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Osprey Packs Farpoint 40 Travel Backpack, Volcanic Grey, Medium/Large
Large, lockable U-zip duffel-style access to main compartment - 40L total volumeMeets carry-on size restrictions for most airlines (Size Medium/Large: 21H X 14W X 9D inches)Lockable zipper access to padded laptop & tablet sleeve (fits up to most 15" laptops)Stowaway backpanel, shoulder straps and hipbelt with zippered rear flap for protectionTwo front mesh waterbottle pocketScratch-free pocket for sunglasses or devices
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11 Reddit comments about Osprey Packs Farpoint 40 Travel Backpack, Volcanic Grey, Medium/Large:

u/macbooklover91 · 18 pointsr/onebag

A lot depends on the style you're looking for. I'll also say that security in a bag is a myth. There are things to discourage certain behavior, but ultimately a bag should never be seen as a secure container. (after all it can always be cut)

What I chose.

I traveled for about a month in Europe staying in hostels. Even though it was only a month I could have traveled for about a year (adding only a tablet) with the bag/things I brought.

Osprey Farpoint 40 Travel Backpack - $150 (Discontinued)

[Osprey Farpoint 40 Travel Backpack

  • $160 (New Version)](

    I love this bag but it might not be the single best option for you. It's low profile, turns into a duffle bag (more about that later) and although it doesn't look like a school backpack, it doesn't standout like this either.

    The reason I love that it turns into a duffle bag is because theres a semi hidden velcro pocket in the bottom where the cover rolls into. This is a great place to sew or velcro a small zippered wallet or bag to store extra money or valuables. It's not secure as much as its hidden. This won't help you if they steal the whole bag, but it will help you if they just ransack the place and steal from the open compartments.

    Other Options

    There are a ton of other options. I suggest watching the VagaBrothers Video - How to Choose the BEST Travel BACKPACK | Pros & Cons Minimalist Backpack Review and Travel Tips: Packing Hacks, Tips & Essentials

    The F Stop bags look great, but are pretty pricy. Depending on what lenses you're bringing (18-55mm kit lens VS 70-200mm VR f2.8) it may or may not be worth it for size and configurability. I personally bought a Sony a6000 and left my big DSLR at home. That was actually a really good choice for the type of trip I did, but if I was going for a year (like you are) I understand needing the big camera. You might want to get camera/lens inserts like this (but not necessarily that one, I just clicked on the first one I saw on amazon) to store and protect those other lenses.

    Hope that helps.

    The following is copy and pasted from an email I sent to family friends traveling abroad. It gives links and ideas for things that help when traveling minimally.


  • 2 Mini cologne bottles - Well worth it if you are doing carry on only, or if you like to bring more than one scent with you. Depending on how much you use I find that a bottle filled up lasts about 1.5-2 weeks if you are using 2-3 sprays a day.

  • World power adapter - Awesome adapter. A lot nicer than the 50 mini adapters you have to piece together like legos.

  • Power strip - I never used this. I wouldn't get it unless you knew you needed it. They are good ways to make friends at airports though, as plugs are always in high demand and few people will say no to letting you free up a plug or two.

  • Battery pack - (updated version) OR While there are cheaper and smaller ones, this is the perfect size and capacity if you are bringing a couple or more devices. This will charge a phone many times over. It's especially handy if you want to leave it charging in the hotel then bring it with you during the day after it's charged.

  • Compressed charcoal deodorizers - Great to throw in shoes or bags that start to get smelly. Useful in hostels.

  • Microfiber towel - Very useful for hostels as most will charge you to use towels

  • Tripod - paired with a phone mount ( this can be used to hold the phone on long flights. Really nice for watching movies on the plane or waiting for a train.

  • Roll up 1L water bottles - Great for airplanes (no longer need to buy water after TSA).

  • I packed all of my clothes into cubes and a flat packer.



    Since I was traveling alone, and in hostels, security was a slightly bigger deal for me. I carried my passport on my person or locked in my hostel (many had lockers or metal lock boxes).

