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Patient Heal Thyself
Healing Thyself, Jordan S. Rubin, N.M.D., PH.D.ISBN# 1893910245
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u/caspy7 · 2 pointsr/Lyme

> Crohn's is permanent

There was a guy who almost died from Crohn's. He just about had his entire GI tract removed but likely wouldn't have survived so they sent him home. He attributes his recovery primarily to a black powder he started taking that's a seed form of probiotics.

There was a small study done with this probiotic and a placebo. The probiotic group reported very good results with several reporting becoming asymptomatic IIRC.

The guy's name is Jordan Rubin and the book he wrote about his story is Patient Heal Thyself (Amazon link, but you can probably find it elsewhere). He went on to turn the probiotic into a supplement others could obtain. It's called Primal Defense. Here is a link to the study.

It's no triple-blind study with gobs of participants, but when you're desperate, you don't necessarily wait for mainstream acceptance for a perfectly safe probiotic (also that's a train that's never coming). It was no silver bullet for me, but I don't have Crohn's, but food sensitivities + digestive issues.

All that to also say that it seems to support what you may have indicated: Decimating the good bacteria in your gut can lead Crohn's (genetic predisposition likely being a factor) and restoring said bacteria can reverse it.
Not sure if you're familiar with [the yummy sounding] fecal transplants, but they've gotten cheaper & easier (frozen pills!) and would likely have a same/similar effect.

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