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Parker Jotter Pen, Stainless Steel, Medium Point, Black Ink
Stainless steel sleek, streamlined design.Lifetime of durability and service.Retractable.Grip Type: SmoothLine Size: 1.00 mmInk Color(s): Black
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23 Reddit comments about Parker Jotter Pen, Stainless Steel, Medium Point, Black Ink:

u/pyotrthegreat · 6 pointsr/EDC

Truthfully I'd just recreate what I have, as it would almost entirely fit inside the budget:
SS Jotter, I used this before switching to a TT Shaker, it is still fantastic.
Leek, been thinking about upgrading but still fantastic and the alternatives are way more expensive.
SF 348 I got the unlabelled BLF variant, and it is fantastic. Sleek, small, and bright.
MOTA Pocket Tool One of the card tool variants, I've used a few of its parts, but will radily admit that on these not everything is useful.
Flowfold This holds everything listed above, and does so without increasing the volume of my pocket, and making everything quieter and easier to pick up and go with.
Cable Key Ring Great, because it is large and thin, so I have my keys and car keys and USB on here. I tried a Keydisk mini, but found it still rattles against the car key, is fairly bulky, and cannot hold the USB. May try one of the new Orbitkeys next.
USB Drive, goes with the keys, I actually have a SP J80 32, but for some reason that one has increased in price.
Bifold Wallet The one I currently have is very similar, but I have no idea what it is called, a basic bifold.

So, this budget covers everything save the watch, which I didn't leave room for, because downgrading from a pebble would be sad, and getting one would be the entire budget. My choice to recollect everything I have mostly indicates how happy I am with the set that I created.

u/S13pointFIVE · 5 pointsr/EDC
u/Oncotic · 4 pointsr/fountainpens

Here's the perfect pen for you because fountain pens will drip into the cap when banged around and dry up if not used. There's no real way to avoid it. Yes, you are going to get inky fingers every once and a while and there are times when it won't work. Accept it, or a fountain pen is not for you.

With that said, some pens are better than others in terms of reliability. Most mid/high range pens are made well and typically have less problems and better customer service.

There are lots of pens out there that are professional and stylish. You should just be searching fountain pen boards, looking at pictures and finding the right pen for you. For example, I have a few Parkers and I have always found the Parker Sonnet to be a classy pen, and one that I would like to get. But you may be looking for something bigger, something that says a statement (because the Sonnet is a slimmer pen).

As for reliability, no pens come to mind that are spectacularly reliable.

u/rfmanning · 3 pointsr/EDC

How about the Zebra F-701

Or, Parker Jotter

u/d65vid · 3 pointsr/notebooks

Whoops I wrote a novel...

I think first it is important to identify what type of pen you want. Do you want a fountain pen? Do you want a ballpoint? Do you want gel ink? Fineliner? Do you prefer more bold or fine tips? Is it important to have a pen that has portability features? Are you a lefty? Is it important to have a pen that is pretty? Or if it writes well enough does it matter? It seems like a lot to go from "does it sort of write well enough to be legible" to such a laundry list of questions.

This is more or less the process I go through when buying a new pen:

  • I enjoy the experience of writing with a fountain pen, but I personally do not think it is worth the maintenance for day-to-day journaling, so I prefer a ballpoint (also, fineliners are fantastic for art and stuff, but I don't care for them for lengthy writing)
  • I prefer gel ink, but only if it doesn't smudge, bleed, or ghost too much so certain types of refills are right out (Pilot G-2 .07, for example)
  • I too have tiny handwriting so I will always prefer a more fine tip as long as it isn't too scratchy (certain refills that come in sizes less than .38 can be pretty bad, imo)
  • I am right-handed so smudging, while still a mild concern, is not necessarily a major issue as long as the ink isn't too bad
  • I like pens that are more portable, which seems silly, I mean it's a pen right? but it does matter to me, for example, if it is clicky or twisty that is generally better than capped (unless the cap is very secure) because they are less likely to open in my pocket, or if the pen has a clip if the clip is positioned at the very top or if it sits down some so that if I clip it to my pocket it will leave a large portion of the pen sticking out, etc
  • Finally, I like an attractive pen, but if it doesn't write well I'm not using it. As many pens as I have tried to use, and continue to try to use, I have literally never found anything I like to write with as much as these. At least as far non-gel ballpoints go. I have gone new-empty with well over a dozen of these. Any time I switch to a prettier pen, and then pick up one of these I always think, why did I ever stop using this pen?

  • Oh, also, black ink only. Period. Sometimes red is ok too. Never blue.