    At all times I had a photo copy of my passport and everything in my wallet, some local currency, and a print out of all the embassies in the area. (Attached to this email.) I printed this double sided and had multiple copies with me.
    I told my mom, "At any time I want to be able to have everything stolen, but still have a way back home.” My credit card will do cash transfers internationally and also includes a continuous travel insurance package.

    I would highly suggest making three copies of your passport and all credit cards and other ID you are taking. One lives on your person when your passport is stored elsewhere (hotel, for example), one lives in your luggage (preferably hidden/tucked away), and one stays with a trusted friend or family member that will be in the States for the duration of your trip. If anything happens they will be able to assist with proving your identity to the State Department, thus speeding the process along. I suggest keeping some cash tucked in your passport (along with that embassy list), your copy of the passport in the luggage, and then the copy of the passport and embassy list in your wallet. At this point you have three possibilities of things to grab to prove your identity/pay for a cab/tell you where to go.

    While this may seem a little overboard, I find it doesn't take that long to set up and helps greatly should anything bad happen. Also consider registering with the State Department. This helps them track Americans abroad should anything happen, and also gives you alerts, should anything happen.


    Tech Tips

    I also used a service called Line2 to give me a US phone number to call from and receive calls to while I was away. I have T-Mobile that gives me included unlimited international data. As long as I had a 4g signal, I also had a phone I could make and receive calls on. Google Voice and Skype would also do this. Do be aware of how much international data costs. Wifi is easy to find, but I suggest using a VPN on your phone or laptop for any web surfing. And even with the VPN I would not suggest logging into any financial (bank, etc) while abroad unless you are on a trusted wifi network (aka, friends).

    For maps you can download parts of Google Maps by searching the city and clicking “Download." This should work on Android and iOS versions of Google Maps.

u/RobotSwen · 4 pointsr/solotravel

Osprey far point 40 liter bag, can fit lap top, tons of stuff inside. Opens so you can see everything.

See video review

u/bookmonkey786 · 4 pointsr/onebag

I'll let you in on a secret, you can get away with a perfectly affordable backpacks under $100 that will meet most of your needs. Above that it is specific features and looks. People can and have travel for months across Europe with just a Jansport backpack. But a nicer more expensive bag is totally worth it for the features it offers, but you should really KNOW what you want. Some features are must have for some people and totally useless deal breakers for others. I didnt know what bag was perfect for me until I had traveled a while and and tested a few bags.

The low end is Amazon basics gets the job done for cheap if you want to test thing out this will work fine, lacks good padded hip belt so if you're sensitive weight its not as good.

[Osprey Farpoint],( mid tier bag, can be found for less than $100 occasionally. One of the most common backpacking bag around, hood basic travel backpack with great quality and track record.

Chase Reeves does a good comparison of various higher end travel bags if you see something you like you can look for more reviews of it, most will be inside your budget.

u/stl805 · 4 pointsr/travel

I use an Osprey Fairpont 40L. I love it. Can be used as a backpack or duffel. Perfect size for a carryon.

Osprey Packs Farpoint 40 Travel Backpack, Volcanic Grey, Medium/Large

u/PisOff · 3 pointsr/malefashionadvice


Edit: Learned what one-bagging is: maybe for a weekend trip you can fit 2 or three outfits and all you would need (i have used it for this multiple times).

but for extended trips of a week or more,like a eurotrip or something like that, I would "one-bag" with something more like this Osprey Packs Farpoint 40 Travel Backpack, Volcanic Grey, Medium/Large

u/ohgreatnowyouremad · 3 pointsr/travel

Did 5 weeks last year with the Farpoint 40 because I was looking to avoid all issues with my luggage.

Carry right on flights, wear it around for hours if needed, climbing stone steps without dragging traditional luggage, keep my hands free, etc.

Worked perfect if you're going for minimal packing and maximum activity potential.

