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Nyrius Aries Prime Wireless Video HDMI Transmitter & Receiver for Streaming HD 1080p 3D Video & Digital Audio from Laptop, PC, Cable, Netflix, YouTube, PS to HDTV/Projector (NPCS549)
Wirelessly stream true 1080p high definition 3D video & digital audio to your TV or projector. Watch movies & TV shows from your laptop, PC, Mac, A/V receiver, gaming console, cable/satelliteTransmitted signal is crystal clear, able to stream uncompressed HD video & audio with ease. Signal experiences zero latency (real time) even when streaming 3D video to a 1080p deviceEasy to install plug 'n play set up eliminates the need to install expensive, inconvenient cables. No software or WiFi connection required. Transmitter: 1 x HDMI input, Receiver: 1 x HDMI outputHigh performance digital signal transmits through walls, ceilings, & floors (streaming line of sight results in maximum 30ft range)Compact low profile design makes it perfect for laptops and works with any HDMI video device
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71 Reddit comments about Nyrius Aries Prime Wireless Video HDMI Transmitter & Receiver for Streaming HD 1080p 3D Video & Digital Audio from Laptop, PC, Cable, Netflix, YouTube, PS to HDTV/Projector (NPCS549):

u/Antonskarp · 11 pointsr/Games

Wireless HDMI is expensive as hell though. Your particular model is 200 usd. Not to mention the range (9m) is even shorter than an actual HDMI cable, which already has a ridiculously tiny range (~15m).

EDIT: It appears I got the wrong model. This is the right one:

u/Zediac · 8 pointsr/AskMen


Now, keep in the mind that I greatly preferred the Xbox 360 over the PS3.

I don't trust Microsoft anymore. They showed that they actively tried to fuck over the consumers. They planned to implement several things that hurt the gaming experience and screwed the player in order to have as much control as possible over how you spend your money. They only reneged on all of that after everyone lashed out at them. They had dominance over the last generation and sought to use their name brand to force people to eat their hyper controlling garbage.

Meanwhile Sony learned from their missteps and mistakes from the PS3 and is doing much better in their approach to the PS4. Sony became the more consumer friendly and trustworthy one. Imagine that.

Beyond that, the PS4 performs better.

But, really, both of the current gen consoles are medium to medium low gaming PCs. Seriously, they're using mostly standard PC parts now. Which will also make ports to the PC much, much easier. And many games on both consoles are capped at 720P @ 30 fps while some are able to get 720P upscaled to 1080P @ 60 FPS. Meanwhile PCs are doing 1080P - 4K @ 60 -120 fps.

Plus, the indie gaming scene is so much better on PC. There are lots of seriously great small titles to be had. And Steam/GoG sales. Oh, yes. And there's always emulation for older games from NES through PS2.

For the record, I have ~15 consoles throughout the years and 2 gaming PCs. My only "current gen" consoles is the Wii U as I can't justify the other 2 right now.


> I also work in IT so staring at a computer screen on top of my 9 hour workdays would probably drive me crazy.

So hook a PC up to your TV. It's what I do. I sit on my couch with either a wireless keyboard and mouse or a Xbox 360 Windows controller with my PC hooked to my big screen TV and surround sound system. And as for the size, a mid tower isn't much bigger than either console. And if you want to keep the PC away from the TV you can just get a wireless transmitter to send the HDMI signal to the TV. My PC sits next to my TV. I haven't used a computer desk in years.

u/progenyofeniac · 5 pointsr/sysadmin

The Nyrius ARIES Prime. It'll work on any device with HDMI out, and it requires a USB connection for power on the sending client. If you have devices with mini-HDMI or mini-DP, get adapters for them. We're using these in at least 3 places, and as long as you're within 50' or so, you're good to go.

Sold here, on Amazon

u/contrarian_barbarian · 5 pointsr/malelivingspace

What kind of connection does it use from there? If you can put a cable box by the existing socket, you can use an HDMI Wireless Transmitter to send the signal to the TV without the tangle of the cord.

Otherwise, I think you'd be best either running it through the wall, running it under baseboard if it'll fit, or getting a thin/low profile cable and an area rug and running it under that (note that you can ONLY do this with low voltage data cables - running power cables this way is a huge fire hazard).

If you do have to run it along the baseboards, will it need to cross any doorways? I've hidden cable run around the perimeter of the room in the past just using strategically located furniture and decorations.

u/Remo_253 · 4 pointsr/howto

The linked product is exactly what you need. They push the video streaming aspect because that's the reason most folks would buy something like this. It's just displaying whatever's on your desktop.

