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OP/TECH USA Mini S.O.S. Strap (Black) 0901262
Comfortably carries heavy bags, briefcases, computer bags and luggageUnique internal control-stretch system makes loads feel up to 50% lighterSoft, durable neoprene pad stays securely in place with our Non Skid SurfaceSecurely attaches to a wide variety of luggage with metal swivel hooks or 1" webbingMade in the USA
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u/dschultzie ยท 4 pointsr/Goruck

Skywalker505 knows his straps. However that is the MINI OP/Tech S.O.S Strap. I also use that same strap on my Tom Bihn Pilot and it fits perfectly. The Tom Bihn Absolute Strap is too big IMO for smaller bags and I also don't like the give in the strap when using it with a loaded Aeronaut 45 either. I've switched to carrying the Aeronaut only in backpack mode unless I'm boarding or checking into a hotel. I thought I would retire my Aeronaut 45 when my GR2 40L arrived but I think I'll keep both. I have become a GoRuck fan but Tom Bihn bags have served me well for MANY years and for MANY trips. Both are quality bag manufacturers and each piece has a different set of Pros and Cons. The one perfect bag has yet to be invented IMO. Here is a link to the mini: