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PETMAKERThe Indoor Restroom Puppy Potty Trainer for Pets, Medium, Green (80-ST2025)
PET TRAINING: Perfect for owners that work long hours or live in apartments, and want to potty train their pets. This bathroom mat uncomplicates the process by offering a spot for your pets to relieve themselves indoors.THREE LAYER SYSTEM: This pet pad encompasses a three-layer system that makes clean up effortless. The odor resistant, antimicrobial mat sits on top of the plastic insert that locks in, and allows liquid to drain into the durable collection tray.EASY CLEAN-UP: Cleaning the pet bathroom mat is quick and easy. Clean-up consists only of rinsing the three layers with soapy water;Perfect for patiosPRODUCT DETAILS: Materials: Synthetic Plastic (Grass Mat) and Hard Plastic (Tray and Insert). Dimensions: 20” x 25” x 1.25”.SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: PETMAKER is committed to providing consumers with the absolute best price and value on our products. NOTE: This is an exclusive product of PETMAKER and ONLY Indoor, Artificial Grass Bathrooms are guaranteed to be genuine. Hand wash with soap and water
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12 Reddit comments about PETMAKERThe Indoor Restroom Puppy Potty Trainer for Pets, Medium, Green (80-ST2025):

u/sodappend · 5 pointsr/dogs

A pen would be a good idea. Make sure you test it before you leave the dog unattended to make sure it can hold your pup. Leave toys in there to keep her from getting too bored; chew toys and a stuffed Kong would be good. Hang out with her in there while you're at home, too. You want her to be as comfortable being left there as possible so she doesn't get too anxious.

Leaving such a young puppy along for long periods is really not ideal. She can probably only hold her pee for 1-2 hours max and letting her eliminate indoors will set back your potty training by a lot. If you have someone that come over once or twice during the day to check on her and let her out for a bit that would be good. Would it be possible for you to come home during your breaks as well? It's advised that young puppies have at least three small meals a day instead of one or two, so someone needs to feed her in the middle of the day too.

The astroturf is a good idea, maybe with a puppy pad underneath (something like this)-- you might want to make sure she goes potty there and not anywhere else in the pen with some training.

If you're not crate training her, it will be a good idea to start on that; once she's around 6 months old she should be able to stay in it for a school day (with a potty + play break in between) until she earns her freedom around the house.

Edit: Here's a video that might help!

u/nullityrofl · 3 pointsr/puppy101

This is probably easier and cheaper. It's basically what you described but as a product.

u/Cyt6000 · 3 pointsr/puppy101

Have you just not potty trained him at all? Do you not let him outside? How would a trainer (either Petco or in-house) potty train them? A trainer just gives you the tools to train your dog, you still have to put in the work. You can't potty training dog an hour a week, it's a 24/7 thing.

You can still let your pup outside to potty and potty train, you just need to be aware of the dangers. If you aren't willing to do that you can invest in a grass-like potty pad for an easier transition outside.

u/c-rez · 3 pointsr/puppy101

Here you go. Good luck!

u/myparadog · 2 pointsr/AdoptMe

My advice is stay away from the high energy hyper breeds. Mix breeds can be hard to pin point so you would want to get them from a foster situation where someone has spent time with the dog.

Also there are all kinds of options such as Rover or Wag or local dog walker to come let your dog out in the middle of the day.
Security Camera for if you go that route. Also just a good thing to have to check in on your pup during the day.

Amazon also sells these sod boxes that you can train dogs to use just like a cat litter box. Fresh Patch or Synthetic Grass or I’m sure you could build your own. I’ve heard of people buying a small kiddy pool and filling it with dirt or sand for the dog to go in.

It really depends on your budget but it’s totally possible.

u/italy07 · 1 pointr/puppy101

Because of parvo concerns, I potty trained my puppy on a patch of artificial grass out on the patio of my 3rd floor apartment. I researched different options (puppy pads, sod, Fresh Patch), before settling on this. I put a couple of puppy pads under the grass and replaced them everyday.

My little guy caught on to the setup very quickly. Now that he’s fully vaccinated I’ve started to transition him to potty outside on real grass, and he doesn’t seem to have any issues.