If you look near the bottom of the page there's blurb:

>The Diamond V-Stream Wireless USB HD A/V Adapter Set enables users to display their notebook/PC content, such as pictures, movies, presentations, office documents, web content and other types of data, on a larger remote display, share it with others or enjoy a larger size display without any cable limitations. Wireless USB connectivity is enabled by attaching the PC Adapter to the PC/notebook, connecting the external display to HD A/V Base and plugging the Device Adapter into the HD A/V Base. The HD A/V Base and Device Adapter receive power from an external powersupply connected to the HD A/V Base.

I'd be concerned about the reviews of this particular item though. This one is a lot more money but has many more, and better, reviews: Nyrius ARIES

u/LegitimateCrepe · 3 pointsr/cordcutters

Don't spend all that money on nice components and connect them cheaply.

u/AuthorX · 3 pointsr/Steam

Personally, I just use a 30ft HDMI cable, which I think is about as long as you can get without using a signal booster (which can introduce lag).

However, there are wireless HDMI solutions, they just tend to be very expensive compared to regular cables.

u/infinite_ideation · 3 pointsr/sysadmin

We use a similar product by nyrius.

Works as intended as far as I can tell.

u/ViveIsAwesome · 3 pointsr/Vive

Well there's stuff like this which you could use to transfer HDMI wirelessly.

Although I have no idea how well that works, I saw a similar device a while back which worked well for slowly changing or still images but was horrible for moving ones (games, movies, ...).

You would probably be better off finding an HDMI cable that can be hidden well.

u/sauced · 3 pointsr/sysadmin

You might look at a Nyrus Aires Prime, it's essentially a wireless HDMI cable. Personally I prefer to use a wired connection as the Nyrus can take a bit to negotiate resolutions and seems to drop its connection from time to time. The upside is it's only $200 where the entry level Clickshare is $1000. I haven't ever used a Clickshare myself so I don't know how they compare.

u/Wargala · 3 pointsr/sysadmin

We're using this little guy:

A wee expensive at $200, but it's been rock solid for us, and allows us to hand a dongle to someone to plug in and no extra software to install.

u/roehn117 · 3 pointsr/gaming

if your pc has hdmi, which im assuming it does, they sell wireless hdmi adapters such as this one here on amazon. I haven't used one, so if you get one let me know how it works out

u/sixtyfourtwentyseven · 2 pointsr/Filmmakers

Not really sure what your exact requirements are for this though so the following may not apply but here goes...

If there is already a video village set up, I would get a field monitor and plug in to an open HDMI port. Bring a splitter if you need to. They can provide 1080 resolution for a decent price and as an added bonus, there will be no lag. Here is a 7" full HD "Amazon's choice" model for $140. Runs on battery too.

Getting it streamed to your phone is going to get involved since it would like involve having to convert the video signal to a stream. If you want to get away from the video village you could go with a wireless HDMI transmitter receiver like this: but it would be way cheaper to just buy a long HDMI cable.

u/N30FAMOUS · 2 pointsr/gadgets

Precisely, that's what it'll allow you to do. The downside is that they can be pretty expensive for a good one (like this, judging by customer reviews), and even then, the signal won't be as stable as with a wired HDMI connection. That's why, if you have to go with wireless, I recommend you get the best possible wireless HDMI system you can afford, as the lower-end ones will usually give you lag, connection problems, and/or instability. If you have the option between wired and wireless HDMI (like if you're in a situation where you just don't want to deal with cable management or it looks ugly), I strongly suggest you stick with wired, as it's much less expensive and you'll almost always get better picture quality than most wireless HDMI connections.

u/toy71camaro · 2 pointsr/sysadmin

We shifted to a couple of these Nyrius Aries wireless display options in our conference rooms. Plug it in, and it "just works" (which was very important for our non-techy users). So far, its worked great (we're a few months in).


We tried a Barco Clickshare, but after connecting to your PC, you had to install an extra piece of software from the thumb drive it created. which was "too much" to ask for our end users. ;)

u/drnick5 · 2 pointsr/hometheater

Something like this Might work for you. It's a bit pricey, but ti should do what you are looking to do. I can't personally speak to the quality as I haven't use it before. but the reviews look pretty good.

u/User_5098213 · 2 pointsr/gaming

steam link

and there are many other options, although they will probably all have some input delay

u/macmick · 2 pointsr/pcgaming

Your options:

  1. Move your gaming pc to your tv.
  • Buy long hdmi cable like this 45 footer
  • Buy Wireless HDMI reciever

    I like the first option, it is what I do at home. I use a laptop to do real work, gaming pc on my tv for entertainment.

