mine on my wife, and she isn't a squirter either. Even with the toy, it's more like puddling than squirting, but there is a TON of liquid. Always a lot of fun.

u/Sir_Reelism · 2 pointsr/SexToys

My friends swear by this guy.

u/gucci-coffin · 2 pointsr/casualiama

Yes!! This thing. Best purchase I ever made. Looks pretty cool too.

u/bmg75 · 2 pointsr/BoysWithToys

I have a couple of toys that I use, that seem moderately effective.

I typically start off my play sessions with an Aneros Maximus. This toy usually proves out whether or not I'm really in the mood for play. If so, I tend to go one of two directions from there. I either ...

... go lay on the bed with my legs up, and use The Njoy Wand. I start with the small end usually, and have only recently begun to be able to accept the larger end. The small end definitely provides a more specific contact point, which is more intense. I can usually get a few drips and drops from this toy in this position.

... or, I use the Doc Johnson Lucid Dreams 14 while standing in the bathroom, with one leg up on the counter. This is probably my favorite, as it's what I "learned" with. The LD14 fills me very well, which I like the feeling of, and its design and shape put a nice amount of pressure (not too much, not too little) on my prostate. It can be angled around to change pressure, and the vibrations are nice too. I typically start with the vibrator off, and tend to finish with it on. This toy gets me "producing" the most. I've not quite gotten full spurts of cream, but pretty close.


I really want someone that knows my backdoor to show me what I'm missing, or what I should actually be aiming for/doing. Basically, want someone anally blow my mind. *lol*

u/WayneCider · 1 pointr/TwoXSex

I noticed that wasn't available anymore. I wonder if this will do the same thing:

u/jstaylor9 · 1 pointr/sex

Just finished this part of my Christmas shopping. I've had my own toys for years but she finally expressed interest in her own so I had to buy some - uhm - smaller items.

The Pure nJoy wand and plug are supposed to be great. The wand is good for active play and the plugs are great for wearing while moving around. The plug comes in 4 sizes but I think the medium is best for a beginner. The large is 1.5" diameter so a little big then there's a XL 2.0 that will take some experience to accommodate.

This seems like a great plug kit. Good range of sizes, comes with a little lube and an enema bulb.

I want to get one of the cheap little jeweled plugs but every one I look at seems to be hollow steel (or worse) with chrome-plating. Would love a real stainless steel version, especially solid. There are a few aluminum ones or these silicone ones. There are also some cheap glass options.

For vibes, this one is the top seller and seems very good. This one is a little more male-oriented.

u/aGayerGamer · 1 pointr/chastity

njoy G spot wand. It’s a little spendy, but it feels amazing and obviously it last forever. Link on amazon:

u/BattleStag17 · 1 pointr/sex

If you want to experiment with yourself, I suggest something long and curved like this Njoy hook. What you're describing sounds similar to what I can do with my wife using his bad boy.

u/TofuLaRue · 1 pointr/AskGayMen

If you can afford one, I would recommend the (NJoy Pure G Spot Metal Wand It has a small end for getting you going and offering great reach. Then you can digivolve to the megabulbous end once you’ve gotten more comfortable.

u/Alex0_0 · 1 pointr/TheGirlSurvivalGuide

If you have money to spare... This made me lose my mind within 30 seconds.
Gspot stimulator

u/LanaLoverly · 1 pointr/CumFromAnal

I just ordered the n-joy wand, it should be here this week. Lots of folks have used it to good success!

edit: opps not under $30 sorry.

u/Rave-light · 1 pointr/news

Oh Nooo.

It would be a shame if this happened to me.