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No-Rinse Bathing Wipes by Cleanlife Products, Premoistened and Aloe Vera Enriched for Maximum Cleansing and Deodorizing - Microwaveable, Hypoallergenic and Latex-Free (8 Wipes)
CONVENIENT AS CAN BE: No-Rinse Bathing Wipes are soft, pre-moistened and provide a convenient bathing alternativeEASY TO USE: Each pack contains (8) high quality 7.5" x 7.5" wipes that leave skin moisturized, refreshed and odor-free without any sticky residue. Simply use as directed on each of the indicated body areasESSENTIAL ALTERNATIVE: Ideal for those that have trouble showering or need assistance with washing the body, including those bedridden or disabled. Microwave package for a warm bathing experience.ENDLESS APPLICATIONS: Can also be used to clean the body while traveling, camping, hiking, backpacking and other situations where traditional washing is inconvenient or unavailable.SAFE AND HEALTHY: Hypoallergenic, aloe vera and lanolin enriched, latex-free and alcohol-free, these disposable wipes provide a complete no-rinse bath while controlling the hazards of cross contamination. Proudly made in USA
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7 Reddit comments about No-Rinse Bathing Wipes by Cleanlife Products, Premoistened and Aloe Vera Enriched for Maximum Cleansing and Deodorizing - Microwaveable, Hypoallergenic and Latex-Free (8 Wipes):

u/divorcedandhappy · 12 pointsr/JUSTNOMIL

I went about 6 weeks not being allowed to get wet on my body due to catheters being placed and needing to heal, so no showing our baths. I bought no rinse body wipes from Amazon and went to fantastic sams and got my hair washed and blow dried once a week for 15 dollars. It's not the same. It's not. But it really went a long way to bridge the gap. The wipes are nice, you can heat them in the microwave and they aren't really scented as I have really sensitive skin.

If links aren't allowed, I'm sorry!!

u/darthjenni · 5 pointsr/dementia

I camp a lot. I have tried many bathing wipes, and camping shampoos. I like Clean Life Products: No Rinse.

The bathing wipes are designed to be microwaved so she can get a warm wash.

The No Rinse Shampoo is also really good. When I am in the backcountry I rinse it out with warm water, but you don't have to.

These people don't mess around. You can get it by the gallon.

u/csmith2019 · 3 pointsr/rape

No-Rinse Bathing Wipes by Cleanlife Products, Premoistened and Aloe Vera Enriched for Maximum Cleansing and Deodorizing - Microwaveable, Hypoallergenic and Latex-Free (8 Wipes)

OGX Extra Strength Refresh & Restore + Coconut Miracle Oil Dry Shampoo, 5 Ounce

I’ve been there and I’m sorry you’re going through it. I had anxiety induced seizures and I was terrified one would happen while I was in the shower. My sister would sit in the bathroom until I was done to make sure I was okay. ^ Those can be really helpful for in between showers.

u/JuJuBee_Whoopee · 3 pointsr/NYCbike

I have wipes if things get really out of hand, otherwise, I bring a backpack with deodorant and some clothing changes. I'm still working it out - but the benefits of a bike commute outweigh any assholes at work having an issue.

u/kenman · 2 pointsr/self

Nice! A few questions & suggestions...

  • Why the gum? I don't know anyone that regularly chews non-nicotine gum (though I'm sure they're out there). It's not going to benefit them nutritionally nor will it help them out in the elements, so it just seems kind of odd. I mean, if they enjoy it, then that's great! But it seems like to me that you could get more happiness-for-your-buck by giving them something with utility, or that a larger portion might be able to use or enjoy. Perhaps a small bottle of aspirin or something.
  • Also not sure about the hand sanitizer? Just thinking out loud here, and maybe I'm just an anomaly, but I also don't know anyone that uses that stuff with any regularity. I know parents will sometimes keep some around if they have young kids, but none of my friends or family carry it that I'm aware of. If it were me, I'd probably prefer bathing wipes, though that might break your budget.
  • Another idea that might break your budget, would be to put everything in some kind of a duffel bag or backpack; if I know anything about the homeless, they value their bags. The problem with the plastic grocery bags is that they create a lot of litter, and they won't hold up for very long at all in the wild.