    The second and third options are good if you really want your pc at your desk. 45ft is the max that hdmi can go through wires. Depending on your setup that might be long enough to make a permanent solution.

    Wireless while not cheap, is better than running through a secondary device.
u/plafman · 2 pointsr/gadgets

Thanks for the reply.

I have been looking at this...

Basically you rent the cable box (already have 2) and plug it into this, then you can move it between multiple TVs.

u/jjonreddit · 2 pointsr/hometheater

I tried this Nyrius product but i didn't like it because it left detail out of dark scenes and I had to manually configure 5.1 sound every time because it always defaulted to stereo. I would just buy a thin, white hdmi cable to match your walls and run it directly to the tv. The picture will look better and you won't have to configure stuff over and over and over. The look of not having a wire there is not worth the daily time-consuming hassle. I bought this long hdmi cable instead of going wireless

u/lunarseed · 2 pointsr/techsupport

So he'd rather have a huge cylinder on the ground? How about a Wireless HDMI Transmiter instead?

u/nacr0n · 2 pointsr/techsupport

You could get something like this but it's only for a single source so you would need something like a stereo receiver to have all the devices to go into then a splitter to split the output to the wireless device and the living room TV. You will have a bit of lag and some compression on the tv with the wireless receiver.

u/Rozix · 2 pointsr/Filmmakers

> a

This is what I use in my kit. The range can be a little limited but it gets you wireless.

u/davdev · 2 pointsr/projectors

To send anything wirelessly you are going to need something like wireless HDMI, it aint cheap here is an example. You can add this to an HDMI switch and connect you devices to that

Wireless earphones wont connect directly to the projector, but they probably can to the source you are sending to the projector.

For games, you need somesort of console and then send that signal to the projector.

A computer can also take advantage of your hdmi switch and then the wireless hdmi

Think of a projector as a computer monitor. Basically anything you can do with a monitor you can do with a projector, but it is basically a dumb device that only displays what gets sent to it from another source.

What do you need USB for? I know some business projectors have USB but that is basically for playing back powerpoints and stuff.

u/Homeoftheben · 2 pointsr/CommercialAV

Then This and any DVD player you want. Put the thing in a cabinet, another room if you want, wherever. Also, has the added bonus of being able to switch what you plug into it- i.e. laptop, ipad, etc.

Btw- if you're intent on putting it behind the tv, this Toshiba is the only one of its type I've run across. Amazon sells a mount for it too. Definitely read the reviews however- I didn't think it worth the risk.

u/Seanctk10001 · 2 pointsr/buildapc

You could get this for $180:

Or this for $170:

Both of them stream in uncompressed 1080p and they claim to have zero latency. You could search other places to find them cheaper but if you're looking for 1080p, this is what you're gonna have to be looking at. You could also get a 30' HDMI cable though and route it around the edges of the wall on the ground.

EDIT: By the way, if you get an HDMI cable, don't get the more expensive ones, there is really no difference between the expensive ones and the cheap ones.

u/Trixonik · 2 pointsr/sysadmin

We've used one of these (first link) with the adapter (second link) to tackle this problem. It doesn't work for sound if you use the VGA. Our AV vendor is recommending one of these -



u/sal9002 · 2 pointsr/mac
u/goodhur · 1 pointr/gadgets

For what you are asking (without wifi) this was all I could Nyrius Prime. Steep at $200 on Amazon.

This option will use wifi

Chromecast is the most cost effective. But needs wifi and Internet (even just for the device handshake). Although in home network streaming shouldn't really impact your isp data usage

u/deathfaith · 1 pointr/projectors

Actually, no. Thank you!

Have you heard of the Nyrius ARIES Prime Wireless Video HDMI Transmitter? If so, opinions? Will it do the job?

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/technology

I'm probably just going to pick up something like that when I get my Rift (waiting on the HD version).

u/scirocco · 1 pointr/techsupport

Well, i've considered chaining them... like using a typical wireless HDMI like this one

and them plugging other things into it...

What I'm unsure of is if this kind of daisy-chaining will cause an issue. We're not looking for perfect image clarity here, really just get it up there. SIMPLY --- that's the key.

*Edit: I hope amazon links are OK... not an endorsement, just examples!

u/Gunnarfg · 1 pointr/RASPBERRY_PI_PROJECTS

Pi is better off streaming stuff like steam games from a pc not so much console based stuff. The pi I don't think can be used as a pvr like device where the HDMI is used as an INput and not an OUtput

If you wanted wireless console gaming across your house. Try this.

u/MetricT · 1 pointr/nashville

How about replacing the HDMI cable with a wireless connector?

u/inquizz · 1 pointr/cordcutters

Hi! I use wireless Hdmi in the camera side of the film industry. Though it's probably overkill, I'll throw out what options I've used. The Nyrius Aries Pro as the cheapest possible option that I would ever use. Apparently its discontinued but the Nyrius Aries series is available for $200.

Next up is Paralinx and Teradek both will give you close to zero delay and 1080p 4:2:2. A set will cost you between $1300- $8000 depending on how crazy you want to get. The cheapest possible reciever and transmitter, even generations old, will blow any pro-sumer products out the water for response and distance.

u/truesly1 · 1 pointr/videography

use your Vixia, grab a USB battery, any HDMI tv, and one of these.. it'll work better than any wifi stream and will work with any camera if they upgrade in the future.

u/demekanized · 1 pointr/Chromecast

I do not have intimate knowledge of Steam link, but I have used one at a friends house once. It does/can display the desktop and programs, and it has a local USB port for connecting back to the PC. You should be able to use programs with it, and at the very least warrants more research. I believe though, a wired Ethernet connection is preferred, but that may only be with high resolution games playing.

They also make wireless HDMI adapters, but those are probably going to be ~$200 and may not work perfectly. They one I have used worked fine enough though.

u/Jon_Benet_Rambo · 1 pointr/xbox360

Haven't tried it and it looks more like casting than mirroring but anyway . You're probably gonna need something like this .

u/cheech790 · 1 pointr/LazyMan

Chromecast should be the easiest way to go. You could also use "" or something like that.

u/nynexman4464 · 1 pointr/NoStupidQuestions

There are wireless USB hubs but the reviews are not spectacular.

I don't think Bluetooth has the bandwidth for streaming full HD. I think you'd need a device like this.

u/macbookwhoa · 1 pointr/Chromecast

The only thing I can think of is have your Chromecast plugged into your receiver, then have your HDMI out to your TV as the one cable going from your receiver to your TV. Alternatively, you could get one of these, but that's going to set you back a couple hundred bucks.

u/natethegrate1990 · 1 pointr/hometheater

I concur with u/donFrio on the Apple TV and wireless hdmi to projector.
My current solution in the house is to use the Apple TV as the receiver for just video (I don't have any gaming systems). You can get a wireless HDMI Switcher for the PS4 and XBone (in the link below) to switch between the VIDEO feeds.

Ultimately you would have all the gadgets (appleTV, PS4, XBone, bluray) in the table by the screen, connect them all to the HDMI switch input. Connect the HDMI switch output to the wireless HDMI transmitter and VOILA, hdmi transmitter wirelessly transmits whatever media you want to the projector.

On the audio side it would probably be recommended to get a receiver of some kind since you have so many different devices you would have to switch audio on...or just keep using the bluray player as a receiver??

To get audio from apple tv to a receiver:

u/saboingaden · 1 pointr/sysadmin


We've been using the Pro version of this for our newer conference rooms. It's bulky, but it works well for full desktop. With a couple different HDMI adapters, you can use with any display output.

u/aziridine86 · 1 pointr/buildapc

There are products, but they are not cheap.

A 1080p signal, even at 30 fps is a very high bandwidth. Luckily you only have a short distance to cover, so you probably won't have issues with signal strength, but its a lot more expensive than buying an HDMI cable.

60 GHz wireless HDMI transmitter 1080p 60 Hz + audio: $175

Various other tech:

There are probably better and cheaper products than these, but I haven't researched them much so I couldn't say.

You can use something a lot cheaper, like Chromcast for example, although I believe it uses a compressed signal so it will have worse latency and image quality, and it maxes out at 720p.

u/XSharkonmyheadX · 1 pointr/PS4

Hate to be the negative Nancy but this will never happen on the PS4.

If you're looking for a more viable option, think smart and buy one of these

u/davidfg4 · 1 pointr/buildapc

If you really can't run a cable from your computer to the TV, something like this would work for short distances.

I think you are thinking of a Google Chromecast, although those have limited streaming options.

u/oppoman56 · 1 pointr/pcgaming

Maybe this if you have $180

u/unculturedperl · 1 pointr/xiaoyi

If you can't connect directly from the camera to the projector with a cable, you could also look into a nyrius aries:

They're not 4k, but 1080p max, but otherwise great.

u/Derf_Jagged · 1 pointr/ps3homebrew

I don't believe there's any way to do this aside from a really long HDMI cable or one of those wireless HDMI transmitters

u/Zsilfen · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

I would actually recommend getting a wireless HDMI transmitter/receiver. You can mouse the receiver to the back of your TV, and just plug the transmitter into the device. Here is a example of one.

u/cmorg789 · 1 pointr/techsupport

What kind of projector, does it have wifi/smart capabilities?

