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u/59179 · 218 pointsr/atheism

I'm sure the 700 club came out of this. The capitalists collaborated with the christian hierarchy to dismantle the New Deal and birthed the Prosperity Gospel.

u/commiefromthefuture · 11 pointsr/communism101

Because the capitalists are deathly afraid of the workers realizing their oppression and how to end it, so they have years of propaganda conflating capitalism with godliness. Read this, if you want, it shows how the corporatists against the New Deal conflated piety with the "free" market.

u/Autodidact2 · 3 pointsr/atheism

Relevant book is One Nation Under God. The deliberate campaign by corporate American to persuade Americans that capitalism is Christian dates back to the 1930's/

u/Saffron_and_Roses · 3 pointsr/politics

Speaking of, I read this recently-

it's disturbingly eye opening that nearly all the religious rights talking points are still the same. Corporations have been using priests and pastors to indoctrinate people into conservative/republican views for well over half a century. Apparently, the corporations tried to just do it themselves right after the Great Depression, but the average American worker saw right through it. So after that failed they went looking for religious figures who people would trust to spread their message instead.

And now here we are.

u/Dizrhythmia129 · 2 pointsr/LateStageCapitalism

There's a book that came out earlier this year that apparently traces the co-opting and bastardization of Christianity by capitalism in America. I heard an interview of the author talking about it and I want to read it soon. Apparently the American capitalist class launched the idea that capitalism was godly as a response to the New Deal. They claimed that social democracy and socialism were anti-Christian because it was "worship of the State."

u/dblthnk · 2 pointsr/LateStageCapitalism

You might find this book interesting.

u/MitchSnyder · 2 pointsr/Socialism_101

The relationship between capitalism and christianity is related in this book: One Nation Under God. That's pretty big reason to eliminate the church and it's hold over the worker to subjugate themselves to the industrialists. There's a reason the far right is religious and "free market".

Trump would have never been elected if he hadn't made a deal to appoint pro-christian people to power in the courts and support and sign their inane positions.

u/unconformable · 2 pointsr/CapitalismVSocialism

> You think it's subjective that these people control the government?
> Yes.

Christianity and capitalism are intertwined. They know how to control you.

>The two parties vote significantly differently on almost every issue, and they also roughly represent the ideological poles of the country.

On what counts to the capitalists that buy them they do not deviate. All the bullshit you think we fight over means nothing to the capitalists, except that everyone is unhappy and tries to placate themselves with the crap the capitalists sell.

>Jesus dude, go back and re-read this particular comment chain and tell me how what you just said makes any sense whatsoever.

Are you naive because you are an idiot? Or because you are thinking with your dick?

Why do you think the constitutionalists, the gun crazies, the fundamental christian live in the republican party?

>Says the literal communist.

I can't be because workers like you go against your own interests. It's like you need to be controlled.

u/saijanai · 2 pointsr/technology

Look at how long and how carefully they have manipulated public opinion against social programs.

The meme that it is unChristian to help people via welfare stated in the 1930's and has been carefully promoted ever since.

See One Nation Under God: How Corporate America Invented Christian America for more info.

u/zuvielkase · 1 pointr/explainlikeimfive

there's a recent book about that

"The assumption that America was, is, and always will be a Christian nation dates back no further than the 1930s, when a coalition of businessmen and religious leaders united in opposition to FDR’s New Deal. With the full support of Dwight Eisenhower in the 1950s, these activists―the forerunners of the Religious Right―propelled religion into the public sphere. Church membership skyrocketed; Congress added the phrase “under God” to the Pledge of Allegiance and made “In God We Trust” the country’s official motto. For the first time, America became a thoroughly religious nation."

u/StupidForehead · 1 pointr/PoliticalVideo

Will double check the factoid.

If true, 1. Not suprising 2. Sad. TeeRump & Republicans dont care one lick about religion.
They only pander to social issues for votes, but remember congress's job is to manage govt money, not social issues. As long as the 'base' only cares about social issues, they get both Votes, and Freedom to vote for big biz interests, aginst the best interests of 'the base'.

On the morals statement... Wow, 1. Not suprising 2. Sad.