    So that's a lot of words, but that's essentially my .02 for selecting a pen. Identify what you want and what is important to you and then make your selection based on that. With that in mind, here is my experience/opinion on specific pens:

  • Best non-gel ballpoint: Pilot Better Retractable in Fine, unquestionably. Zebra makes a good non-gel ballpoint as well, but I find they are less consistent in quality and sometimes you get a weird scratchy one
  • Best gel ballpoint: Uni-Ball Signo in Micro. This is actually probably my favorite refill type in general. Very smooth, dark ink, doesn't ghost on most types of common paper unless you're coloring with it or something. Makes fine lines that dry fast enough to not smudge unless you wipe your hand through it immediately. Just try to find a pen body you like that the refill will fit into, because the stock one is not pretty.
  • I don't know much about specific fountain pens, so if you are interested in that definitely check out /r/fountainpens
  • Honorable mentions:
  • The oft-praised Pilot G-2 is a really good gel-ink pen, but at least in my opinion, the 07 is literally unusable because it smudges and ghosts so damn much.
  • The Pentel RSVP is also a super good writer for a non-gel ballpoint, but this pen is the definition of not portable and also ugly.
  • You 100% cannot go wrong with Parker. The Jotter is probably my all-time favorite pen body. If only I could get a Signo or Better Retractable refill to fit in there.
  • Zebra F-701 is probably one of the best all-around decent pens. It looks impressive, it is substantial without being heavy in the hand, it is on the cheaper side for a "nice" pen (like 6-8 bucks I think last time I checked), and it can take most of the good Zebra refills and in addition many other popular refills will fit into it with some convincing.
  • If you like needlepoint tips, the Pilot Hi-Tec-C is probably the best there is. I have a random pen body with a Hi-Tec-C refill in .3 that I am using as my main pen right now and am pretty happy with it. I still prefer the Signo refill in Micro, if only just, but the pen body I have won't fit the refill. I would like to add that this is the only pen I have ever used in .3 that wasn't too points and scratchy to use.

    One more thing, once you find a refill that you like, if the pen body isn't something you are happy with hit up thrift stores, ebay, or any of the number of Chinese wholesale websites out there for random cheap pens that you like. The refills don't matter, just buy a few of them until you find one you like that will fit whatever your preferred refill is. Like I said before, the Signo Micro is my favorite refill, but I hate the pen itself, so I have a random black metal pen with a secure cap that I bought from Aliexpress for like $2 with free shipping that the Signo refill happens to fit into that I (usually) use as my main pen. Right now I am using a different random pen that I bought online with the Hi-Tec-C refill because it is still new and shiny and I'm not over it yet, lol.
u/zoticus4me · 3 pointsr/pens
u/quanbsn · 2 pointsr/pens

I got this. The pen writes flawlessly. However, the refill price is a bit pricey for a college student. I got a pack of 6 for 18$.

u/plazman30 · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

The two pens I would recommend are both ball points, but you can buy hybrid ink cartridges for them:

  1. Fisher Astronaut Pen
  2. Parker Jotter

    Schmidt makes hybrid ink refills:

  3. For the Parker Jotter
  4. For the Fisher Space Pen

u/mooninitespwnj00 · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

If you're using them in poor conditions: Fisher Space Pen, or a pen that will accept a Fisher refill. I carry this Parker Jotter because it matches my Hero 100 Flighter, equipped with this Fisher refill.

However, just saying you want a ballpoint pen is a pretty big request. Gel, rollerball and ballpoint pens are all... ballpoint pens. Different ones will come with different inks.

Uniball Jetstreams are good, as are Pilot G2s. Personally, though, the Retro 51 Tornado is an absolutely fantastic pen. It's more expensive by a wide margin than the Jotter. It's a much thicker pen, though, so if you have larger hands it's much more comfortable than a Fisher or Parker. And, unlike a lot of pens out there, the refills are both fantastic and affordable.

So. I would say: Get a Jotter and slap a Fisher Space Pen refill in it. Then, if you want to get another nice ballpoint, get yourself a Retro 51 Tornado. Then get a fountain pen. Avoid Zebra. I love my G-301s, but goddamn, those refills are expensive and don't get any mileage at all.

u/bbty · 2 pointsr/EDC
u/skinslip1 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I actually want to pick up one of these Parker pens. They just look like they are my kind of style.

u/KrozFan · 2 pointsr/JamesBond

The Parker Jotter is the pen grenade from Goldeneye.

This is Bond's money clip from Casino Royale. You can't really see it though, you just have to know.

I have both and get a kick out of them. You can also check out Bond Lifestyle for more ideas and links.

u/ThaddeusJP · 1 pointr/movies

Yeah, but hey, you can get the pen from GoldenEye for like 12 bucks!

u/rorykane · 1 pointr/EDC
u/lvl_up · 1 pointr/funny

lol, has happened to me, solution: get one of these Metal taste will keep you from doing it and its a kickass pen

u/vitagraphia · 1 pointr/pens

Stainless steel Parker Jotter:

It's refillable, so you can own just one or two and refill them -- minimal and good for the planet!

u/realravindra · 1 pointr/pens

Pens don't necessarily need to be expensive to be professional. If you want something that has metal construction and writes well, I'd suggest the Pentel Energel Alloy, it has an all-metal body that fits basically any refill you'd like. Other than that, I'd say the Parker Jotter. This is my favorite color, but you can find all variations/combinations of colors, and the refill is universal so anything with that shape can be used.

u/pancaaakes · 1 pointr/EDC

I'm a fan of the Pilot G2 Mini when I just need to jot quick notes. Doesn't take up much room at all. The only real problem is the ink runs out relatively quickly, especially when writing long winded notes.

For everything else, I use a SS Parker Jotter with Fisher Space Pen refill