    Anyways, keep up the good work, they are members of our society just like everyone else, even if they're often forgotten and/or become a victim to an endless cycle of arrests.
u/nutmegtell · 2 pointsr/popping

Gosh, I'm so sorry. If it really is a pilonidal cyst, you need to have the whole area removed. They should have taken the whole thing out the first time. If it is a PC, the recovery may be uncomfortable for a few months, but if you don't take care of it now it will get more painful, and can become infected causing more painful and expensive surgeries.

Here's my free advice (lengthy but worth every penny lol)

-Make sure your surgeon understands what they are talking about, and are current with what these cysts are and treatment. Don't be afraid to get a second opinion. Ask about the length of hospital stay and post op wound care. If they want to suture it closed, get out of there. That's a good way to have a reoccurrence and infection. Which I'm guessing you don't want.

-The wound is basically like taking an ice cream scoop out of your back. It may go to the bone. It will need to be left open and will heal from the inside out. Your body will create 'granular tissue' that fills it in. In a couple of months, skin will grow to cover it. You will NOT have a lasting scar at all!

-They may offer you either 'packing' or a wound Vac. Go for the Wound Vac. It gently pulls your tissue up, and in recent studies it's been shown that the wound will heal the granular tissue faster and with less pain and trauma to that area. They will have them at the hospital, and will give you a portable one for at home. My daughter carried it in a backpack so it wasn't really noticeable. But it does make a farting sound every so often. Not awesome for a 14 y/o shy freshman :/ )

-My husband had his wound packed with gauze (back in 1983). He had to have his mom change it twice a day for 6 weeks. If this is your only option make sure you get strong pain meds. I suggest for the first month or two go to the wound care clinic and have them do it.

While at the hospital:

-Get as much information as you can. Bring someone who can be your advocate. Obviously, in our case, as her mom that was me. It has to be someone who has a cool head and can listen to the care team to process what they are saying to help you. If you don't have a person to help, keep some note cards or a journal next to you and write down all of your questions as they come to you. Make sure they are answered in a way you understand. Don't be afraid to ask more than once or twice. My thoughts on hospital staff- If you're nice, ask the nurses about their families and don't yell at them you'll get much better care. Be assertive but not aggressive.

-Take any and all pain meds you need. It might start with (most likely) morphine, but they have everything available. Don't be afraid to ask. If you have a history of abuse, they can help monitor so you don't get on fragile ground. They gave my daughter an rx for morphine patches, Vicodin and Xanax for wound changes. Because they caused her severe pain but also anxiety. She never needed the patches and she stopped needing the others after two months. She takes a Tylenol or Motrin every few weeks now. Her granular tissue is healed, her skin is getting thicker, but it's still a bit tender.

Post surgery:
You won't be able to sit on your bottom or lie on your back for a few weeks. Get this body pillow - called the Snoogle was recommended by her Physical Therapist while in the hospital. You could get one now, it might help release the pain in your lower back before surgery. It was VERY helpful and worth the trip to the baby store on the way home. These inflatable waffle pads are also great for when you can lay on your back without putting pressure on the coccyx -- and far better than the inflatable doughnuts they give to some people.

You won't be able to get it wet, so get some dry spray shampoo, and you can use these disposable wash cloths to bathe yourself as needed. Showering wasn't too hard, the wound Vac is sealed and I just set it outside the shower while she was in it. Once she was done with the wound Vac and able to shower again the wound care team recommended this tea tree body wash from Trader Joe's .

I have a list of post op necessities, I can post if want (even more) information lol. I figure knowledge is power, so if you go in knowing what you want, what to ask about, and knowing what's coming up, you'll feel more in charge and have control/agency over your own care.

Best of luck, let me know how it goes! Maybe it's not this at all :) 🤞

u/robertey · 1 pointr/CampingandHiking

Ah, the dreaded swampass.

Use toilet wipes. Charmin makes the best ones. I like something like these for the rest of the body.