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Novogratz Concord Turntable Stand, White
Take it Back in time with the Novogratz Concord turntable standThe clean, white laminated particleboard and MDF offer a strong build while the mid-century inspired Black metal hairpin legs add a fun, retro lookThe stand is the perfect size to place your record player and keep your albums organized in the 4 lower cubbies or keep your favorites at the Top in the large upper cubbyComplete your collection with other Novogratz items (sold separately)The Novogratz Concord turntable stand ships flat to your door and 2 adults are recommended to assemble. The stand can hold up to 30 lbs. And the large cubby will hold 25 lbs.
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u/oldcarfreddy · 4 pointsr/vinyl

Nothing will be as cheap as a Kallax new. And most of the simple/cheap/vintage ones that size lack the shelf because they're made for all-in-one Victrolas and the like. But there are some out there.

/u/tgillly posted about the Line Phono Turntable Stand which is being advertised all over right now. It's overpriced at $400, but imo it's beautiful and functional and well-designed for a modern setup.

Croseley Brooklyn. $190, dope-ass vintage design I love, and I like that it copies a record store's listening booth, but little storage and no amp shelf, just a small shelf below for headphones/accessories.

Novogratz Concord - ~$75, simple and has an amp shelf. I think the $160 upgrade to the tall unit with shelving looks great too, and there's a wider version with drawers. It's MDF so you're basically dealing with base Ikea quality.

Crosley Soho - basically a Line Phono ripoff. I am so close to getting this, and it's available at many places for ~$150

Check other cheap modern furtniture places like Wayfair for their audio shelving. Not all are confingured properly for turntable listening but some may work and you may find some attractive.

Get creative, you could use a bar cart, a kitchen island cart, a shoe rack, a mobile shelf unit...

Finally... you could make your own Line Phono if you're handy with a CNC machine...

u/Tay-Top · 2 pointsr/houseplants