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Philips AVENT 3-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer
Kills 99.9 percentage of harmful germs and bacteria without using chemicalsSterilizes in just 6 minutes with automatic shut off for speed and safetyKeeps contents sterile for up to 24 hours if the lid is unopened; It is Philips Avent range compatible3 in 1 adjustable modular design allows you to fit a variety of bottles, pumps and accessoriesAt full capacity, fits up to 6 Philips Avent 11 ounce bottles. The voltage is 120 voltsMaterial: Polypropylene
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10 Reddit comments about Philips AVENT 3-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer:

u/AstarteHilzarie · 12 pointsr/BabyBumps

I accidentally hit save, here are some more items you might want to register for:

Corner bumpers more of a concern when baby starts moving, but if you get it out of the way now you don't have to worry about it later. Same goes for plug covers and cabinet locks! Furniture anchors are a must-have, too. I haven't registered for those yet, need to figure out how many we need.

Pack'n'Play portable playpen, changing station, play mat, and bassinet. Even if you don't travel much, I think it will be handy for taking baby around the house while I do chores. They come in all kinds of designs, this one just stood out because of my nursery theme.

A glider or rocking chair, dresser/changing station, and crib. I don't have recommendations for these because I got mine as hand-downs.

Baby monitor I'm going with middle of the line video, because the audio only ones aren't much cheaper, so why not? I'd like to be able to peek in on baby and make sure he's okay without constantly disturbing him by entering the room. These come in all ranges with all kinds of features, so look at a few to figure out what you want.

Bibs. I love these because they have food-catchers. Mess will still happen, but it looks like these will at least lower the amount.

Infant soothie pacifiers

Breastfeeding pillow for sitting up Probably superfluous with the other one, but I like that it straps around your waist, cushions your back, and has pockets for drinks/snack/phone.

Pacifier clips, so you aren't knee deep in pacifiers that keep falling on the floor

Butt paste. I've heard a lot about this from other moms, apparently it's the best diaper cream.

Butt spatula admittedly I felt silly with this one, but the reviews are raving. Butt paste gets everywhere, and it's water resistant so an utter pain to clean - especially under your nails. On top of that, this makes sure you get a nice, even layer for baby's comfort.

Breastfeeding scarf! I think this thing is so neat, especially with a winter baby. You can wear it like an infinity scarf, but it'd big enough that when baby is ready to eat it will cover both of you comfortably! There are a lot of different styles, I picked a black one and a grey one just so they will go with any outfit.

Graco glider soother I picked this because I thought it was neat, then I saw a bumper with post partum advice list it on her must-have rundown.

Diaper bag! I went for the backpack style so DH and I could both comfortably use it, and honestly I don't want to deal with baby in one arm and an over-the-shoulder bag on the other.

First aid and grooming kit

Bottle sterilizer, because screw trying to hand wash them

Bottle warmer, no microwave/boiling water and guess


High chair. I picked this one because it is a 4-in-1, it adjusts from infant all the way up to toddler booster, so I know I'll get my use out of it.

Puj tub - it folds into your sink to be a warm, soft bathing surface for baby, and then when you're done you hang it flat in the shower, bo fuss, no mold!

I also registered at Target and BRU for some variety, some things that I don't have amazon links for:

Travel system.... I absolutely want one that is a carrier, clicks into a car base or a stroller. Getting two bases, one for each car, and the stroller base, would probably still be cheaper than buying two car seats, a carrier, and a stroller, and with these systems you don't have to wake baby up with every transistion.

Various cloth products, swaddlers, burp blankets, bath towels, bibs, etc. These are everywhere so just pick whatever suits you! I'm not registering for any clothes just because I know everyone is going to see "the cutest little onesie" and get it regardless.

Diapers! You can never have enough. I'd get a couple of packs from each size range. Don't open them until you know how big baby is, so you can exchange any that start too small.

Toys galore. Again, people will give you these registered or not, but if you see something that really strikes you, throw it in there! Jumpers and playpads are good to pick out.

Nursery decor - if you haven't gotten it all yet, black-out curtains, crib set, sheets, matress protectors, diaper genie, changing pad, laundry hamper, mobile, etc etc.

Books! Instead of cards, I'm going to ask people to bring inexpensive books with their personal note to baby, that way he can keep their messages as he grows. I put a good amount of books between $3-$6 on my registry for this, so hopefully we won't get a million copies of the same book.

This turned into an epic novel, but I hope it helps you with some starting places! Check out the reviews and similar products on things I linked, hopefully it will lead you to some things you like!

u/Pheo · 4 pointsr/CysticFibrosis

We use this.

We used to boil everything until the day I left everything boiling on the stove and forgot it. All of the nebulizers melted together into a colorful slab of plastic.

u/ELO628 · 3 pointsr/CysticFibrosis

I have a bottle sterilizer which has been a lifesaver. And it makes using distilled water on the altera nebs way easier. I wash everything at the sink from the tap, shake off the excess after washing, put them in the steamer, and use distilled water as the steaming water. So far it’s worked well. I haven’t had any build up of hard water on the nebs b/c the steam really soaks them.

Wish I’d known about bottle sterilizers years ago, I used to stove top boil too. This is the one I have, I highly recommend.

u/TitansAllTheWay · 3 pointsr/beyondthebump

Dad here. We've been alternating since almost birth our two month and a half baby.

Hadn't had any issues with him not interested in nursing, and honestly, I really enjoy having the opportunity to feed him :)

We use Avent bottles, the 4oz ones. With #2 nipples. Also, it's a real life saver to have a practical sterilizer. We use this one:

Now it seems they have a new model, probably this one:

You load the bottles, nipples and whatnot, and 6 minutes later they are ready to use.

At first it's kinda stressful measuring everything and getting the logistics in order. But after feeling like a master Chemist for doing your first few bottles, you'll get the hang of it.

Enjoy :D

u/laterdayze · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

It's been awhile, but for me it was a Baby Bottle Sterilizer.

I hated boiling bottles and then if you forgot to do it, there were not clean bottles. Such a pain with a screaming, hungry baby!! I had it sitting there and when it got full, I automatically started it up, so never went without a clean bottle. ;-)

u/slothcaptain · 2 pointsr/breastfeeding

I use an avent electric sterilizer.

The way you sit or even sleep may be the cause. Try to massage them throughout the day. When I was plugged up, I would massage the area constantly and push towards the nipple. It would be painful and it took more than a week, but finally went away.

u/arrisonrenee · 1 pointr/CysticFibrosis

HHere ya go! It doesn’t have a drying option, but after doing tons of research this is what we chose. The price can’t be beat.

u/Drenkn · 1 pointr/FormulaFeeders

I bought this guy: Philips AVENT 3-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer