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MINI BATTERY-OPERATED FAN: Cool off when you’re at home, work or outdoors with Treva by O2COOL's 5-Inch Battery-Operated Portable Fan. Available in black, gray, light blue, and raspberry to complement everyone’s taste, this compact fan won’t take up much space and features a convenient folding design for easy storage and transport. Its perfect for dorm rooms, hotel stays, cruise ship travel and summer camp!DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: To provide long-lasting strength and use, this personal fan is expertly crafted using durable plastic construction with a patented fan blade design which extends the battery life while maximizing airflow. The fan tilts and provides adjustable, directional personal airflow and cooling.TWO-SPEED OPERATION: To accommodate your needs, the fan features high and low speeds. It fan boasts a quiet operation on both settings to keep you cool while making minimal noise so you can work, read or relax without any distractions.EASY TO USE: The fan runs on two D batteries (not included). To install, slide out the battery door and insert batteries following (+/-) marks, then replace door. Slide switch located on the side of fan to your preferred setting. If fan does not operate, verify batteries are installed properly. The fan grill protects fingers from the blades during use.EMERGENCY/DISASTER PREPAREDNESS: Make sure you’re prepared the next time a power outage occurs due to a thunderstorm, hurricane, lightning or high winds. You can stay cool and comfortable – even without electrical power with our reliable battery powered fans.
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10 Reddit comments about O2COOL 5" Portable Fan Battery Powered, 1 Unit, Grey:

u/RickyShade · 3 pointsr/homeless

The best way to keep your cat happy is to let her sleep on the dashboard so she can subathe alll day :D

Is your cat an outside cat or inside cat? Because you can still set up a litter box for her if she's an inside cat. If she's an outside cat, you'll have to find some sort of enclosed area to let her roam around in and do her business.

For keeping her comfy on hot days:

u/traphoopqueen · 3 pointsr/ElectricForest

just got [this fan] ( and it worked wonders this past weekend at flower of life. can't really bring it with you into the forest but perfect for chilling at camp. get big ass tapestries for your ez up too since the sun moves and shit. other advice: get her a nice snapback and/or pashmina to protect against the sun. i'm a very pasty individual so sunscreen reapplication/chafing can be a bitch with all that dirt so if i have to be in the sun, they are the perfect protection for my shoulders and face. but a lot of the time im hiding in the forest where there is shade everywhere so these items are easy to just snap/tie to my fanny/camelback bc you don't wanna carry much if anything at all while you're there <3

u/shadowbanningsucks · 3 pointsr/preppers

I have a stove like that for emergencies. I have used it a few times outside and it works great.

Do you have an area outside where you could use it? That would probably be best. But, I would think it would be ok for use indoors near an open window, with a Carbon Monoxide detector and maybe a battery powered fan. The fans are also handy if you lose power and AC during hot months.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/ElectricForest

Don't do the 6 for $45
Just add 5 of them to your cart and they will come out to around $30

u/amanzarak · 2 pointsr/camping

Here are two different sized fans I have used. Both have run at least 3 nights in a row without running out of power. The larger one especially moved a decent amount of air in my opinion. I was by myself, however, and not in texas in the summer.

u/stay_shiesty · 2 pointsr/bonnaroo

Here you go. Only ~$7 right now too.

u/eyesontheskydotcom · 1 pointr/camping

I've used these battery powered fans when it's been really hot while camping. With two set up to circulate air around the tent (it helps to have a large enough tent that there's room to place the fans on the floor), it's been fairly tolerable when the temperature here has been in the upper 70's / low 80's and very humid (25C to 28C). Not sure about much warmer than that - where I live it generally isn't over 82F (28C) at night.

u/jenesaisquoi · 1 pointr/ptsd

When I was living in West Africa, I had a little battery powered fan that I set on the mattress facing my head (and if I had had 2 I would have put one at my feet). That would be my first step. Put 2 fans (one top, one bottom) on the mattress facing him ( And don't use a top sheet at all. Any barrier will prevent the sweat drying. This is my "evaporate it as fast as possible idea"

The other idea I had is sweat-wicking fabric long sleeved shirts and pants? Not sure if it would help the issue but if it absorbed it instead of the sheets, then you would only have to wash those. Or like lay down a microfiber camping towel? This is the "pick your barrier" method.

The final idea I have is to invest in clinical grade deoderant and slather it on at night. No idea if that would be harmful though.

Full disclosure, I don't have night sweats. I just wanted to brainstorm.