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Perixx PERIBOARD-805LEN Periboard-805L Bluetooth Foldable Keyboard, Compatible with iOS, MacOS, Android, and Windows System, Black
Multi-Device Switch: Easily switch between 3 devices of your choice by using the Fn function keysBluetooth Technology: Stable Bluetooth connection that operates up to 10 m (33 feet) rangeFoldable Keyboard with Silent Scissor Keys: Lightweight and fully foldable slim design, fits any pocket; Elegant design with a silver polish surface with lap typing support; Whisper-quiet scissor structure key design that offers accurate and comfortable typing experience for longer period of typingRechargeable Li-Ion Battery: Built-in rechargeable battery charges fast and efficiently; Separate ON/OFF switch and smart power-saving will help save the battery life; Full-charging takes 2 hours and can last for up to 80 hoursWide Compatibility: Supports iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows devices like smartphone, tablet, laptop, and PC; Easy installation with no additional drivers needed; 1 Package includes 1 Periboard-805, manual, and 12-month limited warranty
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10 Reddit comments about Perixx PERIBOARD-805LEN Periboard-805L Bluetooth Foldable Keyboard, Compatible with iOS, MacOS, Android, and Windows System, Black:

u/canireddit · 55 pointsr/technology
u/crayonscooby · 3 pointsr/solotravel

In regard to the item of clothing, that would depend entirely on where you want to go.

eg if you're going somewhere with high pollution, it's probably wise to bring a smog mask (or other such things where quality would be important, and you may not be able to find quality items once there).


I regard to electronics--I love love love my portable folding keyboard. This is from the same company I bought mine from years ago, but I would actually recommend against it--I'm sure there's much better newer stuff out now, and I bought one recently from them and the quality control was absolute shit. But it's tiny enough bring in a small lightweight bag (I can fit it in my purse), and very useful for heavy-duty typing purposes.

You can use it with a phone, but I bring my 10" tablet (which has full Windows OS). With my 10" full Windows tablet and my little folding keyboard, it's exactly like having a full featured laptop except without the bulk or need for extra chargers (tablet just uses same micro USB as my phone). I actually took a month-long intensive summer course using only my full OS tab and my folding keyboard--was able to take notes just fine, research just fine, make various documents and powerpoints, etc., without having to lug a heavy laptop and charger around all the time.

Again--not a necessity by any means, but for my specific purposes I love it because I think it's useful for me to have a full typing experience when needed (but I type like 105 WPM so that's why I prefer a keyboard to swype).

u/Greyyguy · 2 pointsr/writing

This is the one I have and it is perfect for me:
It folds up to fit in a pocket. Works with iPhone and Android. Good battery life. And the keyboard is a decent size. Bigger than some laptop keyboards I've used. The shift keys are a little oddly placed, but you get used to them.

The nice thing though is that the virtual keyboards have always been a pain for me. But having a regular keyboard for input has opened up using both my phone and tablet for so much more use.

u/onewiseowl · 2 pointsr/vintagecomputing

> and I most definitely do not like the idea of laboriously tapping away at a sheet of glass only to have my best efforts chewed by potatocorrect.

Turn off auto-correction?

> I'm looking for the device quietly hiding out there that implements a self-contained pocketable-yet-usable keyboard with builtin memory. I hope this device exists.

Yeah, it's called a blackberry. They suck pretty hard, except for the fact that they have physical keyboards. They are, contrary to popular belief, still produced.

Not vintage:

> I'm predominantly interested soley in the ability to easily type while I'm away from my computer, wherever I happen to be. This means I need something I can cram into my pocket, although I will note that the pockets I generally take out with me are fairly roomy, and I and don't mind (and I expect) that this device would make good use of them.

I would say get a Surface, but they're a bit big for pockets. OTOH, the typing experience if fine if you get the type cover.

Alternately, might I suggest getting an old Palm device? Graffiti beats every other text input method I've encountered for small devices. Effective, fast, doesn't require weird peripherals.

If you're even looking at something Dana sized, just get a Surface and a type cover. It's smaller in every dimension and more capable in all respects.

Alternately, they do make SCH-P9000-like folding keyboards for Android devices.

u/synapticimpact · 2 pointsr/EDC

Periboard 805L folding keyboard.

Haha funny story. I was going to post my Periboard 805L a couple hours ago as it's kind of unusual for a daily carry when I opened it and noticed two keycaps had snapped off.

I was like, well damn, I've been carrying it for 6 months and using it every day, I guess that's expected. I send the company an RMA request (they're in germany) and 30 minutes ago I got an email with this:

Just to recap, they're a german company so when they emailed me it was 3:30 AM their time (confirmed by the address in the email) with overnight shipping and I don't even have to send the keyboard back in.

I get all kinds of oohs and ahs when I pull the keyboard out so I've given out a fair number of recommendations for the company as it is but this just cements it.

I've tried a few bluetooth keyboards but this one is the best by miles. One quirk is the number row is shifted one over but it's easily fixed with an android app (external keyboard helper pro)

u/justshutupandobey · 2 pointsr/writing

I've been using this one for the last few years and have been happy with it: Perixx Bluetooth Folding Keyboard

u/bears2013 · 1 pointr/solotravel

Best tablet for traveling and best tablet for a graphic designer sound like two rather incompatible things. Unless you're fine with an app alternative, you would definitely have to get a Windows 8 tablet with a processor strong enough to handle those Adobe programs--and with a screen sensitive enough to suit your needs. The latter will cost you a fair bit of $$ (moreso than a standard laptop), if that's ok with you. Otherwise, there are plenty of great apps in the Android app store, and many Android tablets are a great bang for your buck; the Samsung Galaxy Notes, I believe, have built-in styluses and decently sensitive screens.

Be aware that there's a difference between full Windows 8, and Windows 8 RT--usually the difference isn't mentioned in the product description, so you don't know what it's actually running. The former can run actual programs, the latter is kind of crap unless you're fine with the Windows app market.

Honestly, if you absolutely need the best tablet for a graphic designer, get the Surface Pro 3--it supports Wacom drivers, so it's probably the best if you need a sensitive screen. The ASUS Vivotab Note 8 has a Wacom stylus built-in--but since it's not full Windows OS, and the screen resolution is shit, it's pretty much pointless for you.

Regarding keyboards--my absolute favorite little device of mine is my folding keyboard. To have a fully-functional computer experience, I just carry my slim little 10" Windows 8 tablet (or 7" Android, if I feel like it), and my slim little folding keyboard and I'm set. I believe this is a newer model of the one I currently have. If you want to save space, get a folding keyboard--because it folds in on itself you don't need to protect the keys, and when it unfolds it's practically a full-sized keyboard.

Honestly, you might better off just getting an actual drawing-only tablet, and connecting that to some sort of Windows 8 device--if graphic design is your sole profession and you depend on the full graphic design experience.

u/Captain_Midnight · 1 pointr/Nexus7

Yeah, I use a Periboard, because of its high portability. But the keys aren't laid out for practical touch-typing, since it needs to fold in half. So the Anker is probably better for that.

u/rtechie1 · 1 pointr/gadgets

> My question is: has anyone approached this issue already?

Yes. There are tons of options. None are going to make you happy. The core issue is these requirements:

> I type at 120 wpm.


> something we can get out of our pockets

are antithetical.

Small keyboards suck. Folding keyboards suck. Roll up keyboards suck. You can get bluetooth versions of all three.