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6 Reddit comments about Outsider in the White House:

u/Jibrish · 2 pointsr/Conservative

Fortunately for you most of this is in Bernie's own book. Read Outsider in the White House. It's fucking terrifying that people support him to be President when he is very anti-america.

I know the bit about the Sandonista's is in there as well as a few other things - like his time in the USSR. I read it many moons ago though. Do us all a favor and check it out from a library (don't buy this royal POS).

u/pplswar · 2 pointsr/socialistsforsanders

Unfortunately, Sanders has never written a book outlining his political method or decision-making process (I wrote a short blog post that sketches out the barebones which is a shame because he has decades of political experience we could all learn from (lord knows I have). The closest thing is his Outsider in the House/Outsider in the White House which touches on why he gave up running as a spoiler after coming in third place in the 1986 gubernatorial election in Vermont. But he really doesn't get into the weeds of explaining all the hows and whys.

One of the problems we're going to run up against soon is who to back when there are two progressives running against each other? I'm thinking here for a progressive Democrat like Zephyr Teachout going up against a Green Party member in a general election or maybe a progressive Democrat going up against Kshama Sawant and there really is no book written that provides any guidance to such difficult and really unprecedented questions.

I can recommend some articles if you're interested in that.

u/BrightBlueSea · 1 pointr/SandersForPresident

I just finished Outsider in the White House. It's not a auto-bio, but a memoir of his multiple campaign efforts - failures and success - and how he learned to govern and legislate in toxic evironments. I'm recommending as it illustrates how he gets things done.