Reddit Reddit reviews Paper Tiger: An Obsessed Golfer's Quest to Play with the Pros

We found 9 Reddit comments about Paper Tiger: An Obsessed Golfer's Quest to Play with the Pros. Here are the top ones, ranked by their Reddit score.

Paper Tiger: An Obsessed Golfer's Quest to Play with the Pros
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9 Reddit comments about Paper Tiger: An Obsessed Golfer's Quest to Play with the Pros:

u/thegreymane · 4 pointsr/golf

I don't think it was posted yet but the book Paper Tiger tackles this exact mental exercise.

I don't want to spoil the ending, but I'm sure you'd be able to tell from the author's name whether or not he made it. BUT, he does an excellent job of portraying just how much better a tour pro is than the scratch golfer (and just how much better a true scratch golfer is than a weekend warrior).

It is a fantastic book and deserves to be read by any golfer.

u/mpt142 · 4 pointsr/golf

I recommend reading Paper Tiger by Tom Coyne. He writes about his attempts at doing this. Great insight and also highly entertaining.

u/MiamiFootball · 3 pointsr/golf

read the book Paper Tiger

easy read and you can get it for like five dollars. i found it very interesting.

u/svengeiss · 3 pointsr/golf

Here are some of my favorites. Paper Tiger (The writer tries to get down to scratch and complete Q-School), The Big Miss (Hank Haney's take on being Tiger's coach), John Daly - My life in and out of the rough cause well, John Daly. And I'm currently reading Slaying the Tiger which is really good so far.

u/rougehuron · 3 pointsr/golf
u/Kronis1 · 2 pointsr/golf

No idea. Lol. I'm in the US. Maybe Amazon?

u/bigredone15 · 1 pointr/golf
u/iJustChill · 1 pointr/golf

You should read this:

It's the story of a guy trying the same thing you are, more or less

u/Sockclap · 1 pointr/golf

Hey! Thanks for checking up on my progress. I have been doing good, I am still playing 5 days a week from dawn until dusk. The local course have given me free reign of the place for absolutely no cost, I even have a few minor sponsors now, so I will be playing in more than one qualifier now.

I have been working on < 100 yards a lot now, for I see it as a weak spot in my game, I am currently trying to get a minor sponsorship from Callaway or Cleveland for some wedges that are actually made for me (No dice so far).

I have been playing [This Course] ( A lot when I can, I have been playing from the pro tee's and shooting anywhere from -2 - +2, so I am about where I want to be.

My caddy has came along way, has been going up every weekend to the course I will be playing the qualifier at and has been walking the distance of every one of my shots from previous rounds and evaluating what would be the best club to use in different situations and weather conditions.

I plan on updating this entire post at the end Sept. right before the "Dooms day" as we have starting calling it.

I have been also been working with a nutritionist and a golf pro. After I read This book. It opened my eyes to a lot of things I had absolutely no clue about.

I hope this was enough of an update, feel free to update everyone else of /r/golf if you would like, I am about to leave for my nightly putting!

Keep them in the fairway!