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Perfume: The Story of a Murderer
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2 Reddit comments about Perfume: The Story of a Murderer:

u/shakajumbo · 2 pointsr/audiobooks

Perfume narrated by Sean Barrett. In his review Roger Ebert labels it "the best audio performance I have ever heard". So I had to track it down, and I have to agree, it's an amazing performance. He also goes on to say, "I once almost destroyed a dinner party by putting it on for "five minutes," after which nobody wanted to stop listening". I don't know why Sean Barrett's version is not on Audible, but there appears to be a new version scheduled to release Oct. 30th. If you have the chance to locate the original, defiantly give it a listen. Edit: It is on Audible! Highly reccomended

u/F4il3d · 1 pointr/audiobooks

perfume . This guy is a worm, despicable in every sense, the tale is fascinating and superbly read. If in the US, you may have to look in eBay for the media since for whatever reason Amazon(US) is no longer carrying this. It will definitely be worth the search.

Also try despair. This guy instead of just being bad, is self centered and stupid. Great read.