Only thing I will say is that despite washing the fake grass with water and an enzyme cleaner once a week, it did start smelling pretty bad. I’ve actually purchased 2 over the past 3 months because of the smell, but with it being so cheap it wasn’t too bad.

u/Shortandsweet33 · 1 pointr/dogs

Something like [this] ( is what I have.

I prefer it to pee pads (which I've never used) because it's reusable and therefore both much cheaper and more environmentally friendly. You just pick the poop up like you would outside, pour the wee out into the drain every couple of days and once or twice a week wash the plastic tray and fake grass turf with detergent and hot water, with some vinegar to get rid of smell.

Seriously, we've had one of these since we brought my dog home at 8 weeks old (now 16 months) and it's the best $25 I've ever spent! I would have spent 100's of $ on pee pads in that time probably otherwise. And I'm sure it was a big reason why she was so perfectly toilet trained by about 16 weeks.

YMMV of course, some dogs apparently don't like them and don't get the logical connection between real grass outside and the fake toilet grass. If your dog is used to pee pads that could be an issue. You could always transition by putting pee pads on the grass and then gradually removing them? It just always seemed to me that it would be more logical and less confusing for the dog to pee on something that looked like grass that they use outside than on a pee pad. I've heard stories of dogs trained on pee pads that then decided any rug or towel or bathmat etc would be a good place to pee!

I'm also lucky to have a balcony I can put this on, but there's no reason it can't be kept inside the house on some hard floor surface, so nothing spills or tips.

Sorry for the long rant, but to us the dog toilet has been just fantastic, the dog can go out the doggy door to the balcony and do her business whenever she wants, when we are not home, are busy or even asleep at night. She never has to hold on and be uncomfortable and we don't have to come home to accidents or go downstairs 4 or 5 times a day for toilet breaks, although we do go out for daily walks still, obviously.

u/AdmirableBear · 1 pointr/puppy101

I mean, it could be a great option inside and out. It's really going to be personal preference when it boils down to it. Pads look and feel too much like blankets and carpets, so it might be harder to keep the puppy from having a tinkle on those items. I love the grass pad, it was far, far easier to train him to use. My last dog used pads in his pen, since he was a Pomeranian and needed frequent walks (I worked 10 hours a day at that point.) The only thing with the grass is that it does smell after a couple uses, the grass can be removed and the tray and other parts can be cleaned (if you opt for that one). The grass is what really really stinks - I have been thinking of buying a second one so I could soak the grass and clean it while I have the extra out.

If it helps, the item is -

I found some of the comments useful in my decision to use the grass pad.

u/mumble1212 · 1 pointr/samoyeds

We also got our first samoyed (and first dog) three months ago!

Crate training works like a charm for the night!
Also this article was a life-saver for our Sammy (it was too bad we read it too late (at like 4 month old)), hopefully you can start sooner and have better luck!

Also we used this turf potty training mat for training him indoors so that the surface was close to the grass/turf he used outdoors and didn't confuse him. In order to minimize cleaning, we placed training pads under the turf and that worked well for us. Make sure to treat him every time he goes on the mat indoors! :)

u/spinnereate · 1 pointr/interestingasfuck

Or you could spend a fraction of the price on this

u/jojowasher · 1 pointr/Calgary

someone on Insta had something like this for their tiny dog

u/fried_brain89 · 1 pointr/CautiousBB

Oh no!! I'm sorry. :( Just taking your dog out sounds like an entire outing. Will he not potty on concrete at all? And I totally wouldn't feel bad about that turd nugget... You didn't even know it was there. Besides, I feel like a normal person who saw a pregnant lady with a distracted toddler and a nervous dog would understand that some things get missed and poop happens!!

I don't know if something like this is feasible for you guys, but they make fake grass patches for apartment dogs to pee on if it gets to be too ridiculous. Not a long term solution but it may help. Something like this? Sorry for ugly link. Or maybe pee pads if you get desperate? I'm not dog trainer though so if someone else knows better, please correct me!!

Either way, I hope your day goes better. :(