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12 Reddit comments about Operation Paperclip: The Secret Intelligence Program that Brought Nazi Scientists to America:

u/YugoReventlov · 7 pointsr/evilbuildings

I just read Operation Paperclip and this building fits right into the story.

u/DisregardedWhy · 6 pointsr/conspiracy

"The explosive story of America's secret post-WWII science programs, from the author of the New York Times bestseller Area 51.

In the chaos following World War II, the U.S. government faced many difficult decisions, including what to do with the Third Reich's scientific minds. These were the brains behind the Nazis' once-indomitable war machine. So began Operation Paperclip, a decades-long, covert project to bring Hitler's scientists and their families to the United States.

Many of these men were accused of war crimes, and others had stood trial at Nuremberg; one was convicted of mass murder and slavery. They were also directly responsible for major advances in rocketry, medical treatments, and the U.S. space program. Was Operation Paperclip a moral outrage, or did it help America win the Cold War?
In this definitive, controversial look at one of America's most strategic, and disturbing, government programs, Jacobsen shows just how dark government can get in the name of national security."

u/KamikazeCricket · 2 pointsr/reactiongifs

Somewhat relevant as it contains a lot of interesting information about the scientists and company that made the stuff and what happened to them after the war.

u/MEXICAN_Verified · 2 pointsr/mexico

Les recomiendo el libro de Operation Paperclip: The Secret Intelligence Program that Brought Nazi Scientists to America by Annie Jacobsen muy interesante lo que hicieron Los Americanos con estos cientifico. El libro me lo recomendaron en una thread de este tema, 10/10.

u/fluxtable · 2 pointsr/politics

Maybe some of them, but SS Officer Wehrner Von Braun doesn't deserve the awards and accolades he's received on American soil. The V2 rocket factory he ran was a slave camp where Slavs were tortured and executed consistently. The US rolled out the red carpet for him.

Read Annie Jacobsons Operation Paperclip for a good history onto Nazi scientists in America post WW2.

u/lowspeedlowdrag · 1 pointr/AskHistorians

Have you read this book? It's almost 600 pages dedicated solely to the topic.

u/bkrusch · 1 pointr/conspiracy

These are pieces of the puzzle, in the bibliography in my book I think I have some book that talk about it, but here are a couple I don’t think I mentioned:

Dulles and McCloy go way back:

u/Heather4567 · 1 pointr/Gangstalking

I am so sorry anistonT that you have had to go through this. You are not mentally Ill. The various direct sound technologies used on targets are all, every last one of them, completely provable. I don't hear voices but look at the trolling I get when I try to describe what a reasonable, non-trolling person would call tinnitus. Those trolls are intentional. No one would jump to a diagnosis of schizophrenia because someone has tinnitus symptoms. You could lure these people out of their caves with literally any sort of borderline "psychotic" symptom. These people are not accidently on this forum and I believe this is all caught. It is untangling these layers of corruption that seem to be entangled in our homeland security. Our intelligence agencies are not supposed to behave like cults. Our government is not supposed to behave like some brotherhood that cannot betray oaths made that work against our constitution.

I also think your mentioning the possibility of training AI with people's emotions etc. is worth considering as part of what happens to a target. The hacking of my phones, laptop, FB etc. was surely not for no reason. I look at it like once a target is accessed, many people have access and perhaps some don't know another group or individual is involved. In my opinion, based on my experience and research, it is simply a modern MK-Ultra with a. new technology b. New or improved methods of psychological manipulation (including NLP, torture methods, drugs, electronic surveillance, direct-energy weapons c. Increased interest in psychological/social manipulation due to advertising, gaming, AI, entertainment innovations etc. Basically the ends justify the means for these people to be ahead of the game. Multiple organizations could be invested in the research without ever disclosing it. d. Research into hybrid policing programs, social control, domestic use of non-lethal weapons

Then there is the rather obvious use of targets for domestic terrorism. That to me is rather obvious and can be traced right to MK-Ultra. They use torture to "flip loyalties" . That is a complex topic so I will let that go for now.


Also, in my opinion, those who will not discuss NLP, direct sound (including the idea they are layering sound and exploiting hypnagogia) should be carefully vetted. My reasoning is those who continue to point to what for decades has been unprovable should be focused, by now, on what can be proven. We know technology is being exploited but if they keep pointing to what can't be solved, can't be seen then the illegal surveillance being used in target's homes to pursue psychological manipulation won't be caught. The hand held or car mounted devices won't be caught, the exploitation of haptics won't be caught. I don't have all the answers but even a drone is worth discussing rather than the remote-super computers.

Lastly how many people here have willingly discussed the extensive use of classical conditioning when describing some of the exploitation of technology? Classical conditioning is at the root of most of NLP and paired with modern technology, could make someone believe all sorts of impossible things. The real technology needed to "get inside your head" is not remote. It needs to be near the victim and unless we are discussing elaborate surgeries (which could possibly be considered in cases where victim's are led to believe that they were abducted by aliens instead of MK-Ultra styled researchers) it is more likely a mix of severe psychological manipulation in addition to the use of intense illegal surveillance, direct sound, hacking, DEW etc. All provable. Sorry to repeat myself and go on and on but when I see the extensive propaganda online I am angered. There should not be a group of specialists claiming the absurd things they claim while never getting victims any closer to justice. It is like a very organized group meant to indoctrinate victim's into the "in" group of targets. Scary stuff but realistic.


And we should be asking those who "hear voices" who survived committing terrorism, just what was said to them by these "voices". So we understand just how much "satan" can plan. Sure.

And for those who don't believe in "direct sound" here is the most simple form I can give you an example of. It is not fictional and this example does not include all of the various "direct sound" technologies. Get educated and stop whining about mental illness. Your lack of knowledge about new acoustic technology is not our problem.


And to the trolls who can't research on their own MK-Ultra is not a fictional story. Go look up the lawsuits.


Read the book on Operation Paperclip

Here is some CIA information to help you along your path to "this is real."

Ritual Abuse is real


And to anyone strolling these posts who knows who I am, I give no one permission, at all, ever, to engage in any behavioral therapy that I have not consented to, in writing, in a counseling office, by someone I have vetted. Anyone outside of a professional counseling agency (whom I chose, whom I have vetted and whom holds professional degrees allowing them to provide trauma counseling or psychiatry services) is committing a crime against me. I have never and will never consent to the use of NLP on me in any public or private space, including any professional medical/counseling service or any previous/future employer. Any and all use of it on me is non-consensual.

u/tking316 · 1 pointr/ww2

I'm currently reading Operation Paperclip. Its really interesting so far. It focuses more on after the war but still very interesting.

Unbroken is very good too if you treat it as a story and not a history book.