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NOW Supplements, L-Tyrosine 500 mg, Supports Mental Alertness*, Neurotransmitter Support*, 120 Capsules
SUPPORTS MENTAL ALERTNESS*/NEUROTRANSMITTER SUPPORT*: Required for the production of the neurotransmitters dopamine, adrenaline, and noradrenaline, as well as for the skin pigment, melanin.* Noradrenaline and adrenaline are the main actors in the body’s response to acute stress and with dopamine help support a positive mood and mental alertness.*PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE/HEALTHY GLANDULAR FUNCTION*: L-Tyrosine is especially critical for the normal function of the thyroid gland.*CERTIFICATIONS/CLASSIFICATIONS: Dairy Free, Egg Free, Made without Gluten, Non-GMO, Nut Free, Soy FreeGMP Quality Assured: NPA A-rated GMP certification means that every aspect of the NOW manufacturing process has been examined, including our laboratory/testing methods (for stability, potency, and product formulation).Packaged in the USA by a family owned and operated company since 1968
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10 Reddit comments about NOW Supplements, L-Tyrosine 500 mg, Supports Mental Alertness*, Neurotransmitter Support*, 120 Capsules:

u/BodybuildingAndGames · 3 pointsr/leaves

You're not alone buddy. It took me years before I realized that I was well past the 'Just to relax' excuse.

Try giving Tyrosine a shot. It didn't pull me out of 100% of the withdrawl symptoms but it definitely blunted them a bit, especially the mood swings.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/IWantToLearn

ADHD is linked to decreased dopamine activity. So how does one increase their dopamine activity? Excluding prescribed medication, you could try supplementing L-Tyrosine which is the precursor to dopamine. Seems to work well for some people

u/CasualRamenConsumer · 2 pointsr/adderall
u/Jrrolomon · 2 pointsr/adderall

Yes. Linked below. I usually take three of the L-tyrosine (Morning, noon, night) on empty stomach, and two of the L-theanine with the morning and night dose of L-Tyrosine.

Caffeine pill works good when taking with the L-theanine, but really any source of caffeine will do. Hope it helps.

NOW L-tyrosine 500mg,120 Capsules

Suntheanine® L-Theanine 200mg (Double-Strength) in Cold-Pressed Organic Coconut Oil; Non-GMO & Gluten Free - 60 Liquid Softgel, Made in USA

u/stimkt0_0 · 2 pointsr/Stims

Check out these supplements

[Number 1](NOW Supplements, L-Tyrosine 500 mg, 120 Capsules

[Number 2](Now Foods Arginine & Citrulline Veg Capsules

I know you said you keep up on your supplements but just wanted to offer some advice

u/vandaalen · 2 pointsr/stopdrinking

I had some serious issues with that. And they became even worse the longer I was sober because I had strong feeling of having wasted my time and being a looser because of having been a drinker.

Besides of reading loads of stuff ("No more Mr Nice Guy" was an eye-opener for me) I also up to now take some food supplements which are very helpful.

Particularly it's L-Tyrosin and L-Tryptophan.

The first one will help your body to produce dopamine, adrenaline and nor-adrenaline resulting in a better focus and a more IDGAF-mindset and the second one will help synthesize serotonin and melatonine, resulting in a better sleep and reducing depression.

Positive side-effects are "loosing weight". I reached kind of a zen-state now. I am much calmer and don't think about my mistakes in the past more than necessary and if I do it's more in a constructive than a destructive way.

They are no drugs and won't cause any addiction.

u/nomofo20 · 1 pointr/leaves

Take some l-Tyrosine!!! I feel the same thing whenever I am going through withdrawals and l-tyrosine helps it a lot. Buy the Now brand ONLY, I use this religiously. GNC's brand is bunk and most others are.

I feel your pain man but I have faith in l-tyrosine! Also r/nofap, it all sounds like BS in the beginning but I can assure you it is not!

Take the l-tyrosine in the morning on an empty stomach before you eat (500mg) with some B-6. Once you feel comfortable with the effects, try taking another 500mg one hour after your first dose (still before eating). I'm telling you this shit works wonders.


Also, if the tyrosine doesn't help try nofap, I guarantee you will be back in the game 110% after it.

This is all caused by low amounts of dopamine due to withdrawal which inhibits you from being aroused sexually, and probably in many other ways that you haven't realized yet.

PM me if you have more questions.

u/TheRealDr_Butt · 1 pointr/StackAdvice

Piracetam is a good place to start with -racetams and citicoline or Alpha-GPC are good sources of choline.

L-tyrosine is useful in cases of dopamine deficiency and should be taken with a B complex, or just vitamin B6, and no food for optimal absorption.

Histamine reactions to NAC are rare, but NAC should be avoided if you do have a reaction.


L-tyrosine and Choline sources:




u/calculat3d · 1 pointr/Nootropics

I get my l-tyrosine from amazon, the brand is NOW. I get the extra strength but if i were u just check out their regular strength and then go from there. here

u/ADHD-FrontalLobe404 · 0 pointsr/Nootropics

This is what I take. I bought it from a local nutrition store.

The effects are subtle but extremely effective. For me, it took a few days to notice anything. Then I realized in class that I was speaking up more. I also started hitting on girls in class. Things like that. Anyways, one of the best supplements I've ever tried.