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NOVA IDNS 1-Inch 8TPI Thread Chuck Insert/Adaptor
Precision machined from 1045 High Tensile SteelFits all NOVA Insert Type Chucks for maximum flexibility and adaptabilityQuickly and inexpensively adapt your NOVA chuck to almost any lathe depending on insert thread size2-Year Warranty
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4 Reddit comments about NOVA IDNS 1-Inch 8TPI Thread Chuck Insert/Adaptor:

u/Polar_Ted · 3 pointsr/woodworking

You also need the Nova 1x8 threaded insert

You have stepped out on a slope. It is extremely slippery.

If you want to make pens I highly recommend a set of Nova Pen Plus Jaws

Do you plan to use a pen mandrel or turn between centers? I prefer centers myself.

Check out for loads of info on pen turning.

u/tigermaple · 2 pointsr/turning

I believe that is just the chuck body and you need this insert as well:

u/Wnrwnrchkndnr · 1 pointr/turning

I have the exact lathe and just purchased the G-3 for it. Haven't used it yet, but don't forget to get the insert/adapter if you don't have one yet. You have to have it for it to fit your lathe.

u/Matt2979 · 1 pointr/turning

I just re-read what the OP put down as the size (10x28'ish). I glanced over it when I first read, thinking it was the big HF lathe. The 10x18 definitely uses the 1" 8TPI. The Nova Midi is another good, cheaper chuck for that lathe. This one does not need an insert, but you won't be able to use it on another lathe with a different thread pattern, either.