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Olympic Weightlifting for Sports
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u/whitmell · 7 pointsr/weightlifting

It sounds like you would benefit from Greg Everett's Olympic Weightlifting for Sports. It's designed to help a general athlete learn the olympic lifts to improve overall athleticism, and it's written by one of the most respected U.S. names in the sport. It's pretty short, has plenty of pics, and has some programming in the back for you to get started with.

I started with this book and after the 6 week program in the back I loved the lifts so much I decided to switch to olympic lifting exclusively. But if you just want to use them to supplement your training it's great for that too.

u/cox4224 · 2 pointsr/crossfit

This is a good point, but he just released a book Olympic Weightlifting for Sports that is a pretty good reference for combining the oly lifts with other programming. I got it recently, it was surprisingly short, but the info is really good and there is some sample programming for athletes with only 2-3 days to dedicate to the lifts. It feels like he had the CrossFit audience in mind when he wrote it.