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Nullo Internal Deodorant (60 Caplets)
Internal Deodorant - body odor / perspiration, incontinence, and fecal odor, and adult diaper odorUsed by hunters to control human scent detection by animals with a keen sense of smell.
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2 Reddit comments about Nullo Internal Deodorant (60 Caplets):

u/swm3963 · 6 pointsr/ABDL

As long as you have a good fit with the elastic encasing the entire diaper, it works good enough to have time to make an exit. Not 100% on smell, but I've never personally had mine leak from wetting (though I don't push it to the extremes like some people might).

There's this stuff that is supposed to help your bowel movements have no smell, but I have no experience with it:

As for specific brands, I have used the Garywear and Leakmaster pants with no issues. I find them to be much less louder than a plain diaper under clothes. Anything that's made of PUL should be pretty quiet.

u/linearlychallenged · 3 pointsr/afinil

I just tuck the pill under my tongue, and let it dissolve on its own there. Mod dissolves very, very quickly especially if you give a slight tongue movement here and there. I will say that the taste is...different, but it's by far not the worst out there.

Now, if this doesn't work - you could try something like Nullo. Hunters use it to mask their humanity out in the field.

Deficiency in Zinc has also been linked to greater body odor production. This may be broscience, so keep that in mind.