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One Way Mirror Window Film 30
Designed for one-way viewing.During daylight hours this film functions as a mirror when viewed from the exterior.Allows you to see out while others cannot see in.Great for reducing solar heat, glare and UV.Orders placed for multiple quantities of the same film will ship as one continuous roll up to 100 ft
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11 Reddit comments about One Way Mirror Window Film 30" Wide x 6.5 ft. Roll:

u/messenger_boy · 27 pointsr/pics

Two questions:

  • Can you make an infinity mirror out of two two-way mirrors instead of one normal mirror and one two-way mirror? If you did that, would you see the tunnel effect no matter which side you look through?

  • Anyone know any good (cheaper) LED strips which could be programed through Arduino? I'm looking to make a small portable infinity mirror this summer, but I'd like to program it to change settings from an external controller...

    EDIT: Loving the feedback! To elaborate on the first question... I'm thinking of making an infinity mirror that I can bring with to a music festival and carry around... so I don't want to use a mirror with glass because I'd hate for it to break and get glass everywhere. I've been wondering if the effect would still be present if I attached one-way film like this to two plexiglass circles. Any ideas?
u/probably_jelly · 20 pointsr/malelivingspace

I know you asked for curtain suggestions, but I'm guessing your concern is related to the heat and glare from the sun, and not privacy? IF it's the heat/glare, I'd suggest mirrored film instead of curtains. My SO and I have a trawler, and many of the windows have unusual shapes that don't really allow for curtains. We got these and they work like a dream. Much cooler, and (just slightly) reduces the brightness.

u/Dutchie3719 · 4 pointsr/bestoflegaladvice

Had a friend go through something similar. Not sure what the legal advice was, but they definitely put mirrored film on the window targeted by the spotlight. The end result more or less negated the problem.

u/TOPOKEGO · 4 pointsr/askTO

Maybe something like this:

Says it works better during the day than at night but once you put it up he can't see you. Says it attaches to the inside of the glass as well.

It really sucks that you have to even think of this, but maybe this will help :(

u/glocille · 2 pointsr/LetsNotMeet

One Way Mirror Window Film 30" Wide x 6.5 ft. Roll
Amazon has more than just this one, but I got curious and searched so I figured I'd share it just in case you or anyone else still reading this thread were interested!

u/take-dap · 2 pointsr/DIY

Mirror film is what you need. I assume atleast some hardware store has that on stock.

u/aquasport_owner · 2 pointsr/raspberry_pi

True one way mirrors are expensive, but I think most people are using a piece of plain glass and then putting a good quality mirror film on it. With it being mounted on a wall and being dark on the backside and light on the front side, it will function just like a one-way mirror. I guess the trick is getting good film and applying it correctly to the glass.

u/Biology4Free · 1 pointr/houston

You're a bit late to the game for commissioned costumes. I'd recommend you make a circular base out of worbla or a different heat moldable plastic.

For the see through screen, there are plenty of options. A one way glass film, a clear sheet with chrome spray paint lightly sprayed over it, or a pre-made chrome sheet (make sure it's see thru).

If you google a daft punk helmet tutorial, you can probably pick some useful tips up there :-)