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Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide for Athletes & Coaches
Olympic Weightlifting A Complete Guide for Athletes Coaches
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10 Reddit comments about Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide for Athletes & Coaches:

u/Blubrdblizzrd · 11 pointsr/weightlifting

Get Greg Everett's Book and do the Weight Gain Program

High Calorie snacks: whole milk, nuts / nut butters, jerky, cheese, full fat yogurt, avocado. great now im hungry and im supposed to be dropping weight

u/r0wbutt · 8 pointsr/weightlifting

Catalyst Athletics


Coach Zach Telander

Coach Max Aita has some stuff out there in youtube, but not his own channel. He does the Training Make podcast with ZT, and does coaching/programming with JTS (has a few things on their channel).

I'm pretty new too (about 4 months), but this is what I found so far. But I would really make finding a good coach in your area a priority. They will correct problems as they see them, which is really important for beginning weightlifters. Also, if you can, find a WL team you can train with. I would also buy Everett's Olympic Weightlifting book, and use it as a reference (he's the guy that runs Catalyst above).

u/Hotblack_Desiato_ · 4 pointsr/xxfitness

You DEFINITELY need proper coaching for the Oly lifts, but this would be a good *supplement.*

u/Everest000123 · 4 pointsr/weightlifting

I also agree with what u/Flexappeal said. Training the classic lifts without any real understanding of what you are doing will just drill bad habits. If you are going the self-learning route, Greg Everett's Olympic Weightlifting for Athletes and Coaches is a pretty comprehensive book that you can read and re-read to understand the mechanics of each lift.

u/fagboiz1738 · 3 pointsr/weightlifting

Catalyst Athletics makes a great book. I use it and it’s available on Amazon. Has a everything from programming, exercise selection, tchinqje, nutrition, and much more. Here’s a link

u/martyrdod · 3 pointsr/weightlifting

I don't feel like I'm qualified to give advice so here are some great resources to check out until you get a coach:

Snatch tutorial from Juggernaut

Clean tutorial from Juggernaut

Jerk tutorial from Juggernaut

Catalyst Athletics excercise library (The rest of the website is also a complete treasure trove)

Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide for Athletes & Coaches by Greg Everett (the owner of Catalyst Athletics)

EDIT: Oh, and if you live in the US you can find nearby USA Weightlifting affiliated clubs on this site.

u/_Sasquat_ · 3 pointsr/weightlifting

"Thigh clean" isn't a thing. Whoever was coaching you probably doesn't know what they're talking about.

I recommend getting Greg Everett's book. He does a good job explaining the principals of weightlifting technique and making sense of the lifts. Trust me, it is well worth the $40.

Afterward, get a coach. The content in the book should help you determine whether or not a coach has a clue of what they're talking about. If you coach seems to be thoughtful and informed about what they're having you do, then stick with that coach.

u/cathletics · 3 pointsr/weightlifting

Covered extensively in my new book -

Short version is you need to be learning and practicing the lifts with very light weight for an initial period; during this time, you need to be covering any GPP needs and working on fundamental strength movements. When you reach a basic level of technical proficiency, you begin training the competition lifts along with the strength lifts.

One basic "starter" program here for someone who knows how to snatch and CJ well enough and wants to transition into more dedicated WL programming -

u/Xeroph · -9 pointsr/crossfit

I'm only a newbie myself, but I would HIGHLY recommend Starting Strength by Rippetoe. I know it's more of a powerlifting book, but he covers Power Cleans & Power Snatches, as well as Deadlifts & Squats. He has tons of cues and coaching tips for all of the movements. I also have Olympic Weightlifting by Everett that I will be reading next.