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No-Rinse Body Bath, 16 fl oz - Leaves Skin Clean, Refreshed and Odor-Free - Makes 16 Complete Baths
CONVENIENT AS CAN BE: Use when there is a lack of facilities, physical limitation, discomfort or merely fear of bathing occursEXCELLENT VALUE: One 16 ounce bottle makes 16 Complete BathsEASY TO USE: Simply dilute one ounce with 32 ounces of warm water, apply with a wash cloth and towel dry or use undiluted in shower or tub and rinse in a normal mannerSAFE AND HEALTHY: No alcohol mean no dryness. Gentle on sensitive skin and leaves the body clean, refreshed & odor-freeTRUSTED BRAND: Used by NASA and approved by thousands of hospitals across the Country
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6 Reddit comments about No-Rinse Body Bath, 16 fl oz - Leaves Skin Clean, Refreshed and Odor-Free - Makes 16 Complete Baths:

u/smellygymbag · 8 pointsr/Alzheimers

Theres also no rinse soaps and shampoos
My mom had some and she used them sometimes on my dad and grandma, but I don't know for how many consecutive days and I dont know what the guidance is for them. She eventually did get them into the shower.

Just putting it out there as an option while you figure out what tricks will work to get her into a real washing. :)

u/baconatedbacon · 2 pointsr/preppers

I'm glad you made it without too much trouble. Here's my thoughts:

Cooking: If you can avoid it, do so. I suggest a pantry with things that are low prep and require little cooking. Maintaining a good pantry is a lost art amongst my generation. Friends of mine have a pantry with nothing but spices in it. Peanut butter and honey are essential items in my pantry. This, like with planning meals, it is essential you stock items you eat normally. Low prep items might be things like bread and a can of tuna, bread and peanut butter, dry cereal, power bars, powdered drinks (koolaide, gatoraide), applesauce, jerky, crackers and spray cheese, canned items like spaghetti-o's, baked beans, soups/stews, etc. Get creative, you'd be surprised what you can come up with without needing to cook. MRE's were mentioned but they violate my advise of prepping with what you normally eat. Think about your options and maintain a rotating stock of these items. That way you can always eat what you normally eat but have unopened quantities in times of crisis. As you build out these items, try to note how long it takes you to go through them and you'll get a sense for how much you should store. You don't have to create a well-stocked pantry over night. Just buy a bit extra when you do your normal shopping.

Safety: I think you have the right idea.

Heat: While there are powered fans don't forget the old fashioned folded paper fans. They aren't as good as A/C by a long shot but any relief from the heat will help.

Baths: Just remember a bath is a luxury in a crisis and that many Europeans go several days between showers. If you must, there are no rinse body washes and shampoos, some of which even come in the form of a wipe such as
Will it be as good as a shower? Heck no. But I appreciate feeling cleaner does grant a major morale boost.

Boredom: A deck of cards is standard issue but I appreciate that gets old fast. I keep a few books unread on my bookshelf. It's a natural side effect of having a busy life anyway. I think reading is probably one of the better ways to pass the time.

Helping: It's always good to be neighborly like this.

u/GetOffMyLawn_ · 2 pointsr/Fibromyalgia

Try getting a low flow showerhead, also try a handheld showerhead so you have more control over the water flow. Also a shower stool helps a lot with any fatigue issue. Cooler showers are supposedly better because they don't trigger blood pressure issues, but I hate the cold. But too hot and and I have other problems. You can get a filter that filters out the chlorine in case that's what's bothering you.

Also, you don't have to wash everything when you shower. Just the dirty bits. So your hair (if needed) face, armpits, groin, between the toes, and then under skin folds if you have any (like under breasts). No need to scrub either. Save the full body wash for once a week or whenever. If your skin is still sensitive see if you can find something very mild and unscented to wash with. Cetaphil makes a cleansing bar. It's not soap and it's not drying like soap. Ivory soap might be okay because it doesn't have a lot of additives but it is drying. I like olive oil soaps. Many of them are herbal but you can find plain ones. Glycerine soap is also better tolerated by some people.

If drying off is a problem then wrap yourself in a terry robe and sit or lie down and air dry. You can turn on a fan if you need more help. Some people use a hair dryer to dry off. Obviously make sure it has a GFCI plug or you plug it into a GFCI outlet.

If it's the water itself that is hurting you can buy waterless or no rinse cleanser like they use on people in hospitals.

Microfiber towels might be gentler on your skin than terry towels. And blot don't rub.

u/rocketsocks · 2 pointsr/askscience

What is a normal life? A "normal" life is just the typical regular behaviors we've come to accept as being commonplace. But there are many variants on living that have different behaviors. People go climb mountains or they hike trails that take months to finish or they sail around the world, etc.

For astronauts eating is not too exceptional. They basically eat the equivalent of MREs. Weightlessness adds a little complexity but not a ton. Your body isn't dependent on gravity for chewing, swallowing, or digestion (you could eat upside down, you can even drink water upside down though it can be a little tricky). Going to the bathroom in space is easy, doing it without making a mess is a bit more difficult. On the ISS astronauts use a device that pulls a small vacuum, pulling the waste away from the body quickly and funneling it into a waste collection tank.

On the ISS astronauts do not shower, instead they basically give themselves a "sponge bath" using a no-rinse cleaner (you can actually buy the same cleaner astronauts use). This isn't exactly "abnormal" people climbing mountains or hiking the Apalachian trail also don't take showers every day.

They also don't wash their clothes. They don't spend a lot of time outside in the dirt (there is no dirt) so their clothes don't get very soiled. They have an allotment of clothing they go through during their stay and then they just toss it when they're done with it.

There have been several studies on showers or washing machines on space stations and they're very much possible, the current ISS just didn't have budget or space for such things.

u/rebeccasf · 1 pointr/vandwellers

I have used this a few times!

I just put some water in a small pan with some of the bodywash and then wash myself with a washcloth.

u/happyhourtx · 1 pointr/vandwellers

theres this option. i bet you can find it at walmart. they sell it at walgreens also.