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Pflueger Fly Kit, 8 ft., 5/6 wt
8 -Feet three piece 5/6 weight fly rod with cork grip, 3 pieces, 2 5/8-Inch spool diameter, 25/32-Inch spool width, up to 7 Fly Line1094 fly reel25 yards of level fly line4X tapered leaderBraided dacron backing
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3 Reddit comments about Pflueger Fly Kit, 8 ft., 5/6 wt:

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/flyfishing

Just realized that I posted the wrong amazon link, I ended up buying this.

u/Stailar · 1 pointr/flyfishing

I just got into fly fishing this spring/summer as well; N.E. Iowa trout streams for me. Most of the information that I found encouraged buying a kit from fly fishing companies such as st. croix or reddington. Most of these companies have starting rod/reel kits around $150. 5 weight rods are considered to be the best all around rods, but depending on what type of fish you will be targeting it might be worth considering something different. Personally, I just didn't have $150 that I felt comfortable dropping on a hobby that I might not like. Also, there are the other costs such as buying tippet and leader materials, flies, maybe a net, etc. With that in mind I found a Pflueger fly kit with almost everything I needed. While it might not be as high of quality as a reddington/st croix, for $40 it has been a great introduction to fly fishing for me.

u/nfran17 · 1 pointr/flyfishing