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u/AcceptWhatIS ยท 1 pointr/suicidology

The main 'post link' (above) goes to the article, 'Changing the Conversation around Suicide,' by Lisa Klein, the director of the upcoming film, 'THE S WORD,' a documentary about suicide that's now in post-production (editing).

The filmmakers behind 'THE S WORD' also produced 'OF TWO MINDS,' the excellent documentary on bipolar disorder that was released in 2012, which you can watch online here:

I emailed the filmmakers and asked if they had considered putting 'Of Two Minds' on YouTube, since I think it would help a lot of people. They said that for legal reasons, they couldn't, but that they might be able to sometime in the future.

They also said they were looking for writers to contribute articles to their site: In case anyone is interested, you can contact them through this page:

The release date for 'THE S WORD' documentary hasn't been set yet.