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Peavey USB-P USB Playback
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11 Reddit comments about Peavey USB-P USB Playback:

u/14ck · 3 pointsr/livesound

First, i would like to preface by saying I pack a peli mostly for local gigs and not touring but from people I've talked to there are definitely similarities in what you would bring. I generally pack different pieces of gear depending on what the gig is but the stuff that stays the same is what follows (In no particular order):

SM58 (For testing or as a spare)

SM57 (not having this is like being a contractor and not bringing a drill)

ProAV2 (Swiss army knife of DIs)

Headphones (I usually pack cans and in ears)

Headphone extension cable

SPL Meter

RF Explorer

Small audio recorder (If you wanna capture mixes or if a client asks for a specific recording of something)

2 short, high-quality xlrs (for testing or to use with the AV2 or USB-P)

Peavey USB-P

Cable tester




Board tape

Skin tape/Medical tape (to secure lavs, or the occasional In ear cable)

All the adapters (As many as you can get your hands on, Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it)

Extra AAs (Procells always, just in case)

Various mic clips (Just in case you need a specific one or one breaks)



Precision screwdriver set


Wire cutters

Wire strippers


Usb power bank

Various cables and adapters for computers and apple products

I'm Probably leaving out alot but thats typically what I take on most shows.

u/jabob513 · 3 pointsr/PCSound

I personally recommend the Klipsch ProMedia as the best sub-$200 option. Sound is really solid and it's definitely got the bass. Plugging your computer in is straightforward and I believe the newest version has bluetooth as well. Best Buy used to have it as a demo with their computer speakers, not sure if they do anymore.

A better option might be studio monitors like the JBL LSR305/LSR30X which are also an insane deal. You'd need to get a bluetooth adapter and you'd need to worry about inputs (many studio monitors take 1/4" or XLR, which would require janky adapters (probably won't sound great out of a headphhone out without something like this) or a dac/audio interface like this or this. The JBL approach will get you a better sound (more accurate to the music, more balanced sound, magical amazing beautiful and perfect imaging) but will probably be a bit above what you'd like to spend. Most of that stuff can also be bought used if you are okay with that.

I would try and stretch or save up a bit for the monitors. They're a pretty solid step up from most all "computer speakers," and the JBLs in particular are one of the best bang-for-buck deals in audio that I've seen.

Best of luck, and feel free to shoot me a PM with more questions or what you decide to do!

u/Nathanojb · 2 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

Ok, so there's two ways to 'balance' and audio signal. The more common one, found in XLR and TRS connections is the Differential signaling method.

Basically it uses three wires, one ground and two signal wires. One of those signal wires is the direct analog signal, the other wire is the negated signal.

This means that for mono, you need three wires:

|ground, signal+ and signal-

For stereo you need at least 5 (6 if separate grounds) wires:

|ground, right+, right-, (optional ground), left+, left-.

As you can see, none of the cables you linked have 5 or 6 wires at one end so none are stereo balanced. You are simply getting stereo unbalanced and therefore noise/interference.

So to answer your first question: they're exactly the same and their just spouting marketing crap.

To answer your second question: the TRS to XLR cables won't convert the signal into a balanced one. They're effectively the exact same as the other two cables. The only benefit of that cable is that it's shielded which may reduce noise the cables picks up.

I recommend:

  • trying the speakers and computer source in various different power outlets, making sure pc and speakers are properly grounded
  • keeping the volume on the speakers towards the low end and the pc on the high end
  • try a well shielded version of the first cables you linked to
  • buy an external dac
  • alternatively buy an 'audio interface' that has XLR out. For example this. I'm not recommending that specific one but showing the connections you should look for.
u/sohcgt96 · 2 pointsr/SoundSystem

I'll be honest man, I've never had anything but passable (at best) to terrible sound from 1/8" outputs to a PA system. In the industrial band I play with, we had keyboards running off a portable PC and then a track from another PC and it was a damn nightmare of buzz and hiss until I started stepping in on some technical issues.

My advice, ditch the on board audio completely and Use one of these instead

Windows should detect it without additional drives, just make sure to set it as your audio output device then run 2 XLR cables to your mixer. You're never going to believe how much this can clean up your sound vs using the 1/8" cable.

There are other interfaces you can use but most of those are more aimed at recording. This does one thing and one thing only and is super simple, its been perfectly reliable for about 3 years. Sometimes there is something to be said for a device that just does one thing.

u/ChaceD · 1 pointr/BudgetAudiophile

If you don't need a mixer and just want a direct out of the computer into the LSR305's then get this.

and two XLR cables.

The Peavey will take the digital signal (USB) out of your computer and turn it into a BALANCED Analog signal through the XLR.

Balanced is the key here, as running cables near PC's and monitors, and routers you can pick up a decent amount of interference just coming 3.5mm out of your computer (Unbalanced).

u/suihcta · 1 pointr/livesound

Alternatively, for less than the cost of a stereo DI, you could just add a second output interface. I have this one and it's fine: Peavey USB Audio Interface

u/Skulldingo · 1 pointr/BudgetAudiophile

That Magni 2 is a headphone amp, and won't give you balanced output. Take a look at the PreSonus AudioBox USB 2x2, it offers balanced TRS outputs...and has a nob.

The Peavey USB-P has no nob, but it can be had at a far lower price point, it was $36 last week so I expect it will drop again:

u/2Hectic · 0 pointsr/audio

Both links you provided would involve RCA to either XLR or TS adapters which would be an unbalanced connection to your speakers.

This Peavey Audio Interface + 2 XLR cables would provide a balanced connection.