As far as what to pack, I kept my electronics/cables/GoPro set-up organized with a GridIt, and otherwise just packed like 6-7 underwear, 6-7 socks, 4-5 shirts, 1 nice shirt, 1 sweater (for Switzerland), jeans, and shorts. Easy.

Also brought a daypack. Tiny backpack to keep water, sunscreen, etc. in for hikes and longer days out.

u/disssconnect · 2 pointsr/Outlier

Open to selling or trading

Outlier clothes

-Clean Front Cardigan (discontinued), red earth, small. Bought 2/16 for $375, worn very infrequently, no holes or other defects, condition 8/10. Asking $175

-Doublefine Hoodie, black, small. Bought 9/16 for $275, worn infrequently, some abrasion marks on arm (but no holes), condition 7/10. Asking $100

-Mback track pants (discontinued), static, med. Bought 2/18 for $198, never worn, condition 10/10. Still in return window so asking the full $198.

(Or all three for $400)

Non-Outlier bags

-Minaal v.2 Bag Bundle (Grey) with Modular Hip Pads (bought 4/16 for $493): this is a combo of a larger carry-on bag and a smaller daypack designed to fit inside, never used. Asking $250

-Osprey Farpoint 40 in Volcanic grey, medium/large (bought 6/17 for $155.72, never used ) Asking $75

(Or both for $275)

u/niquitatornada · 2 pointsr/MakeupAddiction

One mistake I made when I traveled for that period of time was not thinking about going out. I love exploring the nightlife in a different country. I totally did not have the right clothes or makeup for that so I had to go out and buy some. If I was to do it again, I wouldn't skip the clubbing makeup. What I would bring would also be affected by if I am doing carry-on only. I usually try do carry-on only because sketchy shit may happen to your bag as you connect flights. I travel with a 40L Osprey Backpack. I would recommend getting the 46 because it has a connecting day pack. Do not make the mistake of buying a backpacking backpack unless you actually plan to hike a ton. It sucks to have to pull out everything to get something from the bottom. Also is difficult to lock securely. I think this is what I would bring for makeup:

  • Z-palette with: 1 white, 1 nude, 1 taupe, 1 dark brown, 2 dark but fun colors, 1 contour, 1 highlighter, and 1 blush.
  • MUFA glitter
  • NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk and black bean
  • UD eyeshadow primer, mascara
  • 1 black & 1 brown liquid eyeliner
  • Nars Larger than Life black eyeliner pencil
  • foundation of choice
  • liquid concealer
  • RMCA setting powder (I'd probably put this is a smaller container)
  • Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade
  • 1 nude lipstick (make sure it's lipstick that won't melt everywhere)
  • 1 taupe lipstick
  • 1 dark lipstick.

    No need to double up on favorites, you will be able to replace them with something comparable at some point in your travels.

    About liquids, I would only put foundation, concealer, and liquid lipstick in my quart sized bag. The TSA has never given me trouble when I've left my mascara and eye liner in my makeup bag in my carry on. Also, once you leave the United States, airport security isn't as intense and they are more lenient about liquids. If I'm short on space in my quart sized bag, I would put them in my makeup bag and risk having to possibly throw them out at the security checkpoint.
u/Farney43 · 1 pointr/onebag

The 40 is also on sale for $80:


u/jeanal · 1 pointr/travel

Sorry mate, just to confirm - is the bag below the same bag I linked you earlier?



It's £30 cheaper on amazon and i'm not sure why.

u/hollaverga · 1 pointr/JapanTravel

My wife and I went for 2 weeks as well and we each took a 40l pack (linked below.) We packed light and washed our clothes a few times while we were there and we were SO HAPPY we did. We looked around at all the miserable tourists with their gigantic hiking packs or rolling cases, struggling to lug them on and off trains and subways while we just slipped right through with our smaller packs on.

Osprey Packs Farpoint 40 Travel Backpack, Volcanic Grey, Medium/Large