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OXO 26191 Good Grips Meat Tenderizer,Multicolor
Textured side is optimized for tenderizing meatSmooth surface is ideal for pounding meatOne-piece aluminum construction for durability and strengthHandle is non-slip, even when hands are wet
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6 Reddit comments about OXO 26191 Good Grips Meat Tenderizer,Multicolor:

u/bigmike186 · 8 pointsr/fitmeals

I cook chicken breasts every week. I agree with everything you've said, but may I recommend pounding out the chicken instead of butterflying. It has the same effect, but my knife skills are not so great.

Before brining I trim the breasts of connective tissue and fat. Then, one at a time, I put a breast in the middle of the cutting board, cover it in a double layer of saran wrap (I use the same plastic for all of them, the plastic is pretty durable), and pound that thang with one of these until it is about 1/2 thick all around.

Then I brine.

Side note: the experience in sometimes cathartic.

u/Chefbexter · 7 pointsr/AskCulinary

I have a meat mallet that I use. (A cheapo one will do; you don't have to spend $15.) It has a flat side and a pointy side.

Some people tell me you have to use the flat side for chicken breasts, but I prefer to use the pointy side and a gentle tapping motion. (The goal is to get the chicken breast all the same thickness.) Basically, if you bash a chicken breast too hard with anything, you can go right through it.

Also, I spread out 2-3 layers of saran wrap (so it doesn't rip) and lay out the chicken on half and then fold it over so I don't have salmonella splatter all over the counter and raw chicken up in my meat mallet.

u/feedmethosebugsmommy · 2 pointsr/Stims

If you rest your heroin syringe on a sink only to scoop up toilet water with your cooker...I'm sorry, but you're not just an addict. You're a fucking moron.

First off, James Comey is a weasel. The FBI and DEA are not going to fund anything but a scare campaign, and there is no story here that I will believe.

Two of the stories I remember mentioned meat tenderizer being a heroin cut. I've never once heard of this, let alone twice from two people in a sample of like half a dozen. I'm no expert, but I'm certain that both stories were fake. Meat tenderizer is more expensive than so many goddamn ambiguous white and brown powders that the only reason it would end up in heroin is if you somehow spilled it because your dope was in close proximity to some unprepared meat. Fuck you mean, DEA?

This documentary is exaggerated, scripted, and worst of all it's misleading. The perfect film to show in a high school classroom.

u/discontinuuity · 2 pointsr/pics
u/gwarster · 1 pointr/nutrition

If you are buying tough cuts of meat, this is a much better meat tenderizer.