If not you could get a rpi, install Android or something and hide it up there.

Additionally, you could get a wireless HDMI kit like this:

u/realgoneman · 1 pointr/videosurveillance

If DVR has composite output, maybe a cheap wireless video transmitter/receiver kit would work. Also, check out this device from Amazon

u/Butt_Pocket · 1 pointr/hometheater

-take one from inside to outside when you want it.
-spectrum has a Roku app you can use (not sure which provider you have)
-wireless hdmi thing but it's $200 so probably wouldn't be worth it

u/mr_hellmonkey · 1 pointr/drones

Oh, that makes sense. As far as I know, there is no way to do it wirelessly. The only 2 options I can think of are the DJI LightBridge 2 or using an HDMI wireless transmitter. Both options would require a power source.

u/beefjuice · 1 pointr/gaming

Wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver.

At ~$150 you might be better off with building a media PC and just using Steam In-Home-Streaming. You can add non-steam games and applications whether or not they were purchased through the market for the sake of streaming.

u/punkonjunk · 1 pointr/NintendoNX

this tech actually exists - versions of it that work well cost a couple hundred, but I've set them up for clients a couple times.
I've used and been pleased with the aries brand:

So not only does nintendo have the tech it used for the wii u to draw from, but a lot of other new research and production with widi, other wireless HDMI implementations, etc.

Additionally, taking the "wii u" half of the wireless display into a dongle and swapping in the wireless display hardware into the console itself makes a lot of sense, and should function well. Just have to hope they can nail near-zero latency, or they offer us a cabled option when latency matters... for smash bros with your bros.

u/Specken_zee_Doitch · 1 pointr/DIY
u/Win_Sys · 1 pointr/sysadmin

So something like this?

u/Nebakanezzer · 1 pointr/cordcutters

that seems like one of the few options that lets me ditch the fios remote and control tv through it as well. I think, no matter what way I choose, I'm going to be fishing at least a power cable through the wall unless I do something like this and just send everything from a nearby laptop.

do you know if the co-star can grab video from network shared devices or play avi/divx?

u/geren27 · 1 pointr/xbmc

Are you looking for something like this or This

I looked into these over the past couple weeks and some have better reviews and more/less lag then others. Personally I don't want to shell out $150-$200 so I'm going to run a 40' HDMI cable from my pc down through the basement then up to my living room tv

u/Cike176 · 1 pointr/Filmmakers

You have a few options depending on your budget.

The cheapest option is something like this. A consumer hdmi transmitter and receiver, probably poor reliability.

HDMI in general isn't great for this, and you'd be better off with something that uses SDI.

A camera like this can use an SDI cable which is better for longer runs, has locking connectors, and will be easier to run than hdmi. You can pick up a wireless SDI if you want a more reliable wireless solution.

If you still want to go the HDMI route, but want a cheap camcorder that's fairly versatile with longer lasting batterys, try something like this (and you can even use this with the cheaper wireless HDMI if you so desire)

Oh, and for running SDI into a computer, this has worked well for me

u/Kiriesh · 1 pointr/techsupport

So you want one of these?

edit: or if you're feeling loose with the cash, you can get one of these and say goodbye to cables all together

u/CraigCorb · 0 pointsr/cade

If I'm understanding what you want to do correctly, you could build a cab with just a monitor and use wireless HDMI from your PC to your cabinet. This is what I do with my living room TV, there's some HDMI transmitters / receivers with zero lag. Then, you'd be able to have your PC set up regularly for PC usage and gaming, and then wirelessly transmit it to your cabinet screen when you want to emulate. Obviously that's assuming you won't want to do both at the same time so it may not work if you want both running simultaneously.

This is the one I have - no lag, 1080P.

u/Burning_Faith · 0 pointsr/Vive

You could use wireless HDMI if you have the pocket change for it. Other than that the only thing I could really recommend is just using a long HDMI cable, that's what I do and it's just super simple.

u/Starhowl_Husky · -1 pointsr/Lenovo

Today I calculated, that from 1333 people that rated on a product only one person talked about the truth of the device not being lossless, including the company that's producing it itself hiding that information in its comparison tables.

That makes 99.42% of people that cannot be trusted, of which you probably belong.