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Osprey Porter Travel Duffle, 46-Liter
Upgraded zip-away shoulder harness with adjustable sternum strap and rescue whistle buckleTuck-away fabric waistbelt with 1.5” / 38mm webbingFoam padded sidewalls create structured carry and protect contentsStraightJacket compression secures any size load effectivelyZippered top pocket provides quick access to toiletries and liquids
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3 Reddit comments about Osprey Porter Travel Duffle, 46-Liter:

u/cubierta · 4 pointsr/solotravel

You can take this as a carry-on as well. And it has tons of room inside.

u/zerostyle · 2 pointsr/solotravel

How long are you going for? I'd ditch the macbook if you can.

As for hostels, pick up a spare battery like this Anker 6000mAh one.

Basically, you can charge the battery during the day (if it's stolen, it's only worth $20-$30), and then when you need to charge your smartphone or camera you can just toss it in the locker to charge.

For SEA, be the most careful in Vietnam, particularly HCMC. I met at least 5 people that had their phone stolen there. Vietnam was still my favorite country of my trip, but you just have to be careful. I'd highly suggest leaving your phone back in the hostel locker when you go out at night drinking.

Don't bother with those pacsafe nets. I personally used an Osprey Porter 46L bag, and had a small 13L daypack for day hikes/etc. The daypack turned out to be a bit small for some used - I'd probably want to bump that to about 18-20L for next time. The 46L bag worked as carry-on luggage just fine for my flight from the USA->BKK, but all the local flights actually were TINY little planes. They don't give a shit though - when it doesn't fit they just tell you to toss it on an empty seat next to you.

Also, if your phone is unlocked, buy local SIM cards for data there. In vietnam I paid $6 for 30 days of unlimited 3g data + some credit for texts/calls for my phone. Unbelievably cheap and really fast too.

If you are hopping around Phuket / Koh Phi-Phi, etc, try to make it to Railay beach near Krabi. It's gorgeous.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/minimalism

I have this and it is amazing. Although, if you can find the older version, it's even better!