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u/8iiwii8 ยท 11 pointsr/AirForce

Hahaha.... Yes. Yes people have felt this way before. I am not laughing because your question is funny - I'm laughing because those in the profession of arms, self included, have been feeling this way since the cradle of civilization in the war after the first war.

I'mma step on my soap box for a bit:

Speaking as a guy who has been in for awhile and been to the places that you've mentioned - anybody worth their salt has had those same feelings about the conflict(s) before them. I imagine most pilots over Iraq would have preferred to have been dropping bombs over the shit instead. Pilots from the 'Nam era talk about the glory days over MiG alley, and pilots over Korea will tell tales of victories and lost friends over Europe. Every Marine everywhere will always drive an extra mile for Chesty. In Korea the Glorious Glosters were literally wiped out while holding on to the greatness bestowed upon the badges of their regiment... earned 150 years earlier in Egypt against Napoleon's forces. The old soldiers storming Normandy hoped to honor those lost at Meuse-Argonne, and I could keep going on and on and on.

And now, speaking as a guy on the internet with no authority over you, I'm giving you homework. Amazon links are attached, but check your local library. Read about a soldier who was furious that he joined too late after WWII. Read about a small generation of men who was told the war was over, and that there was no need to train hard during peace. Read about some Air Force nonners who were promised protection on a lonely mountain top... in a country they weren't supposed to be in. Read about the fictional - yet all too true lesson that war is hardly ever over and that things never change.

I don't have a non-douchy, yet motivational way to say this... so hear goes: Your job, whether we are actively involved in a major conflict or not - is to prepare to go war. Your time may come, and when it does, it's best to be as prepared as possible.

And if it doesn't... well... at least you got a baller GI Bill and